Ampere Markets delivers a comprehensive picture of the world’s largest cable, satellite, telecoms operators and subscription VoD services – all in one single view.

Ampere Analytics' Content Track provides key metrics about the world’s leading VoD and SVoD services across international markets, focusing on the availability of TV and film titles by country and store.

Ampere Consumer (now with new data exploration options) comprises two annual waves of consumer surveys across 20 markets and 82,000 individuals covering device, app and service uptake, viewing habits and consumption – helping you to understand how your audience is reacting to the changing media landscape.

Ampere Channels provides a detailed view of the global TV channel market, tracking channel brands and carriage for 220 operators in more than 80 countries.

Ampere Commissioning delivers a database of all major recent, newly commissioned TV shows – providing content production trends from key commissioners across linear and VoD platforms.

Profile: Which countries are most keen to go to the cinema?

Box office revenue among the top 10 theatrical markets continued to rise in 2018, with countries that are experiencing economic and theatrical infrastructure improvement driving growth.

March 2019: Commissioning Analytics tear sheet

March was a slower month for commissions with 325 new titles being added this month. US network commissions were notably absent from the slate of new TV show titles though Netflix pushed forward with 30 new shows.

Profile: Belgium pay TV and SVoD

A look into the TV and SVoD markets in Belgium, with a focus on how the uptake of IPTV services and multi-play packages are countering the decline of cable TV.

Presentation: Content investments - who's moving the needle?

This keynote presentation, delivered by Ampere's Richard Broughton at the Connected TV Summit 2019, looks at some of the factors driving viewing changes and market consolidation, and what this means for European groups.

Profile: Sub-Saharan Africa Pay TV

Africa, an emerging pay TV market controlled by a few pan-regional players - Multichoice (DStv,GOtv), StarTimes and Canal Plus.

Early renewals and cancellations: USA 18/19 season

Overview of the early renewals and cancellations of TV shows in the USA in the 2018/19 season

Profile: Viewing declines

Scheduled TV viewing declines are most profound among the youngest ages, driven by SVoD usage.

Presentation: UK SVoD subs transactional profiles

SVoD subscribers do so much more than Binge watch TV shows on Netflix. But what else do they do?

Global Pay TV Channels Report: Q4 2018

Latest global trends for Pay TV channels in Q4 2018.

Profile: Netflix & cord-cutting

Ampere analysis of Netflix uptake across different pay TV markets worldwide indicates that use of the service is correlated with a downturn in pay TV sector performance. As Netflix uptake increases, pay TV growth first slows, then reverses into decline.

February 2019: Comissioning Analytics tear sheet

What's new in the world of TV commissioning and development in February? A look at new drama, factual and reality TV content as well as book and comic adaptations pushed to development and production in February 2019.

Profile: Reboots, remakes, and spin-offs

18% of all upcoming TV series are based on existing content.

Profile: Nordic OTT market

Local content sets apart regional players like Viaplay and C More from international giants Netflix and HBO.

Profile: BritBox to launch in UK

British public broadcaster BBC and commercial TV group ITV are to partner in bringing their joint SVoD service, BritBox, to the UK.

Profile: South America

South America as a region is embracing the internet and the mobile phone as necessities for the modern world - but this has had a significant impact on the fortunes of more traditional business lines.

Profile: Failure to adapt to the times

TV series based on books champion feminism and social politics but are still more likely to feature men in lead roles than women.

Profile: 2018 SVoD Catalogue Trends

Ampere investigates some of the key trends seen in SVoD catalogues over the course of 2018, which highlight the different strategies in place by major streaming services.

Profile: US studio direct-to-consumer SVoD services launch into a crowded market

The US market may be crowded but in 2019 is not fragmented, instead dominated by the three SVoD giants Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. The scheduled launch of direct-to-consumer SVoD services from a number of the major US studios will undoubtedly be a disruptive force within this market.

The state of European co-production

This report examines how linear and SVoD commissioners active in Europe are using the co-production model to help fund high-end genre television across multiple countries, some of the specific partnerships that are forming between particular commissioners, and how the types of content being produced using this model has been shifting over the past six months.

