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Ampere Games – Analytics tracks title activity across Xbox, PlayStation and Steam PC, breaks down the composition of multi-game subscription catalogues, and provides Ampere’s proprietary Popularity metric for leading games. The service offers a broad roster of title metrics to analyse game performance.

Key metrics include:

  • Xbox, PlayStation & Steam title activity 
    • Monthly & daily active users
    • Game stickiness
    • Average & total play time
    • Retention, churn & acquisition rates
    • Title usage overlap
    • Extensive metadata per title
    • Coverage of up to 45 countries depending on platform
  • Games subscription service catalogue title analysis
    • Monthly title inclusion across multi-game subscription catalogues
    • Publisher activity across services
    • Genre make-up of catalogues
    • Release date, critical rating, & age rating by title
    • Catalogue overlap
    • Refresh rates
    • Extensive metadata per title
    • Country coverage based on service availability
  • Games popularity
    • Ampere’s proprietary Popularity index based on online search and rankings 
    • Compare historical month-to-month title popularity across different countries & regions
    • Compare titles across different platforms
    • Allows for cross-media comparison of popularity between games and other entertainment media  
    • Extensive metadata per title
    • Coverage of 22 countries
Data in the service is updated monthly
Covers up to 45 markets worldwide

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