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05/05/2021   Advanced Television
Analysis: SVoD players target older viewers
"Minal Modha, Principal Analyst – Consumer Research Lead at Ampere Analysis, commented: “The fastest growth in uptake of VoD viewing is now in the 35–44-year-old age bracket. Nearly twice as many in this age group are now high VoD viewers compared to two years ago."

04/05/2021   GameDaily.biz
Sony announces minority investment in Discord
Ampere's Senior Analyst, Louise Shorthouse told GameDaily, “The fact that Sony is working to integrate Discord into its PlayStation consoles suggests that it is actively being more supportive of crossplay, and recognizes the critical importance of social gaming-something which has obviously been magnified in the last year.”

30/04/2021   Financial Times
Goodbye to the golden era of cheap TV
Ampere's Richard Broughton told the FT that: "There has been a steady increase in the average UK spend in recent years. It was £300 per household per year, and it’s heading towards £400."

30/04/2021   Financial Times
Shine comes off the streaming dream as Netflix subscriptions slow
Ampere Analysis data referenced in this article.

28/04/2021   Variety
English Premier League in Talks to Roll Over Current Media Rights with Sky, BT and Amazon
“Sports have been under pressure, and that’s been amplified even more by the year of COVID when a lot of sports were disrupted or shut down,” Ampere Analysis’ Guy Bisson told Variety."

28/04/2021   Broadband TV News
The four ways Europe’s TV viewing habits are changing
Annabel Yeomans, Senior Analyst at Ampere said: “As online viewing increases in popularity in Europe, BVoD platforms can reach younger audiences who are not engaging via linear."

25/04/2021   Fortune
Netflix’s Oscar buzz meets reality: Slowing subscriber growth
“What Netflix does better than any other streaming service is take its originals and turn them into short-term hits, then release them one after the other, creating successive spikes in demand,” said Ed Border, from Ampere."

22/04/2021   The Wall Street Journal
Netflix, Disney and Amazon’s Streaming Wars Heat Up Overseas
"About half of the new content Netflix is developing are productions based outside the U.S., with roughly 38% non-English-language content as of mid-March, according to media measurement company Ampere Analysis."

20/04/2021   The Wrap
Netflix Falls Short of Q1 Subscriber Goals, Blames Pandemic and ‘Lighter Content Slate’
"New data shared by Ampere Analysis showed that while Netflix holds 20% of the U.S. streaming market, its dominance over the rest of the streaming landscape has shrunk from 29%."

19/04/2021   Advanced Television
Analyst: Netflix ‘pandemic boom’ over
"Ampere Analysis expects Netflix to report its lowest number of new subscribers in the first quarter for four years later this week, perhaps signalling the end of the Covid-19 home entertainment boom."

19/04/2021   Bloomberg
Netflix Is Losing Market Share. But Is It Losing Customers?
"A report from Ampere Analysis painted a similar picture. Netflix’s share of subscribers in the U.S. has dropped 31% in one year."

12/04/2021   MediaPlayNews
Domestic SVOD Subs Top U.S. Population
“In 2020, pay-TV penetration dropped below 60% for the first time, down from more than 80% at the beginning of 2015, with consumers increasingly shifting to SVOD services,” Toby Holleran, research manager at Ampere, said in a statement."

12/04/2021   Advanced Television
Analysis: More SVoD subs than people in US
"A report from Ampere Analysis shows the rapid rise of SVoD services in the US. There are now more subscriptions to services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max and Disney+ than there are people in the US."

12/04/2021   Variety
From ‘Lupin’ to ‘Winx Club,’ European IP Is Highly Coveted by Streamers
"Streaming giants have prompted a fundamental shift towards non-English scripted content conquering more global eyeballs, says Guy Bisson of London-based Ampere Analysis."

07/04/2021   Bloomberg
Tencent Bets Billions on Gamers With More Fans Than NBA Stars
“Tencent’s investing in esports for the long haul, because it breaks the boundaries between different businesses from licensing to sponsorships and ticket sales,” said Chundi Zhang, a gaming analyst with Ampere Analysis."

05/04/2021   The Wrap
Netflix Lost 31% of Market Share in the Last Year as Streaming Rivals Gained Ground | Charts
"But new data shared by Ampere Analysis with TheWrap shows that while Netflix holds 20% of the U.S. streaming market, its dominance over the rest of the streaming landscape has shrunk from 29% — a drop of nearly one third– as more services enter the market."

05/04/2021   The Hill
Netflix's dominance in streaming market takes a hit amid pandemic
"According to Ampere Analysis data shared with TheWrap, Netflix's share of the U.S. streaming market fell from 29 percent at the start of 2020 to 20 percent, a drop of 31 percent."

26/03/2021   Broadband TV News
DAZN Italy acquires Serie A in Italy
"Ampere Analysis’ Richard Broughton has concerns about the feasibility of the deal. “It’s very difficult to see how this makes sense for DAZN at this price. Premium rights have been crucial for pay TV groups, but the economics of pure-play sports services aren’t attractive in Europe when it comes to top tier rights.”

24/03/2021   IBC365
The art of running a niche streaming service
"For each of these services, the key challenge is how to find and engage viewers in a streaming landscape that is littered with choice, but where the average number of SVOD subscriptions is still only 1.7 in the US and 1.5 in the UK, according to Ampere Analysis figures."

24/03/2021   BBC News
Burberry designs skins for Honor of Kings characters
“These sorts of luxury-fashion partnerships seem to be relatively confined to Asia for now, where European brands are particularly desirable,” Louise Shorthouse, senior games analyst at Ampere Analysis, said."

22/03/2021   Worldscreen
Ampere: Ad Market Poised for “Solid Recovery” in 2021
"Jack Genovese, Ampere’s senior analyst, said: “After a tumultuous first six months of 2020, the U.S. economy has shown encouraging signs of a recovery, and we expect the TV advertising market in 2021 to return to comparable levels to 2019 (i.e., before the pandemic), assuming no more lockdowns."

22/03/2021   TVB Europe
Analysis: TV ad market ‘to never fully recover’ from the pandemic
"Ampere’s senior analyst Hannah Walsh said: “While Western European economies continued to recover in Q4 2020 and broadcasters achieved better financial results than expected in the quarter, TV advertising revenue in the region is yet to see full recovery from the impact of Covid-19."

19/03/2021   The Wall Street Journal
NFL Stops the Clock on Streaming Consolidation
"According to recent surveys from both Ampere Analysis and J.D. Power, the average streaming customer currently carries four subscriptions."

16/03/2021   SportsPro Media
Study: Sports rights holders missing out on US$28.3bn a year due to piracy
"Synamedia and Ampere say identifying consumer triggers can transform piracy into a revenue opportunity."

16/03/2021   Forbes
Why Netflix's Password Sharing Crackdown Makes Sense In Today's Streaming World
“Disney+ has obviously experienced some of the fastest growth seen from a subscription video-on-demand service; kudos to them for establishing themselves as a global force so fast,” said Richard Broughton, an analyst at Ampere Analysis."

15/03/2021   NME
Disney+ predicted to overtake Netflix as world’s biggest streaming platform
"Ampere then predicted Disney+ to have more subscribers than Prime Video in 2024, and eventually overtake Netflix in 2025, when considering ESPN+ and Hulu accounts as part of the overall Walt Disney Company figure."

15/03/2021   Advanced Television
Report: $28bn anti-piracy sports rights bonus
"Service providers and rights holders can unlock up to $28.3 billion (€23.7bn) in new revenue each year by reducing sports piracy, according to a report from Synamedia in partnership with Ampere Analysis."

11/03/2021   GamesIndustry.biz
Global console market reached record high of $53.9bn in 2020
"The console market generated a record $53.9 billion worldwide in 2020, analytics firm Ampere Analysis reported."

11/03/2021   Advanced Television
Analyst: Piracy threat evolving during lockdown
"Content piracy remains a persistent problem for rights holders and content providers to tackle, says Tony Maroulis, Principal Analyst at Ampere Analysis."

10/03/2021   VideoWeek
Can Niche Streaming Apps Go It Alone or Will They Succumb to Consolidation?
"Richard Broughton, research director at media research firm Ampere Analysis, added that being part of a bigger service can also help attract audiences who are already fans of a particular niche, but not ‘superfans’."

04/03/2021   Bloomberg
Fallen King of Cable TV Bets That Live Sports Can Stem Decline
"And since the start of last year, the company has commissioned dozens of new shows for Peacock and only a few for USA, according to Ampere Analysis, which tracks television distribution and production."

04/03/2021   Variety
Streaming Development, Series Orders Recovering Faster From COVID-19 Than Linear, According to Industry Analyst
"According to Ampere Analysis’ Guy Bisson, the streamers’ scripted commissioning activity in 2020 was quicker to return to 2019 levels. However, perhaps more significantly, the streamers have strongly increased their development deals of late."

02/03/2021   GamesIndustry.biz
Gotta cash 'em all: How Pokémon became the world's biggest games franchise
"According to Ampere Analysis' head of games research Piers Harding-Rolls, the last reported figure was over ¥6 trillion ($56.2 billion) in March 2017."

02/03/2021   Variety
Film Studios Could Adopt ‘Mix-and-Match’ Theatrical Model After COVID-19
"With big-budget blockbusters like “Wonder Woman 1984” and “Mulan” launching simultaneously online and in theaters, streaming has “pushed into its own white space” and is unlikely to vacate that space any time soon, according to Ampere Analysis’ Guy Bisson."

28/02/2021   The New York Times
How the Pandemic Stalled Peak TV
"“Last year saw a stalling of what seemed like unstoppable growth for scripted content,” said Fred Black, a senior analyst at Ampere."

25/02/2021   GamesIndustry.biz
President Biden orders review of semiconductor shortage amid PS5, Xbox stock problems
"A recent report from Ampere Analysis suggested supply constraints have prevented both new PlayStation and Xbox consoles from outpacing their predecessors' launch sales."

24/02/2021   Variety
Netflix Spain Unveils 2021-22 Film Slate (EXCLUSIVE)
"Netflix is producing more upcoming originals in Spain than any other country outside the U.S., apart from the U.K. and Japan, according to London-based Ampere Analysis."

23/02/2021   The Hollywood Reporter
Why Star Is Disney’s Next Big Salvo in Its Streaming War With Netflix
“Like a supercharged Netflix, they are following the same global strategy but are rolling it out at a much faster speed,” says Guy Bisson of U.K.-based Ampere Analysis.

22/02/2021   Bloomberg
Disney Adds R-Rated Movies, Biker Gangs in Europe Streaming Push
“A lot of consumers are looking for relatively low-cost entertainment,” said Richard Broughton, research director at London’s Ampere Analysis. “Their incomes have been impacted by the pandemic. Now is the time to grab as many consumers as possible.”

16/02/2021   Digital TV Europe
Sports rights to continue decline post-pandemic
"According to new research from Ampere, the “tough time” of sports rights holders “isn’t over yet” as broadcasters and operators continue to battle declining ad revenue and cord-cutting."

15/02/2021   Rapid TV News
Sports to be hit with downwards rights pressure
"“While innovation and compensation best described the evolving sports market in 2020, the long-term impact of the pandemic will be characterised by two themes; market declines and changing viewer behaviours” said Ben McMurray, Analyst at Ampere Analysis."

12/02/2021   Tom's Guide
PS5 and Xbox Series X restock disaster blamed for lackluster launch
"The data comes from a report by Ampere Analysis, which determines that the PS5 has currently sold 4.2 million units whereas the Xbox Series X (and Series S) have sold a combined 2.8 million units."

10/02/2021   SportsPro Media
Closing off Europe would hit Premier League clubs where it hurts
"The Premier League might have grounds to defend itself for the rights cycle we are in now because it’s not ‘their fault’ [if clubs walk away],” [Alexios Dimitropoulos from Ampere Analysis] said.

10/02/2021   Reuters
Analysis-Soccer-European leagues' domestic TV revenue set to drop as competition fades
"“If you are in that position as a Sky or Canal+ or whoever else, you don’t need to bid high anymore, you can afford to take a slight gamble and reduce the offer,” says Richard Broughton, research director at Ampere Analysis."

09/02/2021   The Hollywood Reporter
European Streaming Market Tops $14 Billion, Netflix, Amazon Dominate
"Some 140.7 million European consumers now subscribe to at least one SVOD service, according to figures from U.K.-based group Ampere Analysis, up from 103.2 million in 2019 and 73.6 million in 2018."

09/02/2021   BBC News
Cyberpunk 2077 makers CD Projekt hit by ransomware hack
""This will be frustrating for users of the game, but as consumers are generally very sympathetic when something like this happens," said Louise Shorthouse, senior gaming analyst at Ampere Analysis."

03/02/2021   Variety
Scripted TV Commissions Surge as Global TV Production Looks Primed for New Peaks
Key takeaways from Research Director, Guy Bisson's presentation at Göteborg’s TV Drama Vision.

03/02/2021   IBC365
"‘Compounding’ is used in the sense of both combining and adding to, and Ampere predicts it will characterize global TV throughout 2021 as the streaming TV boom forces a re-engineering of the TV value chain and the strategies for getting TV to the end viewer."

02/02/2021   Telecoms.com
French football rights failure suggests content clamour could be cooling
"Ampere Analysis analyst Minal Modha commented on the cancellation and/or deferral of major football leagues and internation sporting events like the Tokyo Olympics and UEFA’s Euro 2020 tournament."

01/02/2021   BBC News
Gamer Vikkstar quits Call of Duty: Warzone over cheating
"“An issue with this type of anti-cheat software program is that genuine players will be mistakenly banned on a larger scale, and the unbanning process is typically quite onerous,” said Louise Shorthouse, senior analyst at Ampere Analysis."

30/01/2021   South China Morning Post
Tencent, NetEase and others bring global gamers to fictional worlds like Middle Earth, Westeros, and Hogwarts to dominate the mobile games industry
"Chinese companies have a hard time building up their own brands with overseas gamers, according to Chundi Zhang, a gaming analyst with Ampere Analysis."

29/01/2021   Variety
Goteborg TV Drama Vision Attracts 500 Delegates with Strong Program
"Ampere Analysis exec director Guy Bisson returns to Goteborg for a second year running will analyze a series of TV trends to watch out for in 2021 – which he describes as turning on “compounding.”"

26/01/2021   Variety
Berlinale Series Market Unveils 2021 Selection
"U.K.-based analyst Guy Bisson of Ampere Analysis will hold a presentation on “global narrative trends and current facts,” followed by a debate by high-profile industry honchos about the influence of current world events on the detailed strategy of fiction content producers."

26/01/2021   Advanced Television
Analyst: India leads the way in super-aggregation
"Orina Zhao, Analyst at Ampere Analysis, says: “Some Indian SVoD services are experimenting with new subscription plans – such as regional packages and even weekly offers to cater for a smaller, targeted group of customers."

