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Ampere Sponsorship will provide an exhaustive view of the world's largest rights holders and their sponsorship and partnership deals.

The dataset will allow for rapid and comprehensive exploration of each official partnership deal signed by clubs and teams belonging the world's largest sporting organisations and competitions, as well those struck with leagues and major international sporting bodies. Ampere Sponsorship will provide detailed information on a deal-by-deal basis, profiling rights holders, partner organisations, their sectors, deal values, deal durations, the rights assets acquired and more.

Ampere Sponsorship will provide brands with:

  • Benchmarking of peer group organisations - the deals which competitors or peers have struck, and the values of their sponsorship activity
  • Independent evaluation of deal values - illustrating typical pricepoint brackets for different assets across clubs, leagues and other sports organisations

Ampere Sponsorship will provide rights owners with:

  • Sectoral assessments - what are the new and emerging company categories which are spending on sponsorship and partnership assets
  • Peer group benchmarking - how much are similar entities able to make from their sponsorship assets
  • Gap analysis opportunities - what are the sectors which are sponsoring similar organisations in other markets or sports, and how much are they spending

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Data in the service is updated weekly
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