One third of Western Call of Duty: Mobile gamers also plays Candy Crush Saga

Across six Western markets*, players of Call of Duty: Mobile (CoD: Mobile) are also engaged with a myriad of other popular titles – some more unlikely than others. Similar, multiplayer titles such as Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V and EA FIFA are clearly favoured: A social, competitive thread ties most of the overlapping titles together, across platforms.

Candy Crush more popular than Among Us, League of Legends, Apex Legends

Candy Crush Saga, a match-3 puzzle game, stands in stark contrast to many of the other top titles played by CoD: Mobile gamers. It is enjoyed by more than a third of them (34%) and underlines the breadth of content being consumed by gamers who can sometimes be pigeon-holed into having singular tastes. Much as the vast majority of gamers play across multiple devices (fewer than one in ten play on one device exclusively, on average), they also engage with a variety of genres and playstyles. What’s more, this demonstrates just how pervasive Candy Crush has become. Typically associated with mature, casual gamers, it is evidently maintaining an audience of players who favour core, competitive experiences as well.

More CoD: Mobile players are engaging with Candy Crush Saga than with the likes of Among Us (25%), Apex Legends (20%) and League of Legends (24%) - games which share far more similarities. In order to gain a full picture of how players of a specific game are otherwise choosing to spend their time, it may often be necessary to look further afield – to seemingly disparate platforms and content offerings.

*Note: Territories surveyed are France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, US; title engagement is self-reported

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