26/01/2021   Rapid TV News
India leads in global content super-aggregation
"Even with the rapid growth of mobile customers enjoying commoditised video services, further monetisation in India has been challenging for even the most popular streaming platforms says a study from Ampere Analysis."

22/01/2021   Deadline
Netflix Pays $4.4M Of Tax In The UK; Revenue Surges To $164M
"Despite the record tax bill, campaigners have pointed out that it should be paying a lot more tax in the UK, where its true revenues in 2019 are estimated to be £940M, according to respected analyst Ampere Analysis."

22/01/2021   City AM
Netflix pays £3.2m in UK corporation tax as it ramps up British-made shows
"Netflix has an estimated 13m subscribers in the UK and its true revenue from the country is thought to be roughly £940m, according to Ampere Analysis."

20/01/2021   BBC News
PS5: Restock of new PlayStations causes chaos online
Ampere Analysis senior gaming analyst Louise Shorthouse said: “Many [retailers] likely knew they would have problems beforehand. But ensuring your website is capable of withstanding a huge influx of visitors is expensive."

19/01/2021   Variety
Netflix Q4 review: Top takeaways from a watershed quarter
Includes Ampere Analysis data.

17/01/2021   South China Morning Post
Tencent vs Huawei: China’s gaming giants have the upper hand in fight over revenue sharing on app stores
"Chundi Zhang, a video games analyst at Ampere Analysis, said the shift in power to gaming content providers would be more pronounced in China because authorities severely restrict the number of mobile games via a strict licensing system."

15/01/2021   Total Telecom
Netflix blooms in 2020 to become second largest TV group in Europe
""Last year, Netflix had become the second largest entity in Europe in terms of revenues, behind only Comcast (which owns Sky’s operations in Europe), and overtaking the German public broadcaster ARD,” said Ampere principal analyst Tony Maroulis."

14/01/2021   Broadband TV News
New European milestone for Netflix
"Netflix became the second largest TV group in Europe in revenue terms last year, according to the latest research by Ampere Analysis."

14/01/2021   Digital TV Europe
Netflix overtakes ARD to become the second largest TV group in Europe
"Explaining Netflix’s rise, Ampere principal analyst Tony Maroulis noted that past decade has seen Netflix rapidly grow on the continent, with it surpassing US$1 billion in revenue in 2016 and having the largest subscriber base in Europe by 2017."

14/01/2021   Advanced Television
Analysis: Netflix 2nd-largest TV group in Europe
"“Since launching in 2012, Netflix has grown rapidly in Europe,” notes Tony Maroulis, Principal Analyst at Ampere Analysis. “By 2016, it had launched its services across the whole of Europe, and passed the $1 billion revenue milestone."

14/01/2021   MediaPlayNews
Netflix No. 2 TV Group in Europe in Revenue
“While Netflix has enjoyed success across the continent, local broadcasters are facing increased pressure,” said Maroulis. “The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the TV advertising market into decline, compounding and accelerating the woes of traditional and established brands. And while Netflix’s pockets are getting deeper, local entities are struggling to compete.”

14/01/2021   Variety
Netflix Overtakes Germany’s ARD to Become Second Largest TV Group in Europe After Comcast
"Giant streamer Netflix was the second largest TV group in Europe by revenue in 2020, according to new data from research firm Ampere Analysis."

14/01/2021   Deadline
London TV Screenings Schedule Announced; Netflix Becomes Europe’s Second Largest TV Group; NENT Studios UK & Dopamine Fund More Shows; Glasgow FF Line-Up; Pact Names Vice Chair — Global Briefs
"Netflix became Europe’s second largest TV group by revenue last year, according to research from Ampere Analysis."

12/01/2021   Rapid TV News
Western Europe, US streaming TV hit all-time high
"Looking as to how compounding will impact business models in 2021, Ampere says that principally the he supply side of the market is compounding with major studios re-structuring to centre their businesses around streaming and direct-to-consumer."

11/01/2021   The Star
Tencent feels heat from gaming rivals Alibaba, ByteDance and Genshin Impact maker miHoYo
“Initiatives have already been implemented such as restrictions on the appearance of Tencent’s games on Douyin,” said Chundi Zhang, a gaming analyst with Ampere Analysis.

11/01/2021   Broadband TV News
Streamed TV services at all-time high
"AVOD, studio-direct streaming launches, the strengthening of local and broadcaster-led streaming, and the turbo-boost that came out of the blue in the form of Covid-19 have brought the industry to a pivot point.,” Guy Bisson, Research Director at Ampere Analysis says.

11/01/2021   International Business Times
Dr. Anthony Fauci Believes Theaters, Concert Venues Could Reopen By Fall If Everything Goes According To Plan
"In May 2020, a report by Ampere Analysis revealed that the global entertainment industry was set to lose “$160 billion” over the next five years due to the pandemic."

11/01/2021   MediaPlayNews
Average U.S. Streaming Household Now Subscribes to Four SVOD Services
"The average U.S. streaming household now stacks an average of four different subscription video services, according to the latest analysis from Ampere Analysis."

10/01/2021   GamesIndustry.biz
What will a post-pandemic games industry look like?
"Another area of ongoing change will be the increased consumption of digital content and a more rapid decline of physical media sales." - Ampere analyst Piers Harding-Rolls believes the pandemic will have a lasting effect on the games industry, just one of many predictions in our annual round-up of analyst predictions for the year ahead."

08/01/2021   City AM
French football's financial crisis: Why Ligue 1's €3bn deal with Mediapro collapsed and what it means for the Premier League
"“The deal went wrong because of classic overpromising and then a failure to deliver as well as a lack of due diligence on Ligue 1’s side,” says Minal Modha, a sport analyst and consumer lead at the data and market research firm Ampere Analysis."

07/01/2021   SportsPro Media
Opinion | Showing the red card to streaming pirates? It pays to take a nuanced approach
"According to market analyst Ampere Analysis, in 2019 live streaming and live sport piracy in Europe cost providers more than US$1.5 billion after accounting for pirate consumers’ legal spend contribution to broadcasters’ average revenue per user (ARPU)."

07/01/2021   Advanced Television
Analyst: “Bundling is next step in streaming evolution”
"Bundling will characterise global TV throughout 2021 as the streaming TV boom forces a re-engineering of the TV value chain and the strategies for reaching the end viewer, according to Guy Bisson, Research Director at Ampere Analysis."

07/01/2021   Tom's Guide
Forget PS5 and Xbox Series X — Nintendo Switch Pro could arrive this year
"Ampere Analysis’ Piers Harding-Rolls further added credence to this rumor by noting: “Last year I was unconvinced there would be a new flagship model Switch in 2020, but it makes more commercial sense to release an updated version in 2021.""

04/01/2021   GamesIndustry.biz
Where do we go from here? Analysts give 2021 predictions
Includes predictions from Piers Harding-Rolls, Ampere Research Director, Games.

02/01/2021   Deadline
Streaming Boom Reaches 2021 Crossroads: Can Big Media Really Catch Netflix?
"Ampere Analysis estimated the average number of subscription services per home at 3.8 even before the pandemic, up from 2.8 a year ago."

02/01/2021   South China Morning Post
Before Honour of Kings became the world’s most popular game, it was a desperate experiment
"Chundi Zhang, a video games analyst at Ampere Analysis, chalked up the early success of Honour of Kings to rapid iteration due to competition with We MOBA after the initial flop. “They were able to find the users’ pain points and made a true return to the essence of the MOBA game,” he said."

01/01/2021   International Business Times
Switch Pro Could Arrive In 2021; Projected To Boost Nintendo's Sales, Outsell PS5 And Xbox Series
"Ampere Analysis' Piers Harding-Rolls and Kantan Games' Dr. Serkan Toto believe that a new Switch model would help boost the strong sales of the company."

01/01/2021   Worldscreen
2020: The Year in Formats
"Indeed, data from Ampere Analysis in the fall of last year found that Western European commissioners were driving a new boom in format production."

28/12/2020   Forbes
Will You Be Able To Buy A PS5 In 2021?
"Ampere Analysis says that it expects Sony to sell 8.5 million PS5s by the end of March, as compared to 6.5 million for the Xbox Series X+S: Ampere’s Piers Harding-Rolls told Newsweek that he expects demand to outstrip supply for “at least a few months” into 2021."

21/12/2020   Variety
Inside Amazon’s ‘El Cid,’ Headlining ‘Money Heist’ Star Jaime Llorente: True History, Big IP and a Rebel With a Cause
“Certain markets are becoming prohibitively expensive to produce in, which would include the U.S. and to a lesser extent the U.K.,” says Ampere Analysis’ Guy Bisson.

18/12/2020   City AM
Triller: Mike Tyson, Snoop Dogg and the TikTok rivalling video app's big plans to shake up sports broadcasting
“Where these apps can play a role is in bringing in younger audiences to sports,” says Minal Modha, consumer research lead at data and market research firm Ampere Analysis.

17/12/2020   IBC365
Streaming wars: 2020's battle for supremacy
“We’re seeing more older consumers start to recognise the value of an on-demand subscription service,” explains Ampere analyst Daniel Harraghy.

16/12/2020   The Hollywood Reporter
2020's Big Plot Twist: How 'Wonder Woman 1984' Came to Upend Hollywood's Future
"Collectively, the major entertainment companies have laid off several thousand employees this year in cost-cutting, as company leaders look to offset the $160 billion Ampere Analysis estimates the global entertainment sector will lose over the next five years due to the pandemic."

16/12/2020   Newsweek
Why Does PS5 Stock Keep Running Out and Will More Consoles Be Released Soon?
"PS5 launch supply has been front-loaded significantly more than the PS4 generation," said Piers Harding-Rolls, a games industry expert who heads Ampere Analysis.

15/12/2020   Rapid TV News
Nordics hot for new streaming entrants
"Research from Ampere Analysis is predicting that in one of the world’s most competitive online video markets, a diverse range of content interests and high streaming demand are likely to provide ample growth opportunities for new studio-led streamers and other international SVODs such as BritBox, Paramount + and HBO Max."

15/12/2020   GameDaily.biz
EA to acquire Codemasters in a $1.2 billion deal
“Given the increasing numbers of storefronts and services--from subscriptions to cloud gaming--content has become even more valuable, especially unique IP,” Shorthouse told GameDaily. “It is the key point of differentiation for consumers.” {Louise Shorthouse, Senior Analyst at Ampere Analysis}.

15/12/2020   Worldscreen
Nordics Provide “Ample Growth Opportunity” for International Streamers
"Maria Dunleavey, analyst at Ampere Analysis, noted, “As a region where there is demand for both English language and local content, the Nordics is an attractive market for new international players to launch there while allowing local players to co-exist."

15/12/2020   MediaPlayNews
Ampere: Nordics Fertile Market for U.S. Streaming Video
"Ampere believes the Nordics could be a region of interest for BritBox and other international players as they push ahead with international expansion. BritBox’s classic English language content is well-suited to the local audience which rates British series highly."

10/12/2020   Advanced Television
Analysis: Cheap streaming TV coming to an end
"Ampere’s latest analysis of the US and European SVoD market reveals that the average US streaming household now stacks an average of four different subscription video services."

10/12/2020   TVB Europe
70,000 hours of content and we still can’t find anything to watch
Alexios Dimitropoulos, research manager at Ampere Analysis said: “2020 has been an incredible year for SVoD. The pandemic drove a massive growth in the number of subscriptions, and the new services that launched this year have posted impressive customer numbers."

10/12/2020   Digital TV Europe
SVOD stacking translating to higher costs for users and end to ‘golden age of cheap streaming'
"While the amount of content is notable, Ampere points out that established players like Amazon and Netflix are increasingly unable to licence content from their previous suppliers who are now launching their own service."

10/12/2020   TV Technology
Ampere: U.S. Homes Must Add Streamers to Keep Breadth of Content
"Additional findings from the Ampere report show that households with young children are more likely to have more SVOD services. A U.S. family with elementary-age children has an average of five streaming services."

10/12/2020   Rapid TV News
Ampere: cheap streaming era coming to an end
"That is the standout finding from Ampere Analysis's latest analysis of the US and European subscription video-on-demand arena makes the bleak prediction that the so-called golden age of cheap streaming TV is coming to an end."

08/12/2020   MediaPlayNews
Redbox Launches AVOD Platform
"Chicago-based Redbox is joining a burgeoning AVOD market that Ampere Analysis found accounts for 20% of all domestic Internet users are accessing ad-supported services"

07/12/2020   International Business Times
AT&T May Have Just Saved HBO Max
"A study performed by Ampere Analysis comparing HBO Max to Comcast's (NASDAQ:CMCSA) nascent Peacock found that 25- to 44-year-olds were far more likely to watch HBO Max."

04/12/2020   The Wrap
Why HBO Max Needs to ‘Blink First’ in Standoff With Roku
"“HBO needed to break the deadlock and find a compromise” with Roku, analyst Tony Maroulis says."

03/12/2020   Cineuropa
Netflix to begin declaring its UK revenues to the tax authorities
"Its declared revenue in the UK to date (previously derived from its holding company Netflix Services UK) has been out of kilter with its subscriber numbers, estimated to hit 14 million in 2021, which in turn would amount to £1.3 billion in revenue, according to analytics firm Ampere Analysis."

30/11/2020   The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix to Begin Declaring $1.7 Billion U.K Revenues to British Tax Authorities
"According to Ampere Analysis, Netflix will reach 14 million U.K. subscribers in 2021."

30/11/2020   MediaPlayNews
Ampere: China, Asian Market Projected to Lead Theatrical Comeback in 2021
"New data from Ampere Analysis contends global box office dropped 75% in 2020 to $11 billion from $44 billion in 2019."

30/11/2020   C21 Media
Things that go bump in the night
"According to {Richard} Cooper’s analysis, the number of sci-fi/ fantasy and horror titles available across 16 VoD platforms in the US actually declined by 5% in January this year."

30/11/2020   Advanced Television
Forecast: Cinema to see rapid return in APAC; but not W. Europe
"Ampere Analysis has published revised forecasts for global box office revenues in 2020, now just 25 per cent of the original estimate made in January, showing the devastating effect of coronavirus on the sector."

26/11/2020   Video Ad News
The Industry Analysts Make Their 2021 Predictions
Callum Sillars, Analyst, Ampere Analysis: "Although some media such as radio or cinema advertising may never recover to pre-pandemic levels due to shifts in consumer habits, broadcasters offering TV advertising are in a great position to capitalize on the digital video boom."

24/11/2020   The Drum
Can the Ryan Reynolds marketing midas touch uplift humble Wrexham AFC?
"According to research from Ampere Analysis, streaming providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime would pay up to $400,000 per hour of documentary content."

