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Sports TV Rights - Demand and Economics

TV rights costs for sports properties have seen increasing inflation in recent periods, and with the entrance of OTT players competition continues to rise, piling further pressure onto rights buyers. Which companies are taking part in the biggest deals and which consumers they are trying to reach? This report profiles sports fans from 14 countries, identifies which sports are most in-demand in different markets, how their fan-bases differ, and illustrates which fans are most willing to pay for their favourite sports. Ampere also examines rights values, and assesses whether some competitions under- or over-perform relative to local consumer demand. Ampere finds a strong correlation between willingness to pay to watch a competition, and the ultimate sale value of the rights - with some leagues, such as La Liga, overperfoming compared to underlying consumer demand. Ampere also finds that sports rights access has wider effects on channel and operator businesses - with sports fans having higher pay TV engagment and better brand perception of channels which carry their favourite competitions.