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DAZN's Spanish rights could play well in Spanish market

Sports streaming service DAZN has an addressable market in Spain of 1.6m homes with a likely revenue of up to €80m a year. Perform Group's DAZN will launch in Spain in March 2019, entering the market with rights to the English Premier League (EPL), MotoGP and EuroLeague Basketball. Data from Ampere Consumer suggests that 6m households are interested in watching at least one of these competitions, with 2m of those willing to pay regularly to watch them. Of those, 1.6m have already shown willingness to spend on SVoD by taking at least one other service.

The competitions for which DAZN has managed to acquire rights are considered to be second tier rights (not being as popular as the soccer competitions La Liga or UEFA Champions League) but, nonetheless, are relevant to the Spanish market. The current champions of MotoGP and Euroleague are a Spanish motorcycle rider (Marc Marquez) and a Spanish basketball team (Real Madrid). But, as we have identified in similar markets, willingness to pay for a sports service is driven mainly by the country’s flagship competition, and in this case La Liga ranks first in preference among DAZN’s addressable customers (55.6% of them are willing to pay for watching the league). While the total number of addressable households for the service is 1.6m, Ampere Analysis believes that DAZN could realistically acquire half of those over the long term. If DAZN offers the service at a similar price to Italy (€9.99 a month), our estimated maximum subscriber uptake of 800,000 homes would return yearly revenues of €80m.