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Start-ups hold key to Sky’s future: How the pay TV group’s recent strategy shows where it’s heading next

Sky has made a number of investments over the past several years in start-up companies ranging from a Virtual Reality content producer to a social media integration platform and a short-form content aggregator and pretty much everything in between. Sky’s strategy undoubtedly is in part about fingers in pies in a fast-evolving media landscape in which no one can really be sure of the next big inflexion. With an office in Silicon Valley, it has staked a position in the heart of tech innovation while at the same time, aligning itself geographically with the global tech giants which operate outside its core business but which are increasingly becoming important partners in entertainment distribution. The recent launch of Sky Q, however, showed how several of the investments it has already made can be tied together in a single market-ready platform. Sky Q, the next-generation set-top-based content access and distribution platform that Sky is aiming at its highest value customers, makes use of technology from almost half of tech companies Sky has invested in, including Elemental, 1Mainstream, Pluto TV and Whistle Sports. Suddenly fingers in pies looks more like a joined-up pre-planned strategy which when analyzed, should tell us exactly where Sky thinks the TV market in Europe is heading.