24/11/2020   South China Morning Post
TikTok maker ByteDance launches a new casual game store and indie publisher to take on Tencent and NetEase
"Chundi Zhang, a video games analyst at Ampere Analysis, said the increased focus on casual and indie games could suggest ByteDance is finding it harder to compete with its more experienced rivals than it initially thought."

19/11/2020   SportsPro Media
At Large | Wrexham’s Hollywood takeover shows that lower leagues are open to creativity
"According to Ampere Analysis research, finding its way to this column by way of Bloomberg, streaming services might spend ‘several hundred thousands of pounds per hour on a show’."

18/11/2020   TBI Vision
Bridging the gap: Solving viewer fatigue with scripted series
Ampere Analysis’s Guy Bisson points out that his company’s data “suggests that across the TV market as a whole, there are still plenty of episodic shows making the rounds and airing.”

18/11/2020   GameDaily.biz
Embracer Group acquires 13 new game companies
"Some analysts note that these acquisitions are less about quality and more about quantity, a conceit pointed out by Louise Shorthouse, senior analyst at Ampere Analysis. “These latest acquisitions, along with previous ones, are virtually all indie or AA-studios,” Shorthouse told GameDaily."

15/11/2020   Rapid TV News
English-speaking nations least willing to watch foreign language content
“Netflix and Amazon Prime video take distinctly different approaches to content localisation. Amazon Prime Video offers higher rates of local content and dubbing in its key retail markets, including India, Germany and Japan,” said Lottie Towler, senior analyst at Ampere Analysis.

13/11/2020   Advanced Television
Research: UK least willing to watch foreign language content
"Ampere’s Consumer media and entertainment tracker has found that consumers in English speaking markets are the least likely to enjoy foreign language content, with consumer preferences towards subtitled and dubbed content the lowest in the UK and South Africa."

13/11/2020   Variety
Why Netflix is Experimenting With Linear Programming in France
"Guy Bisson, research director at Ampere Analysis, reckons that Direct is a logical experiment that doesn’t cost Netflix anything as it’s easy enough to play out non-linear programming in a linear fashion without the requirement of any additional input structure."

13/11/2020   Forbes
The State Of The Streaming Wars As Disney+ Soars To 73 Million Subscribers
"Disney will spend just $1.3 billion on original content for Disney+ this year, including its breakout hit, The Mandalorian, according to a 2020 year-end forecast from analytics firm Ampere."

13/11/2020   TVB Europe
Lost in translation: UK hits language barrier with international content
"Research from Ampere Analysis suggests that consumers in English speaking markets are the least likely to watch foreign language content, with the UK and South Africa recording the lowest preferences for subtitled and dubbed content."

12/11/2020   The Washington Post
When Ryan Reynolds Buys a Soccer Team, Dollars Await
"And it’s not unreasonable to expect Netflix, Amazon Prime or whoever might acquire the broadcast rights to spend several hundred thousand pounds per hour on a show, according to Ampere Analysis analyst Richard Broughton."

12/11/2020   Bloomberg
When Ryan Reynolds Buys a Soccer Team, Dollars Await
"And it’s not unreasonable to expect Netflix, Amazon Prime or whoever might acquire the broadcast rights to spend several hundred thousand pounds per hour on a show, according to Ampere Analysis analyst Richard Broughton."

10/11/2020   South China Morning Post
Sony PlayStation 5 sells for three times its retail price in China as Covid-19 leads to shortages of new video game consoles
“We expect demand for the new consoles to outstrip supply up until at least the end of March 2021,” said Piers Harding-Rolls, research director of games at Ampere Analysis.

10/11/2020   BBC News
Xbox Series X: Sold-out console posted on eBay for up to £5,000
"The consultancy Ampere Analysis expects sales of 13.5 million Xbox Series X and S consoles by the end of 2021."

10/11/2020   Adweek
‘The Money Will Flow’: Why Bloomberg Media Is Betting on Streaming
"{Richard} Broughton went on to note that Bloomberg Media’s integration with a variety of streaming services and the publisher’s ability to cross-promote it across channels, including its main webpage, will serve it well."

09/11/2020   Streaming Media
Netflix Goes 'Direct' to Older Viewers in France
"It is effectively zero cost for Netflix to stream programming in a linear fashion," says Guy Bisson, Executive Director, Ampere Analysis.

09/11/2020   Reuters
Clash of consoles: New PlayStation and Xbox enter $150 billion games arena - fight!
“Demand will outstrip supply so there’s going to be some people who won’t get a-hold of the console when they want to,” said Piers Harding-Rolls, director of Ampere’s games research.

04/11/2020   Variety
Amazon Prime Video Channels Lands in Spain, Italy, Netherlands
According to Ampere Analysis’ Guy Bisson, “The next frontier really for streaming television globally, is how we really aggregate everything that’s been disaggregated over the past 10 years.”

03/11/2020   Variety
Disney Plus Sets Combined Subscription Deal with Brazil’s Globoplay (EXCLUSIVE)
“There’s been much speculation about capacity of a household to purchase individual OTT services,” said Guy Bisson, at Ampere Analysis. “The ceiling could be somewhere between five and 10 services, depending on the market.”

02/11/2020   CNBC
The creators of Candy Crush are banking on the Crash Bandicoot franchise for their next mobile hit
"Louise Shorthouse, a senior games analyst at Ampere Analysis, told CNBC that it’s hard to say how popular the new Crash game will be. “Crash Bandicoot is obviously a well-known (and well-loved) IP, but we’ve seen before that this doesn’t guarantee success.”

02/11/2020   Financial Times
Sony and Microsoft look to match the hype with PS5 and Xbox launches
“The optics of a really big crowd trying to get a product, and the way that the public would view that brand as not being COVID-safe, is not a good look,” said Piers Harding-Rolls.

28/10/2020   SportsPro Media
Opinion | You can only tackle the streaming pirates by studying their every move
"A recent global study conducted for Synamedia by Ampere Analysis found that while 89 per cent of sports fans have a pay-TV or subscription over-the-top (OTT) service, more than half (51 per cent) still watch pirate sports services at least once a month."

27/10/2020   Realscreen
Euro commissioners, global streamers driving format boom: report
“Our recent research has shown that Netflix is beginning to invest in its original unscripted formats on an industrial scale,” Alice Thorpe, analyst at Ampere, said in a statement.

27/10/2020   GameDaily.biz
Facebook outlines cloud gaming ambitions, will focus on mobile and free-to-play
“Facebook offering cloud gaming in the mobile games space is a natural extension of its existing offering within Facebook Gaming and its mobile ads business,” Harding-Rolls told GameDaily.

26/10/2020   Advanced Television
Report: Incentives, deterrents key to beating sports piracy
"The report, featuring research conducted by Ampere Analysis, finds that the biggest deterrents for viewers of pirate sports streams are the fear of disruption to their viewing, and the risk of legal and social consequences – including being arrested or fined."

26/10/2020   Rapid TV News
Incentives and deterrents needed to deliver knockout blow on sports pirates
It also features research conducted by Ampere Analysis alongside new strategies for sports rights owners and pay-TV providers to combat streaming piracy while proposing creative ways of luring sports fans to legal services.

26/10/2020   Rapid TV News
Europe leads unscripted format commissions boom
Research from Ampere Analysis has shown that Western European commissioners are driving a new surge in format production fuelling a huge uptick in commissioning of formatted shows in the past year.

26/10/2020   Advanced Television
Analyst: Europe leading boom in unscripted commissions
While Covid-19 has added fuel to the format fire, growing demand for shows based on successful formats began before the virus hit, according to Ampere Analysis.

26/10/2020   TV Technology
Synamedia Report Details Ways to Incentivize Against Sports Piracy
“Tackling Sports Piracy in an IP World” from Synamedia features research from Ampere Analysis and provides new strategies for sports rights owners and pay-TV providers to combat streaming piracy, as well as proposing how to bring sports fans to legal services

20/10/2020   IBC365
How will cinema's COVID crisis impact broadcasters and OTTs?
It may not all be bad news for the multiplexes, however, according to Ampere Analysis analyst Peter Ingram. “Major film postponements, despite being bad news for cinema-chains short term, are still a vote of confidence from studios in cinemas,” he tells IBC365.

19/10/2020   Advanced Television
Analyst: Peacock favoured by older users; HBO Max for millennials
Analysis of Ampere’s Consumer media consumption and behaviour tracker surveying 4,000 US Internet users has revealed a solid performance for both HBO Max which launched at the end of May, and NBCUniversal’s Peacock which followed in July.

19/10/2020   Broadband TV News
Strong start for HBO Max and Peacock
Annabel Yeomans, senior analyst, said: “Peacock’s early adopters show that it has been successful in converting broadcast channel audiences — who are an older demographic and typically more difficult to convert — into SVOD subscribers, allowing it to play in an arena that is generally less competitive.

19/10/2020   Rapid TV News
DTC divergence as Peacock, HBO Max register with different audiences
The latest analysis of Ampere’s Consumer media consumption and behaviour tracker surveying 4,000 US Internet users showed that despite lockdown rules delaying some of the content each SVOD service had planned, at the time fieldwork in August and September 2020, 8% of US Internet households already had active subscriptions to HBO Max, and 7% were using Peacock.

19/10/2020   MediaPlayNews
Ampere: Peacock and HBO Max Appealing to Different Audiences
“Peacock’s early adopters show that it has been successful in converting broadcast channel audiences — who are an older demographic and typically more difficult to convert — into SVOD subscribers, allowing it to play in an arena that is generally less competitive,” senior analyst Annabel Yeomans said in a statement.

15/10/2020   Variety
Mipcom Takeaways: Disney’s New Global Service, Second Wave COVID-19 Headaches & Inventive Marketing
As the studios hold back ever more of their flagship shows for their own OTT platforms, two new categories of market drivers have emerged: Super Indies — to use Ampere Analysis’ coinage — such as Banijay, Fremantle, BBC Studios, ITV and Beta Film; and global streamers, more of whom are ever more active.

14/10/2020   Digital TV Europe
AVOD viewers are older and from lower income households, says report
According to a new report from Ampere Analysis, despite ostensibly serving the same purpose – i.e. entertainment video delivery – the two platform types are not competing for the same audience.

13/10/2020   MediaPost
AVODs: U.S. Users Hit 17%; Audience Older, Less Wealthy Than SVODs'
In this year’s third quarter, 17% — or nearly one in five — U.S. internet users watched one or more ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) services in the previous month — up from 13% in Q3 2019, according to the latest research from Ampere Analysis.

13/10/2020   Forbes
It Sounds Like Spotify Is In Trouble
Ampere Analysis estimates Netflix’s share of the other-the-top subscription market, despite its massive investment in original content, has fallen from 52% in 2014 to 19% in 2019, and an estimated 18% in 2020.

12/10/2020   Broadband TV News
Research: AVOD services are attracting a different audience to SVOD
The latest research from Ampere Analysis has found that almost one in five US internet users are accessing AVoD (Ad-supported Video on Demand) services.

12/10/2020   Advanced Television
Research: AVoD set for meteoric rise in US
Minal Modha, Consumer Research Lead at Ampere Analysis says: “The Video on Demand market continues to expand and fragment, offering viewers more choice of platforms. Free ad-funded platforms will find themselves well-positioned to attract an audience that is either unable or unwilling to pay for multiple subscriptions."

12/10/2020   Variety
Apple TV+ free trial extension comes at the right time
Ampere estimates Apple will spend about $2 billion on content in 2020 on a P&L basis. The P&L basis reflects spending on projects that get released during 2020.

11/10/2020   Variety
The End of a Boom? How the Pandemic is Shaping the Present and Future of International Co-Production
Recent data from Ampere Analysis shows that two years ago, in the last quarter of 2018, a boom time for international drama, 8% of scripted commissions were co-productions, with 64 recorded during this period.

09/10/2020   BBC News
Xbox game streaming 'heading to iPhones'
Gaming analyst Piers Harding-Rolls, from Ampere Analysis, said Microsoft's own "evolution" had been expected.

06/10/2020   TV Technology
Ampere: Global Pay-TV Subscribers Grow 3M in Q2 2020
According to a new report from Ampere Analysis on the second quarter of 2020, bellwether pay-TV companies throughout the world added more than 3.1 million subscribers.

05/10/2020   Variety
Banijay, ITV Studios, Beta Underscore Current Market Buoyancy for Big Euro Content Players at Mipcom Panel
One trend Ampere Analysis has picked up is the upswing in the acceptance and demand for non-English language, non-U.S. content, Bisson commented.

04/10/2020   Rapid TV News
Global pay-TV grows by more than 3MN new subscriptions
“While some countries are seeing pay-TV subscriptions suffer due to the COVID pandemic, particularly caused by the transient loss of sport, there is still growth in the market, driven partly by bundling of services and by emerging markets,” commented Ampere Analysis senior analyst Toby Holleran.

02/10/2020   Broadband TV News
Ampere: room for growth in pay-TV
Ampere Analysis latest pay-TV barometer reports that pay-TV subscriber totals were 0.5% higher than in Q1 2020.

02/10/2020   MediaPlayNews
Ampere: Pay-TV Added 3.1 Million Subs Globally in Q2
"The pay-TV market may be in decline — especially in the United States — but globally, the industry saw an addition of 3.1 million subscribers in the second quarter (ended June 30), according to new data from Ampere Analysis."

01/10/2020   BNN Bloomberg
Disney+ streaming service faces test when Verizon freebies end
Ampere Analysis in London says the number today is higher. The Disney+ service, which launched on Nov. 12 last year, signed up a total of 60.5 million customers in its first nine months.

29/09/2020   Bloomberg
Netflix Bets on Mobile Content Blitz to Strengthen Africa Grip
“For Netflix to target the whole region coming in with a higher price, the mobile market will be crucial,” said Ben McMurray of Ampere Analysis.

29/09/2020   TBI Vision
Lat Am drama: Talking it out
Guy Bisson, research director at Ampere Analysis, underlines this: “Non-English-language content is on a growth cycle worldwide and Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, so the opportunities are obvious.”

29/09/2020   BBC News
Farmville to shut its gates on Facebook at end of year
Ampere Analysis games research director Piers Harding-Rolls said: "The game was synonymous with the explosion in social-network gaming in the late 2000s, primarily on Facebook.

28/09/2020   Señal News
64% of UK Internet consumers used an SVoD service in the past month
The easing of lockdown in June has not deterred people from de UK from watching streaming services – with 64% of Internet consumers using an SVOD platform in the past month, according to new data from Ampere Analysis covering the Q3 of 2020.

28/09/2020   Philadelphia Business Journal
‘It feels like Groundhog Day’: Independent movie theaters struggle to reopen with capacity limits, film delays
A May report from research firm Ampere Analysis estimated COVID-19 will wipe out $160 billion of growth in the entertainment industry over the next five years.

