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18/10/2021   Isabelle Charnley
Younger demographics spearhead the return to the cinema

14/10/2021   Minal Modha
Discovery strikes gold with the Olympics

05/10/2021   Jack Genovese
Presentation: The evolving traits of sport fans
Markets - Operators
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28/09/2021   Guy Bisson, Annabel Yeomans
Webinar: The future of streaming in Australia

23/09/2021   Daniel Harraghy
How Viaplay's expansion will impact the European sports market

23/09/2021   Ben McMurray
Understanding DAZN's strategy
Analytics - SVoD
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19/10/2021   Tingting Li
Top performing Netflix titles: Week 42 2021

18/10/2021   Tingting Li
Top performing Netflix titles: Week 41 2021

07/10/2021   Tingting Li
Netflix top performing titles: September 2021
Analytics - Commissioning
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21/10/2021   Ampere Team
Ampere webinars 2021

12/10/2021   Olivia Deane
September 2021: Commissioning Analytics Tear Sheet

06/10/2021   Richard Broughton
Profile: European broadcasters strike back
Markets - Content
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04/10/2021   Peter Ingram
Western Europe: Revised TV advertising outlook Q2 2021

14/09/2021   Richard Broughton, Neil Anderson
Channel 4 privatisation: assessing the options

03/06/2021   Bhavini Gohil
Western Europe: TV advertising outlook Q1 2021
Analytics - Channels
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01/07/2019   Henry Beckwith
Profile: US pay TV trends

21/03/2019   Henry Beckwith
Global pay TV channels report: Q4 2018

08/01/2019   Lottie Towler
Profile: Channels Q3 2018 trends
Analytics - TV
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25/08/2020   Olivia Deane
The impact of COVID-19 on US & UK linear TV commissioning

04/06/2020   Guy Bisson, Olivia Deane, Daniel Harraghy
The Amp podcast: Episode ten transcript

03/06/2020   Richard Broughton, Guy Bisson, Toby Holleran, Olivia Deane, Daniel Harraghy
COVID-19 media impact briefing: 3 June 2020
Analytics - AVoD & Catch-up
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12/07/2021   Tom Bell
AVoD vs SVoD: Comparing US content catalogues

08/01/2021   Rahul Patel
Can US AVoD services crack the UK market?

01/01/2021   Guy Bisson
2021: The year of compounding
Games - Console
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07/10/2021   Chundi Zhang
Games industry investment in Q3 2021

28/07/2021   Chundi Zhang
Games industry investment in Q2 2021

20/07/2021   Piers Harding-Rolls
Webinar: Cloud gaming and telcos: strategies, opportunities, and challenges
Games - Consumer
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29/09/2021   Louise Shorthouse
Gamers aged 13-15: Q2 2021

28/09/2021   Louise Shorthouse
Primer: France gamers Q2 2021

08/09/2021   Katie Holt
Primer: Germany gamers Q2 2021
Games - Subscription
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17/08/2021   Piers Harding-Rolls
Netflix and games: Expectations, opportunities & challenges

28/07/2021   Katie Holt
EA Play on PlayStation: Why do users Churn?

26/07/2021   Louise Shorthouse
Subscription service content strategies: Take-Two

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