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Hoo-ray! Blu-ray here to-stay!

Preliminary analysis of a recent cross industry promotion, "50 Must See Movies Before You Grow Up", compiled by education charity "Into Film", indicates that though included in the promotion, home entertainment prices on Blu-ray Disc maintain their prices better than any other format. The 6-week promotion starting from mid-June included titles "The Lion King", "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial", "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and "Toy Story".

During this time, Ampere's UK retail price tracking data demonstrated that for the "50 Must See Movies Before You Grow Up" titles: physical DVD, Digital HD and Digital SD purchases dropped in average price substantially (as anticipated) - with Digital HD dropping up to £2.50 on average in the first week of promotion. By comparison, titles available on Blu-ray Disc, dropped by an average of just over £1.50 and maintained a far higher average price of £13 for the duration of the promotion.

Ampere Analysis Consumer service, a half-yearly international consumer survey, supports the view that Blu-ray Disc is still seen by the consumer as the premium video product. Higher pricing, even through promotion, supports this market position and highlights the strength of the format, particularly for catalogue titles - further analysis will no doubt ensure distributors will not feel "Blu" with the revenues produced.