25/09/2020   Telecompaper
SVoD services used by 64% of UK internet users in Q3 - research
SVoD viewing in the UK remains high in Q3 2020 even after lockdown was lifted, with 64 percent of internet users using a SVoD service in the last month, according to the latest data from Ampere Analysis.

25/09/2020   Broadband TV News
UK SVOD viewing climbing across all ages
According to consumer data from Ampere Analysis, SVOD viewing remained high in the UK during the third quarter, even after lockdown was lifted.

25/09/2020   Digital TV Europe
UK SVOD viewing still strong despite lockdown lift
Modha said: "This is particularly interesting because it gives an indication of how much time each age group may spend watching SVOD in a year’s time, and help SVoD services in their strategy to produce and acquire content for both those older audiences who are increasing their viewing time, but also for that core young demographic who are continuing to consume more of their TV via SVOD.​"

25/09/2020   GameDaily.biz
Amazon Luna enters the cloud gaming arena
"This includes Piers Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis, who told GameDaily that the $5.99 per month subscription already gives Luna a leg up on Stadia, even if that price might go up once the early access stage is over".

24/09/2020   Advanced Television
Analysis: UK SVoD continues to soar post-lockdown
Ampere’s consumer data for Q3 2020 shows that SVoD viewing remains high in the UK even after lockdown was lifted, with 64 per cent of Internet users using an SVoD service in the previous month.

24/09/2020   Rapid TV News
UK SVOD continues to soar post-lockdown
“As consumers spend more time at home while restrictions on some out-of-home activities persist, they are prompted to watch greater amounts of content and those platforms with larger catalogues will be the ones to benefit most,” commented Ampere Analysis consumer research lead, Minal Modha.

24/09/2020   BBC News
Amazon unveils flying Ring security drone and Luna games service
"Amazon is allowing third-party channels on Luna, but at an additional cost to the user," commented Piers Harding-Rolls from Ampere Analysis.

22/09/2020   IBC365
OTTs: The SVoD battle intensifies
Tingting Li, analyst at Ampere Analysis, says audiences were craving more entertainment to subscribe to as lockdown began, helping Disney+ to gain momentum in Europe. Li says Disney+ has done “especially well” since launching.

21/09/2020   The New York Times
Microsoft Grabs Some of World’s Biggest Games in $7.5 Billion Deal
The acquisition was a “major coup” for Microsoft, said Piers Harding-Rolls, a research director at Ampere Analysis, an analytics firm in London. “This deal catapults Microsoft’s games portfolio into a much stronger position,” he said.

21/09/2020   BBC News
Microsoft buys Fallout creator Bethesda for $7.5bn
Piers Harding-Rolls, research director from Ampere Analysis, described the deal as "a major coup". "Microsoft has often been criticised for its lack of heavy-hitting first-party games franchises when compared to Sony and Nintendo. This deal catapults Microsoft's games portfolio into a much stronger position," he told the BBC.

20/09/2020   WIRED UK
Why Netflix keeps cancelling your favourite shows after two seasons
Data from media analytics firm Ampere Analysis suggests that on average, a Netflix Original gets just two seasons before being cancelled.

17/09/2020   Advanced Television
Analyst: Scripted content hit by Covid delays
Research by Ampere Analysis has revealed that producers of high-end scripted content will face Covid-related delays for far longer than their unscripted counterparts.

17/09/2020   Rapid TV News
High-end scripted content to face production delays for at least 12 months
Research from Ampere Analysis has revealed that producers of high-end scripted content will face COVID-related delays for far longer than their unscripted counterparts leading to questions as to how producers of linear TV’s most popular content can meet consumer demand for recent, relevant and local content.

17/09/2020   Worldscreen
Producers of High-End Scripted Face Protracted Delays
Ampere indicates that almost half of scripted commissions from the first half of 2019 hadn’t been released by the time its report was compiled.

17/09/2020   TV Technology
Production Delays for Scripted Shows Could Run into 2021, Says Ampere
Ampere also sees an opportunity for independent studios that have scripted projects already in the pipeline, but it may be hard to meet the demand for new content as these indies still face their own delays.

16/09/2020   GameDaily.biz
Sony pulls back the curtain on PlayStation 5 price, release date
“The pricing is as expected. The digital version is well positioned at $399, being only $100 more than Xbox Series S, but the same power as the disc-based version of PS5,” Piers Harding-Rolls, analyst at Ampere Analysis, told GameDaily.

16/09/2020   MediaPlayNews
Ampere: Delays of Scripted Content to Last Well Into 2021
“COVID-19 has hit the production of high-quality, scripted content most severely, and producers will be fighting delays well into 2021,” said Ampere analyst Olivia Deane.

14/09/2020   Tom's Guide
PS5 will crush Xbox Series X and S in sales — here’s why
Piers Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis claims that by the end of the year, the PS5 will have sold 5 million units, while the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will only have sold a combined 3.9 million.

13/09/2020   GQ
Experts Think The PS5 Could Sell Double The Amount Of Xbox's New Consoles
According to a prediction from Ampere Analysis' Piers Harding-Rolls, by the end of 2024, 66 million PS5 units will have been sold, compared to 37 million Xbox Series X unit.

11/09/2020   IBC365
'Treat pirates like competitors' FIFA tells sports broadcasters
A recent Ampere Analysis study found that only sixteen per cent of those surveyed claimed that they’d never watched illegal pirated sports.

09/09/2020   BBC News
Xbox blinks first by pricing Xbox Series X ahead of Sony's PS5
"This is aggressive pricing for the technology that's included in the Series X," Piers Harding-Rolls from Ampere Analysis told the BBC. "And Microsoft must feel confident about the offer in deciding to go first."

08/09/2020   CNN Business
Microsoft just announced a smaller, cheaper Xbox
The tech giant makes multiple consoles for the current generation at different price points, so coming out with a Series S isn't a departure from its previous strategy, said Ampere Analysis games research director Piers Harding-Rolls.

08/09/2020   GameDaily.biz
Microsoft announces the all-digital Xbox Series S with a price of $299
“At $299/£249, it is cheaper than the Xbox One X, which is confirmation that it will be dropped,” Harding-Rolls told GameDaily. “This will result in more prospective late adopter Xbox One buyers shifting their spend to Xbox Series S instead, which will itself result in the generational transition happening more rapidly for Xbox.”

08/09/2020   USA TODAY
Xbox Series S: Microsoft releases details on lower-priced, all-digital video game console out Nov. 10
Having this lower-priced entry point could help Microsoft in the console competition, says Piers Harding-Rolls, research director for games at London-based research firm Ampere Analysis.

07/09/2020   South China Morning Post
Romance and court intrigue: how female-focused games find success in China despite sexist stereotypes
“Female-oriented games can be a gold mine that is waiting to be discovered due to the high potential of the target user groups,” said Chundi Zhang, a video games research analyst at Ampere Analysis.

07/09/2020   Variety
Streaming Is Not All About Netflix Anymore, Venice Industry Panel Is Told
“We are all sick of COVID-19, but it had a significant impact on the industry,” Guy Bisson, one of the founders of Ampere Analysis, said Friday during a discussion on VOD at the Venice Production Bridge, the industry section of the Venice Film Festival.

07/09/2020   CNBC
How Fall Guys, a battle royale game with jelly beans, became this summer’s mega hit
“Fall Guys is made to be streamed — it is a ‘TV show’ after all,” Piers Harding-Rolls, head of games research at Ampere Analysis, told CNBC.

04/09/2020   ScreenDaily
Venice conference reveals evidence of VoD explosion during pandemic
“The slight downside is that consumers believe that after we’re through this, after we’re all out of lockdown and able to behave completely normally, there will be a bit of a backlash and they won’t watch as much or might ditch some of their subscriptions,” {Guy} Bisson said.

04/09/2020   BNN Bloomberg
'Mulan' tests subscribers' desire to pay up for big-budget film
Last year’s live-action remake of “Aladdin,” for instance, took in $356 million at the domestic box office, according to Richard Broughton, research director at London’s Ampere Analysis.

01/09/2020   Variety
Fantastic Film Showcase Sitges Pitchbox Opens Its Doors to Series
“Many of the trends that we are seeing now, if you follow the path back to the gestation, you get to Netflix somehow,” says Guy Bisson, at Ampere Analysis.

31/08/2020   Worldscreen
Commissioning Rises in “European Big 5” as Lockdown Measures Ease
According to Ampere Analysis, France, Spain, Germany, the U.K. and Italy recorded “unprecedented spikes” in commissioning throughout June and July 2020 as COVID-19 lockdowns eased in Europe.

28/08/2020   The Wrap
TV Ad Revenue Expected to Drop 15% in 2020 Despite Election-Year Bump in Campaign Ads
“The TV market will still be impacted by the damage caused to the economy earlier in the year,” Ampere Analysis projects

24/08/2020   Advanced Television
Analyst: Movie windowing set for change
Research from Ampere Analysis has found that COVID-19’s negative impact on box office revenue will provide incentives to accelerate the move towards new movie windowing models.

24/08/2020   Broadband TV News
Studios may be forced to change windowing strategy
Ampere has created a model based on a fictitious mid-tier movie. It says there are four scenarios of possible windowing practices.

24/08/2020   TechCrunch
Unity’s IPO numbers look pretty … unreal?
“Historically there has been substantial industry convergence in the games developer tools business, but over the past decade the number of developers has increased so much, I believe the market can support two major players,” Piers Harding-Rolls, games analyst at Ampere Analysis, told the Financial Times.

24/08/2020   Digital TV Europe
Pure PVOD offers fewer benefits than limited cinema release strategy, says Ampere
Peter Ingram, Analyst at Ampere Analysis said: “Looking forward, Ampere believes some of the major studios will adopt split strategies that can utilise PVOD while maintaining the benefits of theatrical distribution.

24/08/2020   Rapid TV News
Premium VOD set to bring about fundamental changes to film windowing
As box office revenue plummets due to lockdown, research from Ampere Analysis suggests fundamental changes may be on the cards for future film windowing strategies as Covid-19’s negative impact on box office revenue provides incentives to accelerate the move towards new movie windowing models.

21/08/2020   Digital TV Europe
Apple makes authoritative stamp on aggregate OTT market with ViacomCBS bundle
As Maria Dunleavey, analyst at Ampere says: “Apple already offers more than 30 channels on its US channels service with an average price of around US$6.50 per channel so the bundled cost at US$9.99 for both CBS All Access and Showtime is an appealing offer at an effective price of US$5 per service; a discount on even the ad-funded version of CBS All Access.

20/08/2020   Cord Cutters News
Streaming on the Rise, But There’s Still Plenty of Room to Grow
According to Ampere’s numbers, the maximum number of paid streaming video-on-demand services a US home would carry is eight. Ampere arrived at that number because eight services would have a price of about $900 a year, or the cost of a low-tier cable subscription.

19/08/2020   Bloomberg
DAZN Eyes $1 Billion in New Funding Push
Underinvestment in content rights is just as common as overspending, according to Richard Broughton, research director at media consultancy Ampere Analysis Ltd. Premium sports and movie services thinking about the long-term prize may need to adopt a “go big or go home” mentality, he said.

18/08/2020   Telecoms.com
Consumers are stacking it up when it comes to video streaming
“To make the most of this capacity, OTT players first need to demonstrate that they are a viable replacement for existing paid-for TV services,” said Daniel Gadher, Research Manager at Ampere Analysis.

18/08/2020   Variety
Why ‘Harry Potter,’ Other Big Movies Have Become Hot Commodities During COVID Pandemic
“Movie library cycling is about raising the catalog depth perception,” says Richard Cooper, research director at U.K.-based Ampere Analysis. “That’s critically important for a streaming service to maintain quality perception.”

17/08/2020   PCGamesN
7.5% of upcoming Netflix TV adaptations come from videogames
Data and analytics firm Ampere Analysis has posted an ‘Insights’ article on how Netflix is continuing “gaming exploration”, which includes a couple of pie charts breaking down the “types of adaptations for upcoming Netflix titles”.

17/08/2020   GameDaily.biz
Epic Games mounts a legal offensive against Apple and Google
“Yes, Epic has made a point about passing on savings from cheaper payment processing fees to end users, but if this was more generally implemented I doubt consumers would notice the difference in in-app purchase costs across different games,” Harding-Rolls told GameDaily.

17/08/2020   Inverse
Amazon has all the money in the world. Why can't it make a good video game?
“New World’s success is also far from guaranteed,” warns Piers Harding-Rolls, Research Director of games at Ampere Analysis.

17/08/2020   Rapid TV News
Major media markets have room for 3BN additional SVOD customers
Ampere found that there was room for three billion additional streaming subscriptions across the world’s largest media markets.

17/08/2020   TVB Europe
Still plenty of room for growth across major SVoD markets say analysts
According to figures from Ampere Analysis, there is room for three billion additional streaming subscriptions across the world’s largest media markets, even though some territories are moving towards a ‘stacking ceiling’.

17/08/2020   Advanced Television
Analysis: Room for 3bn further SVoD subs
“Even as we begin to see growth in SVoD services in emerging markets, our analysis shows that opportunity for expansion is actually still a very solid proposition in established territories,” advises Daniel Gadher, Research Manager at Ampere Analysis.

17/08/2020   Broadband TV News
SVOD: up to 3bn more subscriptions
Gadher concluded: “To make the most of this capacity, OTT players first need to demonstrate that they are a viable replacement for existing paid-for TV services. This process is ongoing in the US and Canada, but elsewhere in the world, pay-TV has remained resilient.

17/08/2020   TV Technology
Ampere: SVOD Subscriptions Could Still Grow by 3 Billion
Having already made a significant dent in the traditional pay-TV market, there is still a large amount of potential growth for SVOD services in major markets, according to a new study by Ampere Analysis.

14/08/2020   BBC News
Fortnite: Epic Games sues Google and Apple over app store bans
Games analyst Piers Harding-Rolls from Ampere told the BBC the company generated tens of millions of dollars every month on mobile platforms such as Apple's iOS.

13/08/2020   The Telegraph
Apple aims to keep customers loyal with new subscription bundles
The company has an estimated 68m Apple Music customers, while its Apple TV+ service has 33m according to data firm Ampere Analysis.

13/08/2020   BBC News
Fortnite: Apple ban sparks court action from Epic Games
Piers Harding-Rolls, games research director at Ampere Analysis, said Epic's update breaking the rules "was done to make Apple remove the app. Removing Fortnite from the App Store helps to deliver a groundswell of support for Epic, something it is trying to achieve."

12/08/2020   Investors Chronicle
Can broadcasters survive the streaming battle?
“With the exception of an income tax model, the BBC would struggle to generate the income that they currently do from the licence fee,” says Hannah Walsh, a senior analyst at the firm.

10/08/2020   TBI Vision
TBI Tech & Analysis: How & why streamers are driving LGBT+ content
Netflix, the BBC and HBO Max have today been revealed as leading the way when it comes to commissioning LGBT+ content, according to UK-based analyst group Ampere Analysis.

