Consumer preference vs content catalogues: Are SVoD services meeting subscriber needs

Data from Ampere’s Q3 2016 Consumer Survey shows that in the USA, the top 3 genres enjoyed from both Netflix and Prime Instant Video (Prime) were, Comedy, Action & Adventure and Crime & Thriller. However, in the UK and Germany this was slightly different. Although, the top spot remained unchanged for both platforms, second and third for Prime were Action & Adventure and Sci-Fi & Fantasy, whereas Netflix had Crime and Thriller in 2nd and Documentary in 3rd.

If we compare what viewers of these platforms enjoy relative to the number of hours of content available by genre, a different picture emerges. In the US, Prime has more than double the content in the Documentary genre, whereas Netflix has 30% more content available in Comedy. In the UK and Germany, a similar story can be seen for the overall distribution of content. However, Prime has more than double the Children's content of Netflix, while Netflix still dominates in Comedy.

Both platforms are strong in Drama. However, for the US, both platforms have little Action and Adventure and Crime and Thriller - surprising given that they are the 2nd and 3rd most popular genres. Netflix caters for the No. 1 genre for consumers, however in both UK and Germany documentaries are left wanting. Yet, this is in stark contrast for Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans, where Prime users would struggle to find content they have not seen, in the third most popular genre.