SVoD Economics US

SVoD Economics US delivers a detailed view of sign-up and churn activity in the US subscription video space. SVoD Economics US offers daily resolution on sign-up and cancellation patterns for subscription streaming video services, and includes information on major and thematic service providers.

SVoD Economics US covers, by service: 

  • Sign-up rates by day/week/month - allowing users to see sign-up patterns across services over time
  • Cancellation rates by day/week/month - allowing users to examine churn activity across services over time
  • Cohort data - allowing for in-depth analysis of behaviour of consumers who signed-up in a particular period
  • Key events - markers to allow for rapid analysis of the impact of title debuts
  • Regional benchmarks - illustrating differences between states in sign-up and cancellation activity

Data in the service is updated weekly
Daily resolution on US streaming video

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