Understanding the future of entertainment
Olivia Deane - 11/06/19
A varied future for kids’ content

In defiance of a post-festive slump in growth, analysis suggests a stable future for kids’ SVoD content with an increase in the volume of TV and movie titles. However, the proportion of kids’ content available to stream globally is rapidly decreasing as streaming services focus their energy and funds on expanding their genre portfolios. Television represents 83% of all kids’ content with a 4% increase in the number of shows (distinct titles) suggesting continued investment in new series alongside renewals of tried and tested content. 

Alexios Dimitropoulos - 11/06/19
US Huawei ban will have a big impact in Europe

Huawei’s ban by the US government and the US companies that are impacted will have a knock-on effect on up to 27% of European households. The recent developments—if the decision remains as is—will have a massive impact on the smartphone market, not only potentially affecting sales of Huawei devices but also sales of hardware and software providers, including Google. Recently, Google announced it will follow the US administration office’s order to ban the Chinese group, meaning that Huawei smartphones will not get upcoming updates for the Android operating system and future Huawei users will not be able to use Google apps such as Google Play. Currently, Ampere’s consumer research shows that over a quarter (27%) of European online households across 10 markets surveyed have a Huawei smartphone. Huawei is the third largest provider of smartphones behind Samsung and Apple.

Of the ten markets surveyed, Italy has the highest uptake of Huawei devices at 50% of Italian broadband households. The second and third most successful markets for Huawei are Poland and Spain, in terms of penetration of households. Nonetheless, in terms of absolute numbers, taking into consideration the size of each market, Germany and France are the two most important markets for Huawei after Italy. Germany accounts for 17% of all Huawei smartphone households across the ten countries and France for 14%.  If Huawei remains on the US blacklist, a big portion of European households will be affected, ultimately forcing them to choose between the smartphone brand and Google & its ecosystem.

Minal Modha - 7/06/19
FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 Following

Women's football in the UK has a broader appeal than men's football, shown in the likelihood to follow the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

Andriy Stolyar - 5/06/19
Game of Tones: Did the show's final season spark joy for reviewers?

Ampere investigates the sentiments of IMDb reviews and their ratings for Game of Thrones' final season.

Minal Modha - 24/05/19
Is streaming accessibility the key to maintaining Gen Z's interest in soccer?

With younger demographics under-indexing in their interest for soccer, the English Premier League and La Liga's strategy to embrace new types of distribution look to be winning back viewers.

Fred Black - 17/05/19
Rise in spin-offs and reboots - is America running out of ideas?

An increase in the number of reboots and spin-offs commissioned in the USA over the past 6 months shows that the industry is struggling to break new ground.

Hazel Ford - 13/05/19
Mediaset leaves open goal for Sky in Italian pay TV market

Mediaset's loss of premium soccer rights has contributed to its decision to leave the Italian pay terrestrial TV market, boosting opportunity for Sky.

Ed Border - 8/05/19
International producers yet to crack Chinese SVoD market

China is a huge SVoD market accounting for two out of every five streaming homes globally, but the market has yet to open fully to international content suppliers.

Toby Holleran - 29/04/19
Chatter is Coming: US HBO homes like talking about TV

With HBO's Game of Thrones in its final season, it may be unsurprising that US consumers who really enjoy talking about TV Shows are much more likely to take HBO.