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Webinar: Unlocking the strategy gaming opportunity

Strategy games are a key component of the gaming market: nearly a third of all gamers enjoy strategy titles, and it is the second most popular genre among PC gamers specifically. Fans of strategy games tend to be highly active and engaged, with an increased willingness to spend. 

In this webinar, Research Manager Louise Wooldridge explores the composition of the strategy gaming landscape; how best to monetise this audience, and what considerations should be made by developers and publishers when it comes to mechanics, setting and IP, and pricing.

Key questions answered include:

  • Why a strategy game?
  • How does the competitive landscape and potential scale vary according to different strategy sub-genres?
  • What decisions do companies need to make when considering strategy gaming development, publishing, and marketing?
  • How can choice of setting and IP influence the appeal of strategy titles? 
  • What are the most effective monetisation mechanisms for strategy games?

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