Industry Analysis

At the core of our business is a database of pay-TV, telecoms and on-demand service providers - with detailed quarterly by-operator historical and forecast subscriber and revenue numbers. We are taking advantage of new data structures and models as well as proprietary forecast methodologies, combined with extensive experience in tracking this sector.

We also publish a regular flow of research reports covering the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Consumer surveys

We survey a panel of over 10,000 individuals across ten different markets twice a year and deliver unique insights into the consumption, ownership and purchasing preferences for media content and devices.

Our consumer research allows us to answer questions and to create data-sets that cannot be created by traditional industry analysis.

Big Data Analytics

By mining, dissecting and interpreting vast proprietary and third party datasets, we convert big data into high-value insight.

We are particularly interested in content catalogues across subscription and transactional VoD services globally. Our aim is to gather, analyse and refine current and long-tail content catalogues enabling us to inform decision making and negotiations for content owners and buyers.

Consulting services

Extensive experience of commercial due diligence, market sizing, market feasibility studies, new product assessment, competitive reviews, and many other projects.

  • Commercial due diligence
  • Market sizing
  • Market feasibility studies
  • New product assessment
  • Competitive reviews
  • Strategic planning and analysis
  • Expert witness

Some of the questions we can answer....

What does the future of TV look like... when we consider video viewing holistically - cutting across new distribution platforms such as Netflix and YouTube and including traditional broadcast?

How am I exposed to the threat of cord-cutting?
Is my consumer base shifting its consumption to other platforms, and how can this be addressed?

How are service providers packaging TV with other products?
What are the successful bundling strategies employed by operators in comparable markets?

How are my competitors pricing and promoting content assets?
What does this mean for my content and subscriber acquisition strategies?