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More content families, with the family content on Disney Life

Thirty-three per cent of Amazon's original and exclusive content is focused on children and family as the platform looks to differentiate its offering and address strong demand for kids' content among SVoD homes. Ampere's consumer data shows that UK SVoD homes over index for having a young family. On average, the UK SVoD providers, Netflix, Amazon and Now TV have between 9% - 11% kids' content, a figure that has remained fairly stable. Amazon's strategy of focusing on kids for its original programming is a parallel to Disney's approach to the UK market where it has tested the water for direct to consumer SVoD with kid-focused Disney Life.

Disney's plans to move more aggressively into direct-to-consumer by removing its content from other major SVoD providers would see Amazon's catalogue drop by 2% (140 titles), Netflix drop by 2% (126 titles) and Now TV by 5% (252 titles) - giving Disney Life a more content to push for a stronger foothold in the UK SVoD market.