10/02/2021 - MARIA DUNLEAVEY
SVoD in the Nordics: Cost not impeding take-up of services

Nordic SVoD households have more SVoD subscriptions than their European peers, with Sweden and Denmark having an average of 2.6 SVoD services per SVoD household and Norway having 2.4, according to Ampere’s Q3 2020 consumer survey. And Nordic viewers have access to more content than ever: The average Swedish and Norwegian SVOD household can now access 7,000 titles and over 32,000 hours—nearly 4 years’ worth—of content. Finnish SVOD households have access to the fewest unique titles and lowest volume of content in The Nordics. However, calibrating this data with the average spend per SVoD household, based on consumer price points, suggests that Finnish SVoD households are getting the most content for their money.


Access to one thousand titles will cost the average Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish SVoD household a little under four euros, but it is Danish SVoD households who are paying the most. Denmark has the second highest Netflix subscription price in the world (behind Switzerland), and other services such as Viaplay, HBO and Discovery Plus cost more in Denmark than in its Nordic neighbours. As a result, Danish SVOD households are paying more than five euros per thousand titles and more than 30% extra per thousand hours of content than their neighbours.

However, despite being home to the least cost-effective subscriptions, Denmark has the current highest SVoD penetration rate in Western Europe, with 78% of households taking at least one SVoD subscription, according to Ampere’s Q3 2020 survey. So while there may be local factors at play, SVoD providers elsewhere will note with interest that in the most advanced markets in Europe, higher pricing does not appear to have notably hindered growing adoption of paid services.

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