17/12/2019   Richard Cooper
Family factual push for Disney+

Nearly a third of originals commissioned for the new Disney+ streaming service are documentaries, as Disney pushes the genre to diversify its family-centric offer. Documentary titles account for 15 of the 54 new TV shows commissioned. Disney is focusing on Disney-centric ‘making-of’ and behind the scenes documentaries covering Disney movie titles and Disney attractions. Other titles cover inspirational Biographies and Nature & Animal features still very much in keeping with the Disney brand but broadening the genre mix and the services consumer appeal. The documentary push seems to be a new initiative, likely aimed at broadening the appeal of the new streaming service. Of the 295 Disney titles available via non-Disney SVoD services in the USA, only 13 (4% of catalogue) are documentaries while in the 653 title US Disney+ launch catalogue, documentaries accounted for 8% of the overall title mix.

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