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07/11/2019   Minal Modha
HBO Max appeal and potential uptake

25/10/2019   Hazel Ford
Profile: eSports

23/10/2019   Minal Modha
Apple TV+ appeal and potential uptake
Markets - Operators
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13/11/2019   Richard Broughton, Guy Bisson, Hannah Walsh, Henry Beckwith
Digital studios - strategies for success

21/10/2019   Guy Bisson
Unblocking the Chain: Blockchain in TV & film production, finance and distribution

09/10/2019   Daniel Harraghy
Profile: Netherlands TV and SVoD market
Analytics - SVoD
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08/11/2019   Lottie Towler
Disney+, HBO Max and Peacock—early launch catalogues

18/10/2019   Ed Border
Boxed in: box office movies on SVoD grow, but DTC is set to disrupt

05/09/2019   Guy Bisson
Profile: Where next for Netflix originals?
Analytics - Commissioning
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14/11/2019   Richard Cooper
Evolution of VoD’s animation catalogues

13/11/2019   Olivia Deane
October 2019: Commissioning Analytics tear sheet

31/10/2019   Olivia Deane
Profile: Short-form streaming overview
Markets - Content
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05/11/2019   Hannah Walsh
Profile: German Content Market

04/11/2019   Léa Cunat
Profile: Nordic content market

04/11/2019   Daniel Gadher
Chasing the content advantage
Analytics - Channels
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01/07/2019   Henry Beckwith
Profile: US pay TV trends

21/03/2019   Henry Beckwith
Global pay TV channels report: Q4 2018

08/01/2019   Lottie Towler
Profile: Channels Q3 2018 trends

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