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SVoD Catalogue Quality: Less is More

The quality of content in SVoD catalogues is becoming an increasingly important factor for attracting and retaining subscribers. Ampere’s analysis of different SVoD services around the world indicates that at present, the UK’s NowTV leads the pack when it comes to content quality, with the highest average content rating of the different services analysed. Now TV’s leadership is a factor of parent Sky’s strong content deals, plus an active curation of a smaller set of higher value shows and movies than many of its rivals. Prime Instant Video and Netflix on the other hand, have a lower average rating compared to other SVoD platforms, but this is partly a factor of their significantly larger catalogue sizes, and a long tail of content bringing the average quality rating down. 

Ampere’s Quality Rating aims to provide a single measure of a catalogue’s quality, and is obtained at a title by title level by taking a weighted average of user ratings per unique title, before aggregating up to service/catalogue level.