10/08/2020   The New York Times
After a Flop, Amazon Makes Another Foray Into Video Games
Piers Harding-Rolls, a research director at Ampere Analysis, an analytics firm in London, said it was rare for game makers to yank a game from circulation.

10/08/2020   IBC365
The false start of the 2020 Olympics could have longer-term consequences for broadcasters
Richard Broughton, research director at Ampere Analysis, says: “Rights buyers are in a far better position now to demand some recompense than in a typical recessionary scenario."

10/08/2020   Advanced Television
Analyst: SVoD drives demand for LGBT+ content
Alice Thorpe, Analyst at Ampere Analysis says: “Netflix and Amazon Prime Video’s originals Orange is the New Black and Transparent confirmed the appeal of LGBT+ themed content beyond the LGBT+ community."

10/08/2020   Broadband TV News
SVOD commissioners driving demand for LGBT+ entertainment
New research from Ampere Analysis reveals SVOD services are ahead of the curve in their commission of SVOD content. The London-based researcher has found between Q1 2019 and Q2 2020, 12 commissioners globally ordered multiple LGBT+ movies or series.

10/08/2020   MediaPlayNews
SVOD Pushing LGBTQ Programming, Demand
“One aspect of LGBT+ content’s specific appeal is its ability to travel across territories and inspire fandom. This allows characters to travel into spin-off series as we’ve seen in Spain and Mexico. The international players are staring to acquire some of this locally produced content and we expect to see more of it on the SVoD platforms in the coming quarters.” {Alice Thorpe, Ampere Analyst}.

07/08/2020   CNBC
Microsoft and Facebook blast Apple for restrictive rules on gaming apps
“There is quite a lot of pressure building from different entities, and they are attempting to build consumer awareness of the issues involved as a way to convince Apple to change its policies,” Piers Harding-Rolls, Research Director of games at Ampere Analysis, told CNBC.

05/08/2020   CNBC
A new TV network aims to lure a generation brought up on video games in the coronavirus era
“Games and consumption of games video is booming, so this is not a bad time to launch,” Piers Harding-Rolls, research director of games at Ampere Analysis, told CNBC.

03/08/2020   GameDaily.biz
Halo Infinite's multiplayer will be free-to-play
But for Piers Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis, the move is a very smart one. “I think this is a sound tactical move for the franchise,” Harding-Rolls told GameDaily. “The landscape for multiplayer FPS has changed dramatically in recent years, and it is now more competitive than ever.”

31/07/2020   Advanced Television
Analyst: “Endemol purchase makes Banijay a global powerhouse”
Fred Black, Senior Analyst at Ampere Analysis commented: “The addition of Endemol to the Banijay wheelhouse offers the new production giant a quick route to expanding its global footprint".

31/07/2020   Digital TV Europe
Don’t expect BritBox’s expansion to launch it into a Netflix competitor
Toby Holleran, senior analyst at Ampere, agrees that these markets, along with the Netherlands and the Nordics will have been considered.

30/07/2020   Variety
How India Streamer ALTBalaji Added 17,000 Subscribers a Day During Lockdown
Data from research firm Ampere Analysis reveals that 76% of ALTBalaji content is composed of local originals, compared with just 8% for Netflix and Amazon.

30/07/2020   Variety
Brave New World: Meet the International Streamers Battling Netflix With Local Originals
Variety has partnered with U.K.-based consultancy Ampere Analysis to delve into the top local and regional ad-supported and pay TV services in the Middle East (Shahid VIP), India (ALTBalaji), Australia (Stan), France (OCS), Germany (Joyn) and the U.K. (ITV Hub)

30/07/2020   Rapid TV News
Hispanic digital audiences bring new SVOD revenue opportunities
Research from Ampere Analysis has identified Spanish-speaking territories as providing a rich seam for subscription video-on-demand services to mine, with local audiences increasingly turning to digital subscription services.

30/07/2020   Variety
ITV Hub Looks Beyond ‘Love Island’ to Homegrown Originals
According to Ampere Analysis, Hub Plus currently has 596,000 subscribers.

30/07/2020   Variety
How MBC Group’s Shahid VIP Is Giving Netflix a Run for Its Money in the Middle East
“That is a phenomenal rate of growth,” says Ampere Analysis research director Guy Bisson, who cautions that MBC’s numbers may be artificially boosted by the platform’s free trial period.

30/07/2020   Variety
How France’s OCS Is Capturing Young Audiences With Local Originals
OCS skews younger than the average French consumer, with more than half its users age 34 or under — and more affluent than Netflix’s subscribers, according to Ampere Analysis.

30/07/2020   Variety
Australia Streamer Stan Keeps Hollywood Close to Get the Right Mix
“What’s really hard to compete against is Netflix’s stock of original movies and TV shows,” says Guy Bisson of Ampere Analysis.

28/07/2020   Bloomberg
DAZN Streaming Service Seeks Exit From UEFA Asia Rights Deal
“We know DAZN has been feeling the pressure on its business from the impact of Covid-19 on sporting events,” said Richard Broughton of Ampere Analysis.

27/07/2020   IBC365
Pay TV operators look to aggregation to solve the SVoD threat
“Aggregation is on every major pay-tv operator’s agenda and that is a fundamental change from 12-18 months ago,” says Guy Bisson, research director at Ampere Analysis. “There is almost universal recognition of the need and importance of integrating streaming services as part of the pay-tv offer.”

25/07/2020   CNN Business
A side-by-side comparison of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X
Ampere Analysis games research director Piers Harding-Rolls predicts Sony will outsell Microsoft again, reaching 66 million consoles sold by the end of 2024, compared to an estimated 37 million for the Series X.

24/07/2020   GameDaily.biz
Microsoft's games business grew by 64% last quarter
For Piers Harding-Rolls, research director of games at Ampere Analysis, Microsoft’s financial boost is the product of unprecedented market conditions.

23/07/2020   BBC News
Halo Infinite Xbox Series X trailer divides fans
"There's a love for the Halo brand among UK consumers, and their tastes are generally more aligned with the US [where the gap is also closer]," commented Piers Harding-Rolls from Ampere Analysis.

20/07/2020   Advanced Television
Report: UK is Europe’s leading BVoD market
A study using Ampere Analysis’s most recent AVoD revenue data has revealed that European broadcasters are no longer playing catch-up when it comes to first run VoD content.

20/07/2020   C21 Media
Digital orders up as ad revenues fall
Léa Cunat, senior analyst at Ampere Analysis, said: “Broadcaster Video on Demand platforms were initially designed for TV catchup viewing, but in recent years broadcasters have been investing in technical enhancements and original content to beef up their services to attract a young demographic.

20/07/2020   Broadband TV News
European broadcasters targeting the young
A new study by Ampere Analysis has found that broadcasters’ VOD audiences tend to be both younger and more affluent than those watching linear television. This has contributed to an increase in digital only commissions.

20/07/2020   IBC365
Gaming and esports streamer Twitch takes aim at TV
“Twitch remains unique in Western markets for a number of reasons,” says Piers Harding-Rolls, research director, games at Ampere Analysis. “These include the Twitch Prime feature, which gives Amazon Prime subscribers one free channel subscription a month."

20/07/2020   MediaPlayNews
VOD Not Just for Catch-Up Viewing
“BVoD platforms were initially designed for TV catch-up viewing, but in recent years broadcasters have been investing in technical enhancements and original content to beef up their services to attract a young demographic,” Léa Cunat, senior analyst at Ampere Analysis, said in a statement.

20/07/2020   Rapid TV News
European broadcasters target younger, more affluent audiences with VOD
Even though it does not expect their ad funded online video revenue to offset the systematic decline in linear advertising revenue in the near term, an Ampere Analysis study has revealed European broadcasters are no longer playing catch-up when it comes to first run VOD content.

16/07/2020   Yahoo Finance
What NBC's Peacock entrance means for streaming wars
Ampere Analysis Research Director Guy Bisson appears on Yahoo Finance to discuss the latest streaming wars outlook as NBC’s Peacock service enters the crowded field.

16/07/2020   CNBC
Microsoft to launch its cloud gaming service publicly in September
“Integrating the offer into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate fully commercialises the technology and gives people using it the ability to game with the almost 100 million Xbox Live community of users across console, PC and mobile,” said Piers Harding-Rolls, the research director of games at analytics firm Ampere Analysis.

15/07/2020   The Wall Street Journal
Streaming Overload: Six Ways to Create the Ultimate TV Watch List
The average streaming household subscribes to about four of these services, and has access to roughly 100,000 hours of content, according to research firm Ampere Analysis.

14/07/2020   South China Morning Post
Apple leaves foreign developers scrambling as unlicensed games removed from China App Store
Apple’s move may portend a harsher regulatory environment for foreign games to operate in China, according to Chundi Zhang, a gaming analyst with Ampere Analysis. He expects “imported games approved this year to fall significantly”.

14/07/2020   Worldscreen
Ampere: U.S. SVOD Homes Can Access Nearly 100,000 Hours of Content
According to a new study by Ampere Analysis, the average U.S. SVOD household has access to almost 100,000 hours of content, delivered via 3.8 different services.

14/07/2020   BBC News
Rare Super Mario becomes highest-selling video game
Piers Harding-Rolls, a gaming expert at research company Ampere Analysis, said: "Brand new 'old stock' packaged games connected to much loved gaming brands and companies, especially if they are rare versions, have risen hugely in value over the last 20 years."

10/07/2020   Broadband TV News
Average US SVOD household has access to 100,000 hours of content
A new study by Ampere Analysis says the main drivers are consumer uptake of Amazon Prime’s booming portfolio and the addition of new services like Disney+ to the household mix, and the high uptake of the family-friendly service in the group.

09/07/2020   Advanced Television
Analyst: US SVoD homes can access 100K hours of content
A new study by Ampere Analysis has revealed the changing habits of SVoD households in the US. The streaming market is becoming increasingly crowded, with more hours of content available on demand than ever before.

09/07/2020   MediaPlayNews
Study: Average U.S. SVOD Household Has Access to Almost 100,000 Hours of Content
The average U.S. SVOD household has access to almost 100,000 hours of content, delivered via 3.8 different services, according to research from Ampere Analysis.

09/07/2020   TV Technology
SVoD Homes Have Access to 100,000 Hours of Content, Finds Ampere
“Consumers already have a vast amount of content at their disposal, and a U.S. household who subscribes to both Netflix and Amazon currently has access to more than 100,000 hours of content from those two services alone,” said Toby Holleran, senior analyst at Ampere.

09/07/2020   Rapid TV News
Average US SVOD household has access to nearly 100,000 hours of content
Ampere calculated that it would take 11 years to watch it all back-to-back, and nearly 70 years if the average viewer watched an average of four hours per day.

09/07/2020   CNBC
Sony invests $250 million in ‘Fortnite’ maker Epic Games
“I see this as more strategically broad,” than just gaming, Piers Harding-Rolls, head of games research at Ampere Analysis, told CNBC. “Epic is increasingly active in production across different entertainment markets and is enabling content convergence through Fortnite. Much of this aligns to different businesses within Sony.”

07/07/2020   Variety
Banijay’s Endemol Shine Takeover Was a Near Mission Impossible — What’s Next For Europe’s New Superpower?
A recent Ampere Analysis study showed that the “largest producers are increasingly serving internal needs and holding back content for their own platforms."

06/07/2020   USA TODAY
Xbox to unveil games for its next video game console July 23
Piers Harding-Rolls, a games industry analyst at research firm Ampere Analysis, projects 4.6 million PS5 consoles and 3.3 million Xbox Series X consoles will be sold by the end of the year.

03/07/2020   Variety
How Netflix Grew Spain’s ‘Cable Girls’ As It Evolved Itself
More action, less niche is a trend at the streaming giant in general, argues Guy Bisson, research director at London-based Ampere Analysis. “Netflix is moving more towards broad audience demographics simply because its customer base is broadening demographically.”

02/07/2020   BBC News
PS5 and Xbox Series X: Video game NBA 2K21 to cost more on new consoles
"It is commonplace for games on new platforms to cost more than the older platforms, but the situation is made more complex because of backwards compatibility on Xbox Series X and PS5," Piers Harding-Rolls from Ampere Analysis told the BBC.

01/07/2020   Digital TV Europe
AVOD is coming. How do you sell it to viewers?
They won’t be able to command subscription fees, though, so they’ll have to monetise through advertising, according to Ampere Analysis.

30/06/2020   IBC365
Coronavirus: Putting the sports broadcasting world to rights
“Before the auction, the Bundesliga was underperforming its peer group of competitions in domestic rights revenue, relative to the size of the home audience and the willingness to pay of the fanbase." [Richard Broughton, Research Director at Ampere Analysis]

30/06/2020   Forbes
Covid-19 Is Crushing Business: 3 Sectors With The Most Casualties
Ampere Analysis found the entertainment sector could lose $160 billion in growth over the next five years.

29/06/2020   Bloomberg
Cinven to Weigh Bid for Stake in Top Italy Soccer League
“Private equity would aim to increase Serie A’s international appeal,” said Alexios Dimitropoulos, a senior analyst at London-based media consultancy Ampere Analysis.

26/06/2020   Digital TV Europe
What Disney’s linear switch-off means for the pay TV industry
Toby Holleran, senior analyst at Ampere, believes that the UK could serve as a case study for how Disney approaches other markets going forward.

24/06/2020   Bloomberg
Pokémon, Tencent Announce New Game for Smartphones, Switch
“Pokémon has always had a competitive dynamic, so developing a MOBA is a natural fit” for the franchise, said Piers Harding-Rolls, an analyst at Ampere Analysis. It “clearly opens up potential for an e-sports dynamic focused on mobile.”

22/06/2020   BBC News
Mixer: Microsoft abandons gaming app in Facebook deal
"This seems quite ruthless, but Microsoft's strategy to reach more gamers is underpinned by its cloud business, not Mixer," said Piers Harding-Rolls from the consultancy Ampere Analysis.

20/06/2020   Variety
France Televisions Affirms Commitment to Animation, Children & Family
A recent Ampere Analysis report into the French market reveals that overall content spend at the broadcaster is down by €1 million compared to this time last year, with investment dropping from €2.1bn in 2018 and 2017 to €2bn in 2020.

20/06/2020   Forbes
Xbox Series X Vs. PlayStation 5: Analysts Predicting A Clear Winner
Gamesindustry.biz reports that Ampere Analysis came to a similar conclusion, expecting the Ps5 to outsell the Xbox Series X nearly 2-1 by 2024.

19/06/2020   Digital TV Europe
Police warn of illegal streaming dangers as Premier League returns
This comes at a time where, according to research carried out for technology firm Synamedia by Ampere Analysis, over half of sports fans in 10 countries watch pirated services at least once a month.

