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Amazon channel partners have yet to leverage international potential

Of the 153 channels on Amazon's US platform, 118 have yet to expand across the service internationally. The Amazon Channels platform is currently active in four markets. Only six channels are in Amazon's three main markets of US, UK and Germany: Motorvision, MUBI, Stingray Classica, Stingray Djazz, STARZPLAY and Sundance Now. Amazon recently said it would be more selective in the channels it adds to its service, as competition from its peers hots up. Most of the channels to have expanded outside the US are smaller niche services with control of their own content. Among larger channel brands, Discovery Channel, Eurosport and MGM are in both the Germany and UK (but not in the US); STARZPLAY and AMC's Sundance are the only major brands to be in the USA as well as UK and Germany.

A handful of channels are larger brands taking advantage of out of territory access like TV 1000 Russia Kino and Pinoy Box Office. Overall, the international offers are far smaller than the US range of 153 channels. The UK, Germany and Japan have between 40-70 channels each, with most overlap being between the UK and US (34 channels) and Germany and the UK (16 channels). Only seven channels are in both Germany and the US. Japan has the most distinct offer, with none of the 40 channels offered in any of the other three markets. The Japanese services have a heavy focus on anime: half of the titles available in Japan are of this genre.