17/05/2016   Toby Holleran
Netflix and Amazon could be unaffected by 20% European content quota

A quota requiring SVoD services in Europe to offer catalogues containing at least 20% European-origin content is rumoured to be under review by the EC; however Ampere's research suggests that such a quota could have only limited effect on multinational services such as Netflix and Amazon - depending on how strict the EC's criteria are.

As of end March 2016, the 'least European' catalogue tracked by Ampere was Netflix in Poland, where 20% of titles were at least partially produced in a European country. For Amazon, this was the UK with 33% of titles produced at least partly in a European country.

If the European Commission was to apply more stringent rules, and specify that the main country of origin had to be in Europe, Amazon Instant Video would still be unaffected in its two core European markets of the UK and Germany. Netflix, however, would have to adjust its catalogue composition in the UK, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic - although not necessarily by much. In this instance, Germany would have to replace a total of three non-European titles in order to meet with the regulation.

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