To Affinity and Beyond: Popular TV shows on US SVoD in 2018

Ampere has utilized several online popularity benchmarks to score and rank the consumer affinity for over 6,000 TV series available on US SVoD across seven major platforms in 2018

China driving Asia Pacific original content boom

Overview of Asia Pacific commissioning including SVoD and linear upcoming titles.

Profile: Malaysia mobile data

As mobile networks improve, mobile data usage booms. In this profile, Ampere investigates the reasons for the rapid growth of mobile data usage in Malaysia.

Commissioning Analytics January 2019 tear sheet

Monthly summary of the key trends to emerge from our Commissioning Analytics database, highlighting the latest focus of US networks for drama commissioning, literary adaptations, new SVoD commissions, co-production and co-financing activity and international market activity.

Profile: Demand for new devices wanes

Market saturation is changing the nature of how consumers perceive connected devices, impacting manufacturer strategy.

The state of SVoD stacking Q3 2018

Ampere further investigates the impact of consumers taking multiple subscription video on demand (SVoD) services on the growth of SVoD subscriptions, following on from its report last year.

New to SVoD Q3 2018 content trends

A number of strong sales and production opportunities are emerging for SVoD players with particularly strong demand for kids' content, comedy drama, factual and reality. Diversification of reality focus areas means SVoD is moving beyond lifestyle to embrace home and interior design, food and business shows. Factual is also a strong focus area with historical and sports documentaries strong.

Presentation: Perspectives on home entertainment

This presentation address the challenges facing the UK home entertainment industry. The continuing decline of the physical video sector the rise in prominence of Subscription VoD within home entertainment. Forecasts for the immediate future of the sector and challenges that the key SVoD players have over 2019 and the likely impact on the overall market

Webinar: 2019 commissioning strategies & trends - FAANGs vs linear

How are FAANGs changing their commissioning strategies to engage differently with their subscribers and how do they compare to their closest rivals the US linear broadcasters?

Profile: DirecTV and the World Cup

DirecTV's successful coverage of the FIFA World Cup 2018 had a drastic impact on its subscriber base in Latin America.

Profile: Mobile content

Emerging market mobile customers are more likely to choose their provider for content & features than their counterparts in developed countries.

Profile: Netflix Commissioning

Netflix expands local content in global growth push

Commissioning Analytics December tear sheet

A general upswing in unscripted commissions is evident over the past few months, reflecting a growing interest in this sector from streaming players. US Network drama in development or production in December explores themes of law enforcement augmented with 'special powers'...

FAANGs commit to crime

The FAANG group streaming platforms, consisting of Facebook Watch, Amazon Prime, Apple, Netflix and Google's recently re-branded YouTube Premium, continue to expand their catalogues of original content, with over 400 upcoming titles across the five companies.

Profile: Channels Q3 2018 Trends

Following the Q3 2018 update of Ampere Channels, the offerings from 245 pay TV operators are analysed and key trends explored.

Profile: Dissatisfied demands

What do the most unhappy pay TV customers want? This profile examines low-satisfaction TV subscribers, and examines a few of the reasons that they may be less happy with their provider.

US production majors position for a direct-to-consumer future

Production overview shows US linear commissioners positioning themselves for direct-to-consumer services, with certain production companies favoured for particular genres.

The expansion of Amazon Prime Video

This short report examines some of Amazon Prime Video's key performance indicators across multiple regions worldwide, framing its global video rollout.

Monthly SVoD additions, USA - October 2018

This report provides a monthly summary of new additions to SVoD services in the USA during October 2018 on a by platform basis.

Profile: Chinese theatrical revenues to overtake USA by 2022

By 2022 theatrical revenues in China will reach $11.8bn, surpassing the USA to become the number one theatrical market globally.

On trend—US linear commissions reflect society

The future of US television: US linear commissioners go head to head with Netflix, producing a wealth of social, and politically charged content.

