YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook

Snapchat and Instagram lead change in content preference

Among viewers of video content on social media, Snapchat, Instagram and pirate video viewers show the most drastic shifts away from average in their content preferences. By contrast Facebook video and YouTube viewers trend closer to average content interests, but still show some distinct content choices. The dramatic shifts reflect a number of factors, including the fact that both Snapchat and Instagram skew considerably younger for viewership. Interestingly, there is no particular alignment between any of the legitimate social-media driven video sites and pirate viewers, suggesting pirates are seeking out very specific sub-genres. Pirates specifically skew towards sci-fi, horror and indie/arthouse content and have lower than average interest in almost all other genres. By contrast, Snapchat and Instagram viewers have lower than average interest in sci-fi and indie, but love horror as well as music, comedy and romance. YouTube and Facebook video viewers have more general content tastes, but viewers on all four social media-driven video platforms have lower than average interest in documentary, news and current affairs as well as crime and thriller content. Consumers turning to online platforms for their video content are not lost, but content owners need to target their social video strategies not only to the viewing environment, but also the specific content skews of the different viewing platforms.