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Consumers who take multiple SVoD services buy and rent more content

Having a streaming service doesn't stop consumers buying and renting other entertainment content. UK SVoD subscribers buy more movie and TV content digitally and physically than the average home. As subscribers take more SVoD services their purchase behaviour for digital and physical content increases. Customers to each SVoD service have distinct purchase behaviours. Homes that take Netflix as their sole streaming services are the only group to buy less content than average. In contrast, Amazon only households are particularly strong buyers of physical media. Now TV only households, are particularly strong digital buyers and renters. Once homes take more than one streaming service, they begin to engage heavily with both digital and physical media. Homes with both Amazon and Netflix, double their rate of digital purchase over Amazon or Netflix only households and significantly increase purchase of physical media. Once Now TV is added as a third service, digital purchase activity again dominates but all transactional behaviour is increased.

Though multiple subscription services are likely an indicator of a consumer’s overall interest in movies and TV content, there is a clear suggestion that increasing commitment to multiple subscription VoD services promotes transactional consumption. Moreover, particularly for digital, this increased rate of consumption has been growing through successive waves of consumer tacking.