Netflix language localisation of original programming

This report looks at how Netflix is localising its upcoming slate of programming to focus on growth markets and commissioning foreign-language content that suits the genre preferences of international audiences. Netflix’s approach aims to both sustain global subscriber growth and protect against increasing domestic SVoD competition, from the likes of Apple and Disney, by attracting and keeping subscribers with high-quality local and international content.

Profile: Subscription drivers and motivations

Motivations for taking TV services are highly fragmented, illustrating that having a wide selection of film, TV and sport content is crucial for subscription OTT and pay TV service providers.

Profile: Fox pulls content from Netflix

Ampere investigates the significant decline in Fox titles on Netflix in the USA.

Profile: MENA SVoD

As one of the nascent SVoD markets, the Middle-East and North Africa region is facing a number of challenges. Nevertheless, key local and international players are emerging. In this profile report we take a quick look at each of the main players.

Monthly SVoD additions, Spain - September 2018

This report provides a monthly summary of new additions to SVoD services in Spain during September 2018 on a by platform basis.

Monthly SVoD additions, USA - September 2018

This report provides a monthly summary of new additions to SVoD services in the USA during September 2018 on a by platform basis.

The Amp MIPCOM 2018 Special Issue

Guy Bisson gives a round-up of the biggest stories from MIPCOM 2018 with a view of the key trends to emerge during the event.

Global movie audiences

This report provides a holistic view of the macro trends across movie windows and how consumers are mixing media services and products to gain access to films.

Sports OTT - a feasibility assessment

As major European football leagues' rights values converge, new players and aggregators disrupt the market. Sports OTT services are on the rise and have dipped their toes in top-tier premium sports. Ampere Analysis assesses the new developments in the sector and investigates the addressable market and commercial feasibility of Sports OTT services.

Profile: Sports account sharing

Ampere investigates the rates of account sharing amongst subscription OTT services with different specialties. Sports OTT services are 29% more likely to be shared than the average OTT service.

IBC 2018: Key Takeaways

A summary of key trends and events taking place at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in September 2018. The show saw the continued rise of cloud-based broadcast delivery and processing, replacing more traditional broadcast equipment and services.

New to SVoD Q2 2018 trends: Drama shift and zeitgeist documentaries characterise quarter

The second quarter of 2018 saw SVoD platforms shift drama focus towards more general themes and romance while new documentaries focused on current key social issues such as gender equality and race relations. A drop in the volume of new reality content added is clear, although reality and lifestyle content remain a key growth area as SVoD platforms seek diversification through content curation in increasingly competitive markets.

Profile: Connected device viewing shifts

PCs and tablets are steadily ceding way to smart TVs and smartphones - at least for video viewing.

SVoD MENA Q2 2018 Report: Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt

The MENA region is becoming a battle ground for pan-regional SVoD providers. Ampere investigates how well different platforms are perfoming in the region, as well as content strategy.

Monthly US SVoD additions - July 2018

This report provides a monthly summary of new additions to SVoD services in the USA during July 2018 on a by platform basis.

Monthly Italy SVoD additions - July 2018

This report provides a monthly summary of new additions to SVoD services in Italy during July 2018 on a by platform basis.

Profile: Viewing shifts

SVoD access in the household correlates to lower broadcast TV viewing - but this isn't the whole story

Profile: Battle of The Brands

As the competition heats up in the music streaming industry, can Spotify maintain its lead?

Upcoming SVoD & FAANG Overview

Report outlining commissioning trends of FAANGs and other streaming services.

Profile: FAANG upcoming originals overview

Overview of upcoming FAANG originals.

Profile: Online video in Saudi Arabia

Free online video is favoured over SVoD content in Saudi Arabia with services enjoying success beyond Millennials

Profile: YouTube - Making money?

The world's largest ad-supported video service, YouTube is nonetheless facing monetisation obstacles, which have impacted the value and trajectory of the Multi-Channel Network space

Profile: Netflix account sharing

The proportion of Netflix users who make use of someone else's login is surprisingly consistent across markets and lower than many may might think. There's also a surprising relationship to levels of piracy in the wider market.

Profile: UK - The State of VoD

Partnerships are on the rise in the UK as broadcasters and pay TV operators hope to bolster their on-demand catalogues.

