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Netflix seeks diversity in international comedy

Of all Netflix original production, comedy content has the most diverse geographic production base. Netflix has produced or commissioned comedy originals in 17 different countries. Its next most geographically diverse content type is drama, where originals have been created in 12 different countries. Comedy is set to get even more diverse: Netflix recently announced the launch of an international comedy series which is to feature 47 comedians from 13 regions around the world. The focus on international comedy fits with the content preferences of Netflix's customer base. On average comedy is the number one favourite genre of Netflix customers globally and falls within the top three favourite genres of Netflix customers in 13 of the 16 countries that Ampere surveys. Only in crime-loving Denmark and the Netherlands, and drama loving Japan does comedy fall outside the top three favourites.

This type of content commissioning reflects Netflix’s desire to become a home for comedy internationally, specifically stand-up comedy. Given the service’s global reach, Netflix can justify investing money in producing stand-up originals with high-profile comedians from around the world. Additionally, the cost of such programming is relatively low, compared to a season or even a single episode of original programming in other genres. This combined with its broad appeal makes stand-up comedy particularly appealing to SVoD services looking for new and exclusive content.