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Triple-play begins to take off in Turkey

Triple-play bundles are beginning to take-off in the Turkish market, but with only around 5% of customers to each of the three main operators taking triple-play, there remains plenty of room for growth. The majority of Turkish telecoms customers still take only one service from their provider, with TV being a key driver. Over the last year, the three main operators have seen mixed fortunes in contract up-sell. Turksat has seen the biggest increase in triple-play customers (albeit from a very small starting point), while Turkcell has seen a decline in both triple and double-play customers. Among the three major operators, Turk Telecom has the highest uptake of triple-play at just over six per cent and seems to have had some success migrating double-play customers to three-contract homes. Turksat has been particularly active in experimenting with package structures and bundles in the past year, a strategy that seems to have served it well. Overall, according to data from Ampere Consumer, thirty-six per cent of homes take two or more services from their provider.