USA Broadcasters: Pilot Report 2018

Highlights trends in volume and genre of American broadcast pilot episodes whilst also exploring their effect on both initial success and longevity.

Profile: Netflix TV Show Licensing

TV Shows on Netflix show signs of a cross market licensing strategy

Profile: Netflix growth drama

Netflix is a TV company, run like an Internet company. To date, customer growth has been prioritized over profit. But with recent subscriber growth forecasts missed, the Netflix growth story needs to be a story of two halves. Switching from subscriber growth story to ARPU growth will be key to Netflix's long-term success, and to reversing the negative Free Cash Flow that has worried many analysts. Our analysis shows that that path may be easier than many have suggested.

Profile: Channels Q2 2018 Trends

Following the Q2 2018 update of Ampere Channels, the offerings from 247 pay TV operators are analysed and key trends explored.

SVoD TV Show Licensing Report: USA, UK and Germany

Ampere's analysis shows signs of a cross market licensing strategy from Netflix and Amazon

Profile: Netherlands TV and communications market

The Dutch market is increasingly driven by converged offerings following a recent spate of consolidation.

Profile: Most-watched channels "can't get no satisfaction" in the US

Through Ampere's Consumer polling, which measures the Net Promoter Score (NPS - a measure of satisfaction with a service/brand) for different channel groups, we can observe whether consumer satisfaction with different channel groups corresponds to the viewership or reach that these channels achieve.

Where Next for Kids’ TV: Predicting the Future of Children’s Content

Slides from the Ampere Webinar on content and viewing trends in kids' TV

Profile: Japanese TV and SVoD market

As pay TV growth in Japan plataeus, Amazon and Netflix continue to drive SVoD uptake.

Profile: Netflix subscriber acquisition costs

Marketing costs are rising for Netflix, and this Profile explores the changing dynamics and costs associated with subscriber acquisition

Profile: The Decline and Fall of CanalPlay

Strict French film and TV regulation, combined with low levels of TV investment spelled trouble for the French SVoD player

SVoD Box Office catalogue report: USA

Ampere has used its Analytics database of movie titles and SVoD availability, combined with Box Office performance data, to assess the quality of theatrical movie catalogues on SVoD services in the USA

Australian consumer TV motivations

Ampere explores the key consumer motivations that are driving pay TV and SVoD trends in Australia.

Profile: The rise of Hulu and Virtual MVPDs

Ampere investigates the history and growth of Hulu and its recently launched linear TV streaming service, Hulu TV, amidst the backdrop of the US subscription OTT space.

SVoD Stacking - The future of SVoD growth?

Ampere investigates the impact of consumers taking multiple subscription video on demand (SVoD) services on the growth of SVoD subscriptions.

Monthly Saudi Arabia SVoD additions - May 2018

This report provides a monthly summary of new additions to SVoD services Saudi Arabia in May 2018 on a by platform basis.

Monthly US SVoD additions - May 2018

This report provides a monthly summary of new additions to SVoD services in the USA during May 2018 on a by platform basis.

Monthly US SVoD additions - April 2018

This report provides a monthly summary of new additions to SVoD services in the USA in April 2018 on a by platform basis.

Monthly Australia SVoD additions - April 2018

This report provides a monthly summary of new additions to SVoD services in Australia in April 2018 on a by platform basis.

SVoD TV Show Licensing Report Q1 2018

Ampere highlights changing licensing strategies across two major US SVoD platforms Amazon and Netflix.

New to SVoD Q1 2018: What's selling?

An overview of the key SVoD content trends to emerge in Q1 2018 using a global data set of what programming was new in the quarter.

Profile: Netflix and Amazon Co-Productions set to Increase

Ampere data indicates an increase in the proportion of Originals that Netflix and Amazon are co-producing with local broadcasters.

Profile: Netflix and Amazon Producing more Localised Originals

Ampere data indicates an increase in the proportion of localised Originals produced by Netflix and Amazon.

The rise of TV - what is driving consumers?

