A quarter of digital retail titles discounted a year after release

Recent TV and movie releases enter a period of 'super-promotion' 10-22 months after becoming available for digital retail, with a quarter of titles subject to discounting. The proportion of titles released in 2017 that are discounted grows gradually throughout the year as more content drops into the digital retail window. By the time the titles are around a year old, discounting approaches a consistent rate of 25% of releases before falling back for older titles. Data from Ampere‚Äôs USA Home Entertainment Tracker, which looks at pricing on digital retail platforms such as iTunes and Google Play, shows a clear decline in promotions as titles age. The effect can be observed in both the USA and UK with titles released in 2017 reaching a steady 22% of titles discounted by end of the first quarter of 2018 before climbing to the 25% level for 2016 releases. The levels of promotion in both the UK and USA for older titles are consistent. In both countries, around 20% of three-year old titles (released in 2015) are promoted, dropping to 18% for four year-old titles (released 2014) and 15% for five year-old titles.