27/03/2020 - RAHUL PATEL
Disney+ in Europe: How does it stack up?

Disney+ continued its global expansion this week, launching in seven European countries to bring the new streaming service’s reach to 12 markets. How do these regional Disney+ catalogues differ, and how does Disney+ stack up against its global rivals?

The various Disney+ libraries share a consistent distribution across genres, and all markets have a similar average Critical Rating (64) and average first release year (2003). Although 56% of distinct Disney+ titles are available in all 12 countries, the volume of content varies significantly. While US subscribers can watch over 4100 hours of movies and TV shows, Italian customers have fewer than 3000 hours available. This volume deficit consists mainly of TV Season titles where the local distribution rights are held by another operator.

Despite having the largest library by duration, Disney+ in the US lacks several Fox titles. Only 34 Fox titles are to be found in the US compared to an average of 52 among the other 11 markets. Once existing licensing agreements between Fox and local operators expire, Disney will be able to bring more Fox titles to its streaming service, bolstering the appeal of the catalogue. Currently, Disney productions account for 59% of the distinct titles offered by Disney+ globally, whilst Fox accounts for just 5%. Despite such a small contribution, Fox titles on the platform have an average Critical Rating of 71 – seven points higher than Disney-produced content. Titles that drive this result include Avatar, X-Men feature films and The Sound of Music.

This initial dependence on Disney’s back catalogue of films and TV shows sets Disney+ markedly apart from other global players. 94% of distinct titles offered by Disney+ were produced in the US and 72% are within the Children & Family genre; Netflix and Amazon Prime Video catalogues show much more diversity of genre. And while the Disney+ catalogue may be smaller than its rivals’, there is a greater focus on high quality content. Disney+ films are rated higher than any of the other global platforms – a result driven by films within internationally popular brands like Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars. 30 seasons of The Simpsons boosts the average Critical Rating of Disney+’s TV content, which is bested only by Netflix.

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