19/06/2020   The Hollywood Reporter
Will Older Moviegoers Return to Theaters Post-Pandemic?
"If the data is saying two thirds of your audience is going to be Gen Zs and Millennials, you'd want to focus on them with your new release titles. That's the low-hanging fruit," says Ampere analyst Minal Modha.

19/06/2020   Digital TV Europe
Is coronavirus just an excuse for Quibi’s poor performance?
“Honestly, it was probably always a little ambitious,” argues Henry Beckwith, analyst at Ampere. “The value proposition of Quibi from the start has been hard to clearly define. Whilst claiming to compete more in the social media world than the streaming world, Quibi crucially has so far failed to provide enough added value to consumers to justify the US$4.99 minimum price tag.”

17/06/2020   IBC365
Sports Broadcasting: How media companies are innovating to plug the content gap
According to Ampere Analysis, churn rates in the UK for pay TV channels have shown only a slight rise, mainly because broadcasters like Sky Sports have allowed subscribers to pause with payments until live sport returns.

17/06/2020   Tom's Guide
PS5 predicted to destroy Xbox Series X on sales
Piers Harding-Rolls, research director at Ampere Analysis, published a report that predicts the PS5 will outsell the Xbox Series X.

16/06/2020   BBC News
Fortnite: Fans disappointed as event reaches capacity
Research firm Ampere Analysis's gaming expert Piers Harding-Rolls told the BBC such events would become "more numerous as Epic tests ways to expand the game into a social interactive platform for content, or artists that reside outside of the game".

16/06/2020   VG247
PS5 will outsell Xbox Series X, but both will sell less than current-gen consoles, predicts analyst
Piers Harding-Rolls, research director for games at Ampere Analysis, has revealed some interesting insight into how next-gen will shake out for both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

15/06/2020   Variety
French Animation Undergoes Platform Revolution
TV ad revenues will drop at broad networks TF1 and M6, in part because of COVID-19 impact, from €1.5 billion ($1.6 billion) to €1.3 billion ($1.4 billion) and €0.9 billion ($1.0 billion) to €0.8 billion ($0.9 billion) respectively, analysts Léa Cunat and Alice Thorpe said at a May 2020 Ampere Analysis webinar.

15/06/2020   The Telegraph
PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Is Microsoft or Sony best placed to win the $160bn console war?
According to Ampere's data, Sony and Microsoft will both sell under 5m consoles of the PS5 and Xbox Series X in the Christmas quarter this year, but by 2024, Sony will have outstripped Microsoft again by selling 66m units to Microsoft’s 37m.

14/06/2020   Game Rant
PlayStation 5 Will Outsell Xbox Series X, Predicts Analyst
The projection, published by Ampere Analysis, estimated that the PlayStation 5 will sell-through 4.6 million units by the end of 2020, with the Xbox Series X selling 3.3 million units in the same period.

12/06/2020   BBC News
PlayStation 5: Sony gives first look at the PS5 console and games
"Console gaming has proven to be resilient to economic downturns because it continues to offer good per-hour entertainment value," Piers Harding-Rolls wrote in a research note for Ampere Analysis.

12/06/2020   Bloomberg
European Football Restarts But Minus Fans
Minal Modha, consumer research lead at Ampere Analysis, tells Bloomberg's Annmarie Hordern that European football clubs are starting to play again after the lockdown, with enormous financial penalties hanging over them if they don't finish out the season.

11/06/2020   GamesIndustry.biz
PS5 will far outsell Xbox Series X, predicts analyst
Ampere's Piers Harding-Rolls expects PS5 to sell 66 million sold by end of 2024, compared to 37 million for Series X

11/06/2020   Reuters
Sony calls on Spider-Man for PS5 year-end launch
The move could indicate Sony had “examined ways to reduce the price point and give it more flexibility in the market,” said Piers Harding-Rolls, Head of Games Research at Ampere Analysis.

11/06/2020   Bloomberg
Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Editions and Marquee Games
Piers Harding-Rolls, an analyst at Ampere Analysis, anticipates the new consoles will sell for $450 to $499. “Higher pricing is actually predicted to have a minimal impact on adoption at launch,” he said.

11/06/2020   The New York Times
Sony Calls on Spider-Man for PS5 Year-End Launch
The move could indicate Sony had "examined ways to reduce the price point and give it more flexibility in the market," said Piers Harding-Rolls, head of games research at Ampere Analysis.

08/06/2020   Rapid TV News
One in seven global OTT homes borrowing accounts
With SVOD surging during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that mass audiences are more than willing to pay for content but research from Ampere Analysis has shown a growing number using ‘borrowed’ accounts to access services.

08/06/2020   Digital TV Europe
Broadband providers see growth across the globe amid pandemic
According to Ampere Analysis’s Broadband market bellwether, 70% of companies in the market have reported growth during the health crisis, with positive net additions of more than 8 million subscribers.

05/06/2020   Advanced Television
Research: 1 in 7 OTT homes ‘borrowing’ accounts
Research from Ampere Analysis has revealed that one in seven online video households worldwide are ‘borrowing’ an account.

05/06/2020   Broadband TV News
One in seven OTT homes are borrowing accounts
Minal Modha, Consumer Research Lead, Ampere Analysis says: “With 50 million account borrowers paying for another subscription OTT service and more than two-thirds taking pay TV, it’s clear that these consumers are not averse to paying for content."

05/06/2020   SportBusiness
Study: Over half of sports fans use pirated streams once a month
Synamedia’s ‘Charting Global Sports Piracy’ report draws on results from over 6,000 sports fans conducted by Ampere Analysis. Just 16 per cent of online sports fans said that they never watch via illegal sources.

04/06/2020   MediaPlayNews
Ampere: U.S. Streaming Households Up OTT Video Services 27%
The number of over-the-top video services in domestic homes increased 27% in the first quarter, ended March 31, according to new data from Ampere Analysis.

04/06/2020   Broadband TV News
Synamedia: 51% of sports fans watching pirated sports services once a month
The research, conducted for video software provider Synamedia by Ampere Analysis, found that of those who regularly view illegal sports content, 42% watch sports fixtures on a daily basis.

04/06/2020   Forbes
Inside Oprah’s Return To The Celebrity 100
At the end of last year, it had only 33.6 million U.S. subscribers, according to research firm Ampere analysis, compared to Netflix NFLX’s 61.3 million and Disney+’s 28.6 million.

04/06/2020   KidScreen
The kids (industries) are alright
Estimates from Ampere Analysis suggest COVID-19 will wipe out USS$160 billion of entertainment industry growth globally over the next five years (when TV and online advertising are included). But children’s entertainment looks like it will be one of the least affected sectors.

04/06/2020   Digital TV Europe
Over half of sports fans watching pirate services
Over half of sports fans in 10 countries watch pirated services at least once a month, according to research carried out for technology firm Synamedia by Ampere Analysis.

04/06/2020   SportsPro Media
Study: 51% of sports fans watch pirate streams despite 89% owning subscriptions
The Charting Global Sports Piracy report, carried out by Ampere Analysis on behalf of video software provider Synamedia, found that 42 per cent of those who regularly use illegal streaming services watch sports fixtures on a daily basis.

03/06/2020   Advanced Television
Research: Half of sports fans admit piracy
The Charting Global Sports Piracy report draws on results from a 10-country study of over 6,000 sports fans conducted by Ampere Analysis. It finds that, while 89 per cent of sports fans have a pay-TV or subscription OTT service, over half (51 per cent) still watch pirate sports services at least once a month.

02/06/2020   C21 Media
Covid-19 diaries: Caroline Torrance, Guy Bisson & Gary R Benz
Ampere Analysis research director Guy Bisson details the US $160bn hit the firm predicts to media and entertainment

01/06/2020   BBC News
Google delays Android 11 launch
Piers Harding-Rolls, from Ampere Analysis, said it would be an important first showcase for the games that would be available with the device, which has not yet been released.

01/06/2020   IBC365
The year of the OTT comes good, but still challenges ahead for SVoDs
Rahul Patel, analyst at Ampere Analysis, told us that tech companies like Apple and Amazon could be best placed to act as aggregators for content platforms because they already have an engaged marketplace.

29/05/2020   Variety
Intl. TV Newswire: French TV Post-COVID, ‘The Rookie’ Sells, Studiocanal Goes Nova
An Ampere Analysis study, French Content Market: Spend and Commissioning Strategies doubled down on COVID-19 Impact on TV Revenues

29/05/2020   GameDaily.biz
Sony to hold PlayStation 5 games showcase next week
For analyst Piers Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis, Sony’s upcoming event is a chance for the company to capitalize on the already substantial hype for the next PlayStation console.

29/05/2020   GamesIndustry.biz
PlayStation 5 games to be revealed on June 4th
Research director of Ampere Analysis, Piers Harding-Rolls, says the June 4th presentation will be crucial in maintaining and building momentum for the next generation.

29/05/2020   Digital TV Europe
Maxed out? Do US audiences have room for Warner’s new streamer?
This is a concern echoed by Rahul Patel, an analyst at Ampere. “The branding is certainly less clear-cut than in the case of Disney, where its individual production assets have historically been more closely aligned to the studio in branding terms,” he says.

27/05/2020   Broadband TV News
Ampere Bellwether chimes with pay-TV growth
Analysis by Ampere shows pay-TV subscriber totals in Q1 2020 are 0.3% higher than they were in the previous quarter.

27/05/2020   MediaPlayNews
Ampere: ‘Low-Level’ Pay-TV Sub Growth Continues Despite Rampant Cord Cutting
With U.S. pay-TV operators shedding more than 2 million subscribers in the first quarter, new data from Ampere Analysis finds that worldwide pay-TV continues to grow — albeit slowly.

26/05/2020   Variety
Spanish-Language Giants Sketch Post-COVID 19 Roadmap
After English and Mandarin, Spanish-language scripted production now doubles French or German in volume of titles, according to a March 2020 Ampere Analysis study.

25/05/2020   IBC365
OTT Week: Smashing the theatrical window
Ampere’s latest forecasts suggest streaming will gain 12% of additional growth in revenue between now and 2025.

22/05/2020   Variety
Intl: TV Newswire: Ampere’s Grim Forecast; Orange TV-Mediapro; ViacomCBS LatAm Moves
According to an updated study by U.K. firm Ampere Analysis, the Covid-19 crisis will cost the global entertainment industry $160 billion over the next five years.

22/05/2020   Le Figaro
Cinéma, DVD, télévision: quel coût la crise sanitaire aura-t-elle sur l'industrie du divertissement ?
The sector could lose up to $ 160 billion in the next five years, according to research firm Ampere Analysis.

21/05/2020   Advanced Television
Analysis: M&E to take $160bn Covid-19 hit
The latest forecast revisions from Ampere Analysis reveal that the global entertainment sector is set to lose $160 billion (€146bn) of growth as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic over the next five years.

21/05/2020   The Hollywood Reporter
Entertainment Industry's Coronavirus Hit Estimated at $160 Billion Over 5 Years
Advertising revenue growth will be affected most in absolute dollar terms, but theatrical will see the biggest relative hit at 11 percent, with Ampere Analysis forecasting a $24.4 billion growth loss.

21/05/2020   TVB Europe
Entertainment industry set for $160 billion hit from coronavirus
According to figures from Ampere Analysis, the biggest impact will be felt in 2020 and throughout 2021, growth will be reduced each year for the duration of the five year forecast period.

21/05/2020   Forbes
Pandemic, Downturn To Cost Entertainment Industry $160 Billion In Growth Over 5 Years
The economic impacts of the lockdown and recession will badly stunt growth in the entertainment sector over the next five years, hitting theatrical exhibition and advertising the hardest, according to projections from Ampere Analysis.

21/05/2020   Rapid TV News
Covid-19 to cost global entertainment $160BN over next five years
Ampere Analysis calculates that the global entertainment sector is set to lose $160bn of growth and while the most significant impact will be felt in 2020, growth will be reduced each year until 2025.

21/05/2020   New York Post
Entertainment industry to take $160B hit from coronavirus, analyst says
“Those decisions will contribute to the global entertainment sector losing $160 billion of growth” over the next five years, according to Bisson, who noted that the bulk of the losses will occur through 2021.

20/05/2020   Advanced Television
Analysis: 60% of scripted releases at risk of delay
A new report by Ampere Analysis reveals that audiences and the industry can expect disruption to the supply and release of new content for over a year as a result of production delays caused by COVID-19.

20/05/2020   Worldscreen
COVID-19 to Delay 60 Percent of Scripted Output
The supply and release of new content will be disrupted well into 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Ampere Analysis.

19/05/2020   Complex
TikTok Taps Kevin Mayer as CEO After He Resigns as Disney’s Head of Streaming
Disney+ eclipsed 50 million subscribers in April while UK market research firm Ampere Analysis reported that 50 percent of U.S. internet users with children under 10 years old have subscribed to the Mouse House's streaming service.

19/05/2020   Deadline
COVID-19 Shutdown Will Delay 60% Of U.S. & Global Drama As Scripted Hangover Set To Extend Well In 2021, Data Shows
The scale of the COVID-19 commissioning hangover has been laid bare in a new report from Ampere Analysis.

19/05/2020   Radio Times
Coronavirus shutdown to delay 60 per cent of all TV drama, new report predicts
Across the globe, almost 60 per cent of scripted titles with 2020 air dates are set to be delayed, according to a report by Ampere Analysis.

19/05/2020   The Wrap
How Pandemic Could Delay 60% of Scripted Shows and Change TV Production
During the second half of the year, Ampere projects there will be 5-10% fewer scripted titles released each month by the world's top TV producers

18/05/2020   Variety
Iberseries Launches Digital Pitch Session, and ‘La Unidad’ and After COVID-19 Panels
“Content internationalization is leading to the emergence of language mega-groupings for scripted,” read an study by London-based research company Ampere Analysis.

15/05/2020   Bloomberg
Masked Coaches, Empty Stands: A Soccer League Tries to Reopen
“This will allow the competition to steal a march on rival top leagues and drive better brand awareness in the absence of any meaningful competition -- with the aim of improving its standing for next season, and boosting future rights deal values” said Richard Broughton.

13/05/2020   The Hollywood Reporter
Why Global Theatrical Windows May Emerge Stronger After COVID-19
"For a lot of titles, you have a quite a few alternatives to the cinema," says Ed Border, research director at London-based media think tank Ampere Analysis.

12/05/2020   Variety
Mediapro’s Telson, Unitecnic Launch Actors at Home Premium Dubbing Studio (EXCLUSIVE)
60% of Netflix foreign-language titles bow dubbed into European Spanish in Spain, according to a study by media research company Ampere Analysis.

05/05/2020   Rapid TV News
SVOD services continue local content push
Research from Ampere Analysis has found that the global steaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are continuing to beef up their local content in international markets.

