Netflix expanding European catalogues six months on from global launch

Netflix has now been available in every European market for at least 6 months, but analysis of its content offering in this time period reveals differing strategies. In the Scandinavian markets, in which Netflix has a consistent, large content offering, the catalogue has mostly matured - with relatively low content refresh rates. By contrast, assessing a subset of Southern and Eastern European markets, where Netflix launched more recently, we can see that local catalogues are still evolving as of June 2016. In Southern Europe, Netflix Spain has the largest catalogue, expanding at a faster rate than in Italy, while Netflix Portugal represents a smaller market with a less substantial title set. Meanwhile, in Eastern Europe, roll-out of local content was initially limited, but key rights deals are now being struck in markets such as Czech Republic and Russia, which are growing rapidly. More work is required in Poland, which has a relatively small catalogue at present with a low refresh rate.