Ampere explores the key consumer motivations that are driving pay TV and SVoD trends across the EU big 5 markets.

SVoD Originals Report UK Q1 2018

Ampere investigates the Originals catalogues from major UK SVoD platforms - covering trends in title count, Original and Exclusive splits, genre splits, ratings and recency.

2018: The Changing Connected Device Market

As on-demand services shift consumers' viewing habits, Ampere examines the changing trends in connected devices over the past three years across 14 markets.

Profile: Philippines TV and communications market

PLDT and Globe Telecom operate as a duopoly in the mobile market. Low fixed-line penetration and high mobile adoption gives SVoD services the perfect platform to compete with pay TV.

Profile: Growing Preference for Sci-Fi is More than Fantasy

Netflix Original commissions reflect a change in taste among subscribers.

Presentation: 2018 - New market dynamics

Download Richard Broughton's presentation from Ampere's Soho Hotel event in May 2018

Profile: China TV and communications market

Despite moves towards semi-privatisation of the TV and communications sector, the Chinese market remains heavily state-controlled.

Profile: Netflix's pricing evolution

Netflix's domestic US ARPUs began to increase rapidly from 2016, following earlier price rises. In this infographic, Ampere examines some of the package changes and the methods Netflix used to grow ARPUs while maintaining its customer additions.

Profile: Sports going D2C - F1 TV

F1 fans in the US skew to the key younger SVoD demographic. By contrast, European fans of the sport tend to be older, although indicating a high willingness to pay. F1's challenge will be monetising the relatively small fan base in the US and revitalising the one in Europe.

Profile: UK TV market

As the UK reaches pay TV saturation point, drivers for growth in consumer spend on content are shifting.

Profile: SVoD usage with age

Older consumers are less likely to take and use an SVoD service - but those who do use SVoD watch as much content as their younger counterparts.

Profile: Sweden's hidden cord-cutters

Swedish consumers also favour SVoD services over traditional pay TV services - but this is hidden by the top-line statistics.

Profile: European TV licence fees

With the UK TV licence fee set to rise from the 1st April 2018, Ampere compares licence fees and public broadcaster funding across Europe.

Profile: German TV market

Pay TV & SVoD growth heralds a change in attitudes towards subscription TV in Germany, with low cost SVoD services bringing new life to the paid content sector.

Profile: Spotify Direct Listing

Time for the streaming music provider to face the crowd as it opts for a direct listing over an IPO.

Prospects for pay TV and SVoD in MENA

Ampere examines the prospects for pay TV and SVoD services in one of the last free-to-air TV bastions worldwide

Profile: Broadband speeds key - until they're not

As broadband speeds grow, consumer demand for speed appears to drop. Ampere investigates why this might be the case.

Trends and developments in TV and sports video

This report, in presentation format, looks at viewing habits and where audience declines are being felt. Ampere also looks at the demand for different sports and where age comes into play. Lastly, the view from the top looks at the underlying effects of market dynamics on company financials.

Bets are off: Why everything's changed for the next Premier League auction

Ampere's report outlines a detailed financial model which provides a forecast for domestic and international live television rights for Premier League football (soccer) for the 2019 to 2022 seasons.

Originals Report - USA SVoD Q4 2017

Focus Report for Q4 2017 highlighting USA market trends for Original and Exclusive content on major SVoD platforms

How Online is Closing the Gap

Access Richard Broughton's keynote presentation from this year's Future TV Advertising Forum, where he explores the metrics underpinning the TV and Online advertising markets

US Consumer Focus report Q3 2017

Ampere's US focused consumer report draws out insights from the Q3 2017 wave of Ampere consumer survey data. It looks at Pay TV and OTT subscriber trends, attitudes towards TV services and demographic breakdowns.

Sports TV Rights - Demand and Economics

Combining market data and consumer data, Ampere examines sport fan demographics, looks at the correlation between fan demand and TV rights values for different leagues, and explores the halo effect that sports rights ownership confers.

UK Consumer Focus report Q3 2017

Ampere's UK focused consumer report draws out insights from the Q3 2017 wave of Ampere consumer survey data. It looks at Pay TV and OTT subscriber trends, attitudes towards TV services and demographic breakdowns.