05/05/2020   Advanced Television
Analysis: SVoD services compete in local content push
Research from Ampere Analysis has identified which markets have the highest demand for local content, and how the largest players are meeting this demand.

05/05/2020   Digital TV Europe
Ampere: Netflix and Amazon going local but facing more competition
Ampere’s Consumer media and entertainment tracker found that China, the US and India had the highest proportion of respondents regularly watching local content.

04/05/2020   Variety
Visions du Reel: Virtual Fests, Trends, Buzz Titles, Trading
Western Europe and North America’s drama series production is distinguished by its large number of documentaries, suggested a Feb. 2020 Ampere Analysis study.

03/05/2020   Rapid TV News
Covid-19: premium VOD surges but suppliers pace content availability
According to research from Ampere Analysis, Titles expected to gain the very largest international box office revenues have not been released on PVOD.

01/05/2020   Advanced Television
Analyst: More opportunity for premium VoD experimentation
The team at Ampere Analysis publishes a weekly podcast discussing the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the entertainment industry.

27/04/2020   Variety
Secuoya Group Names Former HBO Exec James Costos Secuoya Studios President, Opens L.A. H.Q.
Spanish-language scripted drama production levels about double those in French, according to a study by research company Ampere Analysis.

24/04/2020   Digital TV Europe
Netflix is riding high, but must brace for inevitable post-lockdown churn
Speaking on Ampere Analysis’s The Amp podcast, Tony Maroulis – principal analyst at the research firm – noted that this was the best quarter in the company’s history.

23/04/2020   Variety
Legendary Global, ESPotlight Seal Spanish-Language Production Alliance
“It’s much cheaper producing outside the U.S., often a fraction of what it would be for the same sort of production quality,” Ampere Analysis’ Guy Bisson said at a Göteborg Festival Masterclass this year.

23/04/2020   IBC365
YouTube turns 15: Viral vlogging and altering the state of TV
Ampere Analysis research manager Daniel Gadher says: “One key area where YouTube’s impact has been clearly seen is in the shifting dynamics of the advertising industry.

22/04/2020   BBC News
Fortnite reluctantly comes to Google Play store
"Epic has bitten the bullet and released Fortnite on Google Play because there remains a partially untapped audience on Android, especially in markets where smartphone adoption is still increasing," said Piers Harding-Rolls, games research director at Ampere Analysis.

20/04/2020   BBC News
Facebook reveals Gaming app to rival Twitch and YouTube
Bringing all those functions together "helps it differentiate from other live streaming-only apps," said Piers Harding-Rolls, Research Director for games at Ampere Analysis.

19/04/2020   VGR
Ampere Analysis Gives PS5 and Xbox Series X Price Predictions
The latest PS5 and Xbox Series X price predictions come from market-leading data and analytics firm Ampere Analysis.

17/04/2020   Advanced Television
Analyst: Licence fee alternatives would underfund BBC
In light of the ongoing UK governmental review of the potential decriminalisation of the BBC licence fee, Ampere Analysis explores four possible alternative funding models as possible replacements for the licence fee.

17/04/2020   Game Rant
PS5 and Xbox Series X Price is Higher Than Expected, Says Analyst
Analysis firm Ampere Analysis has published a new report with its suggestions of what the PS5 and Xbox Series X price could be.

17/04/2020   The Gaming Economy
Europe Mobile Game Revenue Hits Record High; Riot Acquires Hypixel
The esports industry is predicted to be resilient to a global recession, with recent relationships forged with traditional sporting organisations cited as a significant driver for future growth, according to a report by Ampere Analysis.

17/04/2020   Rapid TV News
Most alternatives to Licence Fee would leave BBC underfunded
Research firm Ampere Analysis has examined a number of potential alternatives to the BBC Licence Fee and found them all wanting.

16/04/2020   GameDaily.biz
Report: The games industry braces for a recession (Ampere Analysis)
Research Director, Piers Harding-Rolls talks to GameDaily about how prepared the multifaceted industry is to face a recession.

10/04/2020   The New York Times
How the Beleaguered BBC Became ‘Comfort Food’ in a Pandemic
Although audiences might be joining him for some squats, the current popularity of Mr. Motivator is more akin to “comfort food,” said Richard Broughton, the research director at Ampere Analysis, a media research firm.

09/04/2020   Digital TV Europe
Ampere Analysis: SVOD streamers ramping up reality content
SVOD streaming providers significantly ramped up the amount of reality TV programming on their services last year, according to data from Ampere Analysis.

08/04/2020   The Hollywood Reporter
Tiger King,' 'Love Is Blind' Signal Reality Is "Next Battleground" for Streamers, Report Finds
Research published Wednesday by Ampere Analysis under the title "SVOD services wake up to Reality" shows that streaming platforms in the U.S. and U.K. last year commissioned 95 unscripted shows, making reality, by volume, the third-most popular genre among streaming services behind documentaries (152 commissions) and comedy specials (121 commissions).

08/04/2020   Rapid TV News
Reality bites for SVoD
While already a staple for linear services, reality programming is slowly beginning to gain traction within video on-demand (VOD) services says research from Ampere Analysis.

08/04/2020   GameDaily.biz
Google Stadia goes free but will lower settings to ease server strain amid pandemic
"Google understands this and is the key reason the company is acquiring new talent to build out its first-party studio capability," Piers Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis told us last month.

04/04/2020   The Telegraph
Launching at the height of a lockdown may prove fatal for Netflix rival Quibi
“It is beginning to look a little crowded,” says Richard Broughton, of Ampere Analysis.

03/04/2020   Inc.
Quibi Is Jeffrey Katzenberg's $1.7 Billion Gamble
"Richard Broughton of Ampere Analysis suggests that Quibi's biggest challenge may be "proving the value of short form video. Will [users] actually pay for it with the huge volume of content for free?"

02/04/2020   CNBC
Sales of video games soar as the coronavirus leaves millions trapped in their homes
Piers Harding-Rolls, research director for games at Ampere Analysis, told CNBC in an email that the early sales figures were “an outperformance on prior expectations.Animal Crossing as a Nintendo (intellectual property) has never been a tier-one seller,” Harding-Rolls said. “This latest release has shifted the franchise to the big league.”

01/04/2020   Polygon
The Xbox Series X master plan
“Like all the console companies, Microsoft realizes there is a ceiling to the audience for buying a relatively expensive device to play games on,” says Piers Harding-Rolls, research director at Ampere Analysis.

31/03/2020   Variety
Arte France Moves to Open Up French Series to International
Arte now ranks as the second most international of European drama series producers with 24% of its commissioned series produced outside France or Germany, according to an Ampere Analysis study

31/03/2020   Worldscreen
Ampere: Netflix Prioritizing Dubbing in Major EU Markets
Ampere Analysis has found that Netflix is customizing its localization strategy for key markets, choosing to prioritize dubbed content in countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain, while focusing on subtitles in smaller markets.

31/03/2020   IBC365
Analysis: The supply chain in the time of coronavirus
But as Richard Broughton from Ampere Analysis points out, “Given the timescales we were already looking at for the deployment of 5G it’s going to be adding months onto a process that is already years away.”

30/03/2020   Advanced Television
Research: Netflix prioritises dubbing in major EU markets
Research by Ampere Analysis has revealed that Netflix customises its localisation strategy for key markets, choosing to prioritise dubbed content in territories such as Japan, France and Germany, while focusing on subtitle use in smaller markets.

30/03/2020   Variety
Global Content Trends Reveal Unscripted Boom, Surge in Female-Led Dramas
Recent findings by London-based media research firm Ampere Analysis, which delivered a presentation as part of virtual event MIPTV Plus, reveals an unscripted boom among streamers (best evidenced, perhaps, by Netflix’s break-out doc series “Tiger King”), as well as hot topics in drama and the go-to broadcasters for co-production.

30/03/2020   The National
Many cinemas are currently closed worldwide. Could this be a sign of things to come?
One 2018 study by Ampere Analysis suggests that in two of the world’s biggest box office markets – the US and the UK – subscribers visit the cinema twice as often

25/03/2020   The Washington Post
For NBC, an Olympics delay was best among bad outcomes
Richard Broughton, research director at the London-based media firm Ampere Analysis, said the advertising situation may work out for NBC. “It’s obviously a hit in terms of audiences and the associated ad revenue [this year] but with the underlying loss of confidence in the market from many advertisers, and certain sectors pulling back entirely, the ability for NBC to shift a big cost line-item to next year when advertising budgets are gearing up again, may actually be, on balance, a reasonable outcome for the broadcaster.”

23/03/2020   Videonet
The impact of coronavirus on the television and wider media industry
“Short-term, viewing of broadcast TV and usage of SVOD services may rise if people stay at home, but it would be simplistic to say that this is ‘good’ for the TV industry,” says Richard Broughton, Research Director at Ampere Analysis.

20/03/2020   Digiday
With schools shut, kids linear TV ratings are on the up
“One of the challenges many kids brands face is effectively a share of voice,” said Richard Broughton, research director at Ampere Analysis. “How do kids find your content in a very cluttered media landscape when the first port of call is being brought up with tablets as babysitting devices and maybe defaulting to online brands.”

20/03/2020   Los Angeles Daily News
In coronavirus-jolted entertainment landscape, streaming video going strong
“Italy, which is arguably 7-14 days ahead of countries like the U.S. in terms of the measures deployed to counteract the spread of coronavirus, has seen a significant spike in consumer interest in online video services like Netflix and Amazon,” Richard Broughton, research director at the London-based media measurement firm Ampere Analysis, explained.

17/03/2020   Broadband TV News
Half of US families with young children already subscribe to Disney+
In addition to households with children, 18-24 year old are also finding it hard to resist the new streaming service, according to new findings from Ampere Analysis.

17/03/2020   Deadline
Half Of U.S. Families With Young Children Now Subscribe To Disney+ – Report
UK market research firm Ampere Analysis said its findings show the platform has been “disproportionately successful in engaging core audiences in its home market” since launching in November 2019

17/03/2020   Variety
Disney Plus: Half of U.S. Homes With Kids Under 10 Have Already Subscribed
Since Disney Plus’ launch in the U.S. in November 2019, approximately 50% of American households with children under 10 have already subscribed to Disney Plus midway through the first quarter of 2020, according to consumer research from Ampere Analysis.

17/03/2020   Observer
Disney+ Is Already Tapping Into One of Streaming’s Biggest Growth Areas
As many as 50 percent of U.S. internet users with children under 10 in their households have already subscribed to the Disney+ streaming service, according to a report from UK market research firm Ampere Analysis

16/03/2020   SportsPro Media
Premier League elite want to shake up 3pm TV blackout
Amazon has already thrown its weight behind Premier League media rights after streaming 20 live games this season, including the popular Boxing Day slate. This helped the league to extend its reach to nearly three-quarters of UK fans, according to Ampere Analysis.

13/03/2020   Variety
Cinema, Shoot Shutdowns Add to Perfect Storm for Europe’s Film Industry
“There is a potential bottleneck building. Initially, that’s limited to the theatrical window and the knock-on effect on licensing to pay TV,” says Guy Bisson, at Ampere Analysis.

13/03/2020   Bloomberg
Clubs May Face $1 Billion Bill If Virus Wrecks Soccer Season
Scrapping the rest of the calender could expose the leagues and clubs to a liability that’s well above 1 billion euros ($1.12 billion), said Richard Broughton of media consultancy Ampere Analysis.

13/03/2020   The Wrap
How Disney Could Weather the ‘Temporary Storm’ From Coronavirus
"Fundamentally, Disney has been more exposed than a number of other studio businesses due to the size and scale of its parks operations and its dominance in box office,” Ampere Analysis research director Richard Broughton said.

12/03/2020   Games Radar
When will PS5 and Xbox Series X launch? We ask the analysts
Piers Harding-Rolls looks back to Sony and Microsoft's previous launch in 2013, saying: "Similar to the end of 2013 when Xbox One and PS4 launched together, neither company wants to give one another a head start."

11/03/2020   BBC News
Worlds biggest tech fair cancelled
"This might lead to some permanent change to events like E3," said Piers Harding-Roll, from Ampere Analysis. Such major expos "were already struggling to define themselves in the rapidly changing landscape of games" he said.

04/03/2020   City AM
Premier League broadcasting: What does Amazon's initial success with Prime Video mean for the market?
“It’s the first time in the UK we’ve seen a major sport on an over-the-top media service and the delivery of it was near-perfect,” Minal Modha, consumer research lead at Ampere Analysis, told City A.M.

04/03/2020   Deadline
Streaming Study Finds Netflix, Hulu Led In New Subscriptions – In PreDisney+ Era
That may have an estimated 33 million users, but most are not paying subscribers, according to Ampere Analysis, another research group.

03/03/2020   Advanced Television
Research: Young children drive movie market to new highs
Families with young children in their home, particularly aged 10 and under, are making more trips to the cinema than other households, according to research by Ampere Analysis

03/03/2020   The Wrap
Kids Are the Biggest Indicator You’ll Spend Money on Movies
New research shared by Ampere Analysis shows that children — and in particular, children aged 10 and under — are the primary factor in whether a household spends on movies

02/03/2020   Los Angeles Daily News
Coronavirus hits entertainment industry — and some shows may not go on
“Public venues such as cinema chains, theaters, sports venues etc. have been closed to the public in numerous markets, with cinemas closed during the key New Year period in China,” noted Richard Broughton, research director for the British media metrics-measurer Ampere Analysis

29/02/2020   Variety
Intl. TV Newswire: New Studio Boom
“Certain markets are becoming prohibitively expensive to produce in, which would include the U.S. and to a lesser extent the U.K.,” says Guy Bisson at Ampere Analysis.

27/02/2020   Rapid TV News
Box office still beats competitors but DTC poised to change film consumption
Despite changes in consumption models, research from Ampere Analysis has confirmed the growing global demand for movies with traditional windowing remaining a unique asset for the film industry.

25/02/2020   Telecompaper
Box office dominates growing global movie market - Ampere Analysis
The box office still dominates the growing global movie market, with global consumer spending on movies up by almost 30 percent over the last decade, according to new research from Ampere Analysis.

25/02/2020   Advanced Television
Research: Box office still dominates global movie market
Research from Ampere Analysis confirms the growing global demand for movies, despite radical changes in the entertainment industry.

24/02/2020   ScreenDaily
Global content boom drives $100bn of investment per year
Worldwide spending on non-sports content was estimated by Ampere Analysis to be $123 billion in 2018, a 29% increase from $95 billion in 2013.

16/02/2020   CNN Business
CNN Business
Richard Broughton, research director at Ampere Analysis, said such models would result in a very different BBC — one that has less programming, less investment in the creative sector and less local content.

12/02/2020   The Hollywood Reporter
WarnerMedia Doubles Down on Streaming Shows Ahead of HBO Max Launch
Nearly two-thirds of new commissions are for online, not cable, a new report from Ampere Analysis finds.

