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SVOD homes more likely to churn from all service providers

Homes that take an SVOD service are more likely than average to be dissatisfied with their in-home service providers for all their communications and entertainment needs, meaning they have a higher propensity to churn from pay TV, broadband, fixed-line and mobile phone providers. Data from ten markets shows this trend is common across both Europe and the US. So what on earth does taking Netflix have to do with how happy you are with your mobile phone provider? The answer, of course, lies in the demographic and attitudinal mix of customers who tend to take SVOD services. The largest group among SVOD customers skews younger and over-indexes for a segment of consumers we are calling 'Content Connoisseurs': young, highly connected, highly engaged with content, but with a preference for niche genre interests...getting the package mix right for this group will be key to future performance of all incumbent media players.