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Flow of content on UK SVoD shows evolving deal structure

In the three years spanning June 2015 to June 2018, over 700 Movies and TV Seasons available on SVOD in the UK switched between the two largest services in the market, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. In absolute terms, the number of titles that have switched between the services is broadly similar—340 have moved from Netflix to Amazon, while 317 have moved from Amazon to Netflix. Two very different pictures underlie this data, however: titles that have moved to Netflix are mainly TV Seasons from the mid-to-late 2000s, such as Mad Men, Peep Show, or the IT Crowd; whereas titles that have crossed from Netflix to Amazon are predominantly movies, and on average slightly older, such as Fight Club, Babel or the Twilight Saga. In general titles tend not to transition directly between the two services (of the 317 titles that moved to Netflix, just 26% moved the month after leaving Amazon). These movements seem to indicate that Netflix has been generally successful at agreeing first-window SVoD rights to older movie catalogue titles while Amazon has been successful at signing up first-window SVoD rights for older TV series.