29/06/2021 - MARIA DUNLEAVEY
Tracking TikTok’s phenomenal growth

According to Ampere’s consumer data, TikTok usage grew strongly from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021 across all regions, except for India where it has now been banned. The app, owned by Chinese developer ByteDance, is notably popular among young audiences and families, with one third of TikTok users living with young children. But TikTok’s audience is widening and its latest partnership targets a previously untapped demographic: European football fans. 


The video-sharing social networking service saw continued growth of its domestic userbase in China, where almost 40% of respondents to Ampere’s Q1 2021 consumer survey reported using TikTok (branded as Douyin locally) in the past month. Elsewhere, the app was banned in India in June 2020, losing the company its largest non-Chinese market, where a quarter of respondents used TikTok in Q1 2020. In the US, where former President Trump’s TikTok ban has been put on hold, TikTok usage trebled from Q1 2020 to Q2 2021, with up to 200m monthly active users (MAUs).

The highest year-on-year percentage growth, however, was in Europe’s five largest markets: Spain (391%), Germany (353%), France (312%), Italy (301%) and the UK (282%). Ampere estimates that Europe’s ‘big five’ markets combined surpassed 100m MAUs in Q1 2021, a huge userbase which TikTok is now seeking to build on with the help of its Euros 2020 partnership, announced in February 2021. With complementary demographics, the unique partnership could drive both TikTok penetration and Euros viewership among Western European markets.

For further analysis of TikTok’s growth, read the longer report here.

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