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Multi Channel Networks: The future of TV?

Ampere has published Richard Broughton's presentation from the Royal Television Society's recent event: Beyond YouTube: What are the new online channels and are they the future of TV?

In the online video world the aggregators of top online talent are called multi-channel networks or MCNs and In 2014 alone more than £1 billion was invested in them by VCs and major media firms like Disney, RTL, Sky and Dreamworks. MCNs are big business, with the leaders among them like Vice, Maker Studios, Red Bull and Fullscreen proving adept at reaching young people, often reaching hundreds of millions of viewers globally. Having traditionally built their audiences for online stars like PewDiePie and Zoella principally through YouTube, MCNs are increasingly branching out to find new audience on other platforms, including Facebook, as well as more traditional outlets like theatrical-release films and TV channels. This panel will look at the fast-changing MCN landscape and how they both compete against and work with established broadcasters.