Sky, Netflix, Amazon

Content access pushes SVoD to substitution role

Four per cent of UK homes now consider Netflix to be the main way they watch TV. The emergence of Subscription Video-on-Demand (SVoD) services as primary TV platforms in the home is a recent phenomenon, and while still small, will continue to ascend in importance as a segment of the UK viewing population. Grouping Netflix, Amazon and Now TV together, a little under eight per cent of all UK homes think of one of the main SVoD services as the main TV supplier in the house. Looking within the customer base, reveals the key driver for pushing SVoD services into a TV substitution role. Almost 11% of Netflix customers think of the service as their main TV service, but it is Sky's Now TV that comes out top as a main TV substitute, with 13% of people who have the service, considering it the main source of TV in the house. Clearly, it is content access that is key, with Sky's strong studio relationships, powerful streaming channel brands (including HBO-fuelled Sky Atlantic) and optional premium sport tiers driving it to top spot in the SVoD substitution arms-race. With the recent announcement that Amazon will add optional linear channels to its UK Prime Video offer and an increasing push among all SVoD platforms towards high-quality originals, the substitution battle is well and truly on.