24/10/2018 - HANNAH WALSH
SVoD-only homes exceed pay TV-only homes for first time

There are now more SVoD-only homes than pay TV-only homes across the 16 markets surveyed in Ampere Consumer. There remain significant differences between markets, however. Across the 16 countries surveyed, seven (US, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Mexico and Brazil) had already passed the SVoD-only inflection point. During Q3 2018, Germany, Japan, Spain and UK joined them. France, Poland, Turkey, Netherlands have yet to make the transition and Denmark is roughly at parity between pay TV-only and SVoD-only. The US saw a particularly strong Q3 growth in SVoD homes, driven by Netflix. One in four US broadband households now has SVoD only, but the number taking pay TV in combination with SVoD also grew in the quarter, reaching 60% of homes.

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