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What SVOD homes want: segmenting the next-gen TV home

Pay TV is now so entrenched in Europe and the USA that the consumer profile of pay TV homes matches closely the average, but there is a significant difference in the profile of SVOD homes. Our consumer segmentation breaks down consumers into one of five types in a profile that works across Europe and the US to sub-divide each market into five equally-sized segments. These segments run from the Digitally Detached (homes with low connectivity, low device ownership and low interest in TV content) via TV Traditionalists (homes that love movies and sports, prefer to watch linear broadcast and skew older) to the key segment for entertainment providers: Content Connoisseurs. Content Connoisseurs are slightly younger, highly sociable, connected and engaged consumers who like a wide range of content. Their outlook is very different to that of the other segments in the way they view service provision and they tend to have an interest in different types and genres of content. For that reason, targeting the Content Connoisseur is not just about getting the programme mix right, but runs the gamut of connectivity, multiscreen, contract flexibility and bundling.