07/05/2021   Guy Bisson
Rethinking legacy media

So-called 'legacy' media companies are now at the forefront of innovation thanks to moves to go direct. Changes to the value of content windows and the impact that direct has on supply of content to other players in the value chain, as well as the streaming TV boost created by the covid-19 pandemic mean legacy media players are now in a strong position to transition rapidly towards a streaming TV-first globally focused direct business. The growth of Disney+ has shown that Netflix's first mover advantage has not closed the door on others achieving streaming scale and for content owners like NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia and ViacomCBS, the scale of direct business needed to transition their content licensing, theatrical and pay TV channel businesses to direct is smaller than may be expected. This report rethinks and repositions the place of legacy media companies and looks at the considerable opportunity that direct brings to leverage their core strengths which are ideally aligned for global direct.

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