22/02/2022 - RICHARD COOPER
Netflix 2022 already set to beat 2021 original TV releases

Netflix is now set to release more original TV content this year than ever before with 398 shows now expected to air on the platform in 2022.


In 2021, Netflix released 395 original TV shows globally including 259 commissioned and released in the same year. Including only shows scheduled for release, those already in the can, and shows that will compete production, 2022 Netflix is set to break this record.


Already by the end of the second week in February 2022 Netflix had released 55 TV shows and has a further 56 with announced scheduled premiere dates this year. Separately the company has announced that another 97 titles are due to release sometime in 2022 but with no hard release dates confirmed as yet.


However, it’s from within Netflix’s extensive commissioned “in-production” slate that the remainder of 2022’s titles can be found. The streamer has a further 88 TV shows that have already finished production and are “Premiere Ready”, effectively just waiting to drop on to the platform.  Netflix has a further 102 shows that are still currently either at the script or shooting stages but which Ampere expect to finish production in 2022 in time to air this year.


All these shows are already commissioned and in Netflix’s production pipeline. This 2021 beating total excludes any 2022 shows yet to be commissioned, produced, and aired this year.  Were the streamer’s 2022 commissions for same year release only to match the number in 2021, the final year tally of Netflix original releases could easily cap 650 new titles, a 65% uptick on the previous year.

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