12/02/2020   Forbes
WarnerMedia Ramps Up Streaming Commissions Ahead Of HBO Max Launch
A new study published Wednesday by Ampere Analysis has found that of the company’s newly commissioned shows in the fourth quarter of 2019, 73% will be aimed at the new streaming service.

12/02/2020   Trusted Reviews
Another big player has entered the streaming wars – and you can watch for free
Daniel Gadher, from Ampere Analysis, told Trusted Reviews: “Redbox historically has been a DVD rental business operating vending machines around the US from stores and gas stations. Redbox, in launching an AVoD platform, will join a growing part of the online video market, in terms of platforms and revenue segment.

10/02/2020   C21 Media
Linear ad reach hit by viewer decline
The results from Ebiquity’s report echo the sentiments of industry measurement firm Ampere Analysis, which has predicted 2020 to be the year of AVoD.

06/02/2020   IBC365
Going OTT: Designing and delivering the champion of streaming services
Ampere Analysis analyst Tingting Li explains: “UX is certainly a key factor for service providers in helping to make the most of their content investments."

04/02/2020   Broadband TV News
Ampere: VOD driving solo viewing
New research from Ampere Analysis has found an increasing number of consumers no longer find watching TV with other members of their household particularly of interest.

31/01/2020   Rapid TV News
Streaming adapter market becomes competitive battleground
Research from Ampere Analysis has revealed the unique nature of the streaming adapter market with leading players around globe each with wildly different strategic imperatives battling it out in what is a hotbed of competition.

30/01/2020   FierceVideo
Apple snags top Netflix engineer to help build out streaming service – report
Ampere Analysis estimated Apple TV+’s subscriber count for the fourth quarter totaled 33.6 million, enough to make it the third-largest SVOD in the U.S. behind Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

30/01/2020   KidScreen
Disney+ grows non-fiction slate
Prior to the start of 2020, 15 of the 54 new TV shows Disney+ had commissioned were factual titles and the streamer is growing its catalogue with non-fiction programming because of its potential to reach kids and adults, according to Ampere Analysis.

30/01/2020   Variety
Netflix Announces Seven New Spanish Originals
Netflix’s Spanish production output, which boasts the first Netflix European Production hub soundstage complex at Madrid’s Tres Cantosis already one of the most voluminous in the world with 32 current or upcoming productions, according to a September 2019 report by Ampere Analysis.

29/01/2020   Variety
Guy Bisson Göteborg Masterclass: Global Rights the God Particle of TV Production
Ampere Analysis’ Guy Bisson described companies’ push into acquiring global rights as the “God Particle” – the phenomenon whose existence is the driving factor behind many, if not most, of all current international TV industry trends.

28/01/2020   Billboard
Apple's Services Business Grows to $12.7B in Quarterly Revenue
A report by third-party analytics firm Ampere Analysis estimates that TV+ has amassed more than 33 million subscribers in its first three months of availability.

28/01/2020   Variety
Amazon’s Latest Latin American Deals: 5 Takeaways
For Amazon Prime Video, “the fundamental is the competitive edge in those markets and the ability to grow international subscriber base, which is of course is where Netflix is getting its growth from,” said Guy Bisson, executive director, Ampere Analysis.

27/01/2020   TVB Europe
Sky ‘set to beat BT and Virgin to Disney Plus deal’
According to Richard Broughton, research director at Ampere Analysis, Disney’s relationship with Sky has been a crucial component of the company’s distribution strategy in Europe to-date.

25/01/2020   New York Magazine
Netflix Changed the Way It’s Counting Viewers. Does the Math Add Up?
Guy Bisson of Ampere Analysis, talking to THR: “As the TV market makes a general transition to streaming, it’s a logical step to move beyond the SVOD-only agenda that has so far dominated, towards the incorporation of advertising models as part of the wider bundle and choice options.”

24/01/2020   The Wall Street Journal
Amazon Prime Video Gives Amateur How-To’s, Conspiracy Theories a Stage
A December analysis by Ampere Analysis found about 22,500 movies and TV shows on the service were professionally made

24/01/2020   Variety
Apple TV Plus May Have More Than 33 Million Users But ‘Vast Majority’ Aren’t Paying for It
That’s been the initial takeaway from estimates by research firm Ampere Analysis, which has pegged Apple TV Plus as having racked up 33.6 million customers in the U.S. alone as of the end of 2019.

21/01/2020   C21 Media
SVoD, free TV combo ‘on the rise’
More and more consumers in the US and Western Europe are forgoing pay TV to combine SVoD with free TV, according to Ampere Analysis.

21/01/2020   Digital TV Europe
Roku announces Brazilian expansion
Figures from Ampere Analysis seem to back this up, with it previously being estimated that Brazil is the ninth-biggest OTT subscriber market in the world with more than 10 million users.

20/01/2020   Broadband TV News
Growth in subscription stacking continues
A survey conducted by Ampere Analysis shows a growth of 6.3 percentage points in so-called subscription stacking since Q3 2018; in the United States the percentage is up by 6.6 points.

20/01/2020   The Wrap
More Americans Than Ever Pay for 3 or More Streaming Services
Maybe stream fatigue isn't a thing anymore, with more Americans than ever before paying for at least three streaming services, according to a new survey released by Ampere Analysis on Monday morning.

19/01/2020   The Washington Post
Hate TV ads? Peacock may change your mind.
A separate survey by Ampere Analysis Ltd. similarly found price to be by far the biggest motivator for consumers switching to ad-supported apps, and 39% said they don’t mind seeing ads while they watch.

17/01/2020   The Hollywood Reporter
Peacock Signals New "Gold Rush" For AdSupported Streaming
"The rush to AVOD will be supercharged by some of the studios' direct models such as Disney's Hulu and NBCUniversal's Peacock," says Guy Bisson, director of digital research group Ampere Analysis.

17/01/2020   Variety
What Natpe Says About Turner’s Ambitions in Mexico
Netflix produces near twice as many originals there (40) as in France (23) or Germany (23), according to Ampere Analysis.

15/01/2020   The Hollywood Reporter
NBCUniversal's Peacock Unveiling: What Wall Street Is Expecting
AVOD is coming, and it's going to make its mark on the VOD landscape rapidly," said Guy Bisson, director at Ampere Analysis.

15/01/2020   IBC365
China dominates global esports consumption
Nordic countries top Europe and Western markets with one in four internet users choosing esports games over other media, according to research from Ampere Analysis.

13/01/2020   The Hollywood Reporter
China Leading Esports Boom
A report published Monday by research group Ampere Analysis finds that 26 percent of Chinese Internet users watch esports at least once per month, more than double the rate of audiences in the U.S. and Western Europe.

09/01/2020   Deadline
BBC Studios Missed Revenue Targets For Commissions From Rival Streamers & Broadcasters
Ampere Analysis research showing BBC Studios was the most commissioned creator of new content in the UK last year.

09/01/2020   Trusted Reviews
Quibi is a new streaming service that’s perfect for anyone with a short attention span
Data from market analysts at Ampere Analysis shows that Quibi is leading the way when it comes to commissioning short-form entertainment. Almost half of those commissions are also unscripted.

09/01/2020   Variety
Exile Content Sets Manolito Gafotas TV Series (EXCLUSIVE)
“There is room for four-quadrant alongside more demographically polarized,” agreed Guy Bisson, at Ampere Analysis.

06/01/2020   Advanced Television
Analyst: 2020 – The year of AVoD
"Ampere Analysis predicts that 2020 will be the year of Advertising supported Video on Demand (AVoD) as free ad models start to build scale and roll-out internationally".

06/01/2020   Broadband TV News
2020 is the year of AVOD
"Advertising supported Video on Demand (AVOD) will make its mark in 2020, according to Ampere Analysis".

06/01/2020   C21 Media
AVoD ‘avalanche’ to take place in 2020
"2020 will be the year of advertising-supported VoD (AVoD), with platforms using the model set to build scale and roll out internationally, according to Ampere Analysis".

03/01/2020   Variety
Intl. TV Newswire: Netflix Rankings Abroad, BBC’s ‘Gavin and Stacey,’ Latest VIS, HBO Latin America Titles
"Top 10s don’t really give you a full picture in any way of what’s been a mental shift in the popular attractiveness and willingness of the audience to engage with non-English native series,” says Guy Bisson, at Ampere Analysis.

30/12/2019   The Wrap
Hollywood Experts’ Predictions for 2020: Netflix Gets Acquired, Apple TV+ Flops
"While our recent survey waves have pointed at the amount of streaming services U.S. consumers are willing to take is flat (2.6 servcies per US SVoD household has been fairly consistent in recent consumer waves), I expect this to jump to around 3.5 in 2020" says Ampere's Toby Holleran.

24/12/2019   Radio Times
YouTube was more popular than BBC iPlayer in the UK in 2019
"Video sharing website YouTube attracted more viewers than BBC iPlayer in the UK in 2019, according to research by media firm Ampere Analysis".

20/12/2019   KidScreen
Where Disney+ stands with docs
"Factual titles have accounted for 15 of the 54 shows Disney has announced for its new SVOD so far, and this push is likely to court co-viewers, says Ampere Analysis".

18/12/2019   Broadband TV News
It’s beginning to stream a lot like Christmas
"If it’s a Christmas movie that you’re after then Amazon Prime is the best place to go looking, says Ampere Analysis".

17/12/2019   MediaPlayNews
YouTube Remains No. 1 Video Platform (Except in China)
"Ampere Analysis found that YouTube attracted the most eyeball globally, except in China, where government-backed services such as iQiYi reign supreme. Runner-ups included Netflix and Facebook".

17/12/2019   The New York Times
With Echoes of Trump, Boris Johnson Scorns the BBC
“Although there’s been pressure from both sides of the political divide on the BBC, it feels as if the current administration is more likely to act and do something drastic than a prior government would have been able to,” said Richard Broughton, the research director at Ampere Analysis

11/12/2019   Digiday
Inside the Sky NewsBuzzFeed UK election show
“It’s an experiment with a good chance of success for both parties,” said Richard Broughton, research director at Ampere Analysis.

10/12/2019   Digital TV Europe
Amazon significantly increases Premier League’s domestic exposure
According to figures from Ampere analysis, Amazon – which reportedly paid £90 million for 20 live matches per season through to 2022 – has extended the reach of live coverage to nearly three-quarters of domestic fans.

09/12/2019   SportsPro Media
Study: Amazon increased Premier League’s UK reach by a third
Amazon’s debut as a domestic broadcast partner to the Premier League extended the reach of English soccer’s top flight to nearly three-quarters of UK fans, according to Ampere Analysis.

09/12/2019   TVB Europe
Short-form content on the rise
Short-form content makes up 11 per cent of upcoming VoD commissions, Ampere Analysis has found.

06/12/2019   Advanced Television
Analysis: EPL on Amazon extends reach to 72%
Amazon’s screening of English Premier League (EPL) football matches has extended the reach of live coverage of the competition’s games to nearly three-quarters of domestic fans, according to Richard Broughton, Director at Ampere Analysis.

06/12/2019   Campaign
Sky plots future with AR tech as football broadcast rivals circle
Minal Modha, consumer lead at Ampere Analysis, warned that Sky needs to up its game as consumers face the "subscription fatigue" of having to buy from three providers to watch the same sport.

04/12/2019   IBC365
Can Amazon deliver a Premier football experience?
“Amazon will need to accurately forecast the viewership for these games to be able to support dramatic spikes in traffic at the times of the matches” – Daniel Harraghy, Ampere Analysis

04/12/2019   Rapid TV News
Netflix reaches more than 300MN pay-TV households
No matter what the new DTC firms do between now and the end of the year, Netflix has notched up a strong year, adding over 15 major new pay-TV partners in 2019 to be available to almost half of all pay-TV homes says research from Ampere Analysis.

02/12/2019   Advanced Television
Netflix: 15 major new payTV partners in 2019
“The increase in the number of pay-TV partnerships with Netflix marks a distinct shift in the industry, as more and more of the streaming giant’s traditional ‘enemies’ cosy up through onboarding deals,” advises Elinor Clark, Analyst at Ampere Analysis.

02/12/2019   Deadline
Netflix Is Available In More Than 300M Global Pay-TV Households
Netflix is available in more than 300 million pay-TV households worldwide, according to a new report from UK research firm Ampere Analysis.

02/12/2019   Observer
New Report Estimates Netflix Is Available in Over 300 Million Pay-TV Homes Worldwide
According to a new report from UK research firm Ampere Analysis (per Deadline), Netflix is available in more than 300 million pay-TV households: meaning it is available to consumers through their partnerships with providers like Roku, AppleTV and smart TVs that come loaded with the app.

02/12/2019   The Hollywood Reporter
Partnership Deals Give Netflix Access to More Than 300M Households, Report Finds
Thanks to carriage deals with the likes of Sky and CanalPlus, the streaming giant now has access to nearly half of all pay-TV subscribers outside of China, a new report by Ampere Analysis finds.

27/11/2019   Variety
AwesomenessTV Launching on Pluto TV in the U.K. as AVOD Service Expands (EXCLUSIVE)
"Ampere Analysis said that, in the third quarter of this year, 15% of respondents to its consumer survey had watched an AVOD service, excluding YouTube, in the past month".

25/11/2019   SportsPro Media
Study: NFL could get major UK revenue boost by dropping Sky for OTT play
"Industry analyst Ampere Analysis claims that the US-based league would significantly increase the annual revenues it earns under its current rights deal with pay-TV operator, Sky Sports, which comes to an end at the close of the ongoing 2019/20 season".

19/11/2019   The Hollywood Reporter
Nordic Streamers Fight Netflix With Local Content
"As the streaming wars heat up, Scandinavian networks are stocking up on homegrown series, a new report from Ampere Analysis finds".

12/11/2019   Digiday
How BritBox is positioning itself as an add-on to Netflix in the UK
"Currently, 5% to 10% of Netflix’s and Amazon’s existing TV shows come from the British broadcasters, according to Ampere Analysis".

12/11/2019   KidScreen
Snapshot: Streamers’ animated pipelines
"To get ahead of some of these shifting needs, UK research firm Ampere Analysis researched the upcoming (announced) catalogues for Netflix, Amazon, Quibi, Facebook Watch, Disney+, Apple, HBO Max, Snapchat, YouTube and Peacock."

07/11/2019   Variety
Survey: Streaming’s Film Boom Won’t Sap Theater Attendance
"As of September 2019, Prime Video had 14,819 films on its service in the U.S., compared to 3,912 for Netflix and 1,299 for Hulu, according to data provided by Ampere Analysis".

   Digital TV Europe
Broadcasters facing content drought in coronavirus hangover
According to a new report from Ampere Analysis, the underlying effects of production shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic will be felt for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021.