Pay TV and OTT trends - Brazil

As Brazil seeks to recover from the worst economic crisis in its history, the pay TV market is challenged by OTT players and multiplay operators.

Focus Report: Italy Subscription OTT Q2 2017

This report covers subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in Italy, ending Q2 2017

Who needs to see the doctor? Financial fortunes in major media groups

Ampere has assessed 27 media companies to examine a series of key financial ratios that illustrate the pressures, challenges and opportunities facing their businesses.

Presentation: Direct to Consumer - The Analyst's view

Download Richard Broughton's keynote presentation from this year's Platform Futures session at IBC (September 2017).

Script Savvy: How social media data highlights SVoD’s advantages in scripted TV

Ampere's analysis of social media fanbases of over 100 current and renewed scripted US series reveals significant demographic skews between fans of US cable, broadcast, premium and OTT scripted drama, entertainment and comedy series.

Focus Report: Spain Subscription OTT Q2 2017

This report covers subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in Spain, ending Q2 2017

Focus Report: Japan Subscription OTT Q2 2017

This report covers subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in Japan, ending Q2 2017

Global TV audience trends

Ampere explores the changing dynamics of TV viewing globally since 2010 and assesses the impact of the rapid growth of OTT services.

Presentation: What the data says about the future of TV

Delivered at the Copenhagen Future TV conference by Ampere’s Richard Broughton, this presentation illustrates the differences and similarities between a selection of key TV markets around the world.

Where Netflix and Amazon are going next...and why

This report profiles the SVoD customer and looks in detail at the content strategies of Netflix and Amazon using analysis of their content catalogues over recent years.

The virtual MSO: Virtually changing the US TV market

Ampere looks in detail at the emerging and fast-growing market for virtual MSOs in the US. This report assesses subscriber growth, outlines the existing services and profiles the VMSO audience.

Presentation: Understanding the changing dynamics of digital content distribution

Delivered at the MESA European summit by Ampere's Ed Border in June 2016, this presentation looks at the ways in which business models for changing for digital content distribution, and projects how this will affect the industry

Focus Report: French Subscription OTT Q4 2016

This report covers subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in France, ending Q4 2016

Presentation: Ten truths about the current TV & film market

Richard Broughton's presentation from the Ampere client event in London on 3rd May 2017, covering the hottest topics in the global TV & film industry.

Focus Report: German Subscription OTT Q4 2016

This report covers subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in Germany, ending Q4 2016

Focus Report: UK Subscription OTT Q4 2016

This report covers subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in the UK, ending Q4 2016

Focus Report: US Subscription OTT Q4 2016

This report looks at subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in the US, ending Q4 2016.

A case for quad-play

We assess some of the drivers and challenges faced in the global race to deploy quad play services, and take an in-depth look at the strategies and KPIs of three key quad-play providers.

TV in Southern Europe: France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, & Greece

This report provides an in-depth analysis of Pay TV and TV advertising trends in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece over the period 2005-2022. In this report we investigate the immediate and lasting effects of the financial crisis and we analyse correlations between macro-economic variables and sector trends.

Hey Big Spender: Netflix's content bill now matches TV and premium channels

This report looks at the content spend of the major TV groups, channel groups and SVoD platforms in the USA and the Big 5 European countries

Focus Report: UK Subscription OTT Q3 2016

This new format of report looks at subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in the UK, ending Q3 2016.

Presentation: Cable - East vs. West (presented by Guy Bisson at PIKE in Poland in October 2016)

Guy Bisson's keynote presentation from October's PIKE conference in Łódź, Poland from 24th to 26th October 2016.

Focus Report: US Subscription OTT Q3 2016

This new format of report looks at subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in the US.

Are millennials moving the goalposts for premium sports?

Sport on TV is facing a demographic challenge, Ampere's analysis of data on over 30,000 consumers in Europe and the USA indicates. Young millennials are being lured away from watching sport by the plethora of other content on offer in the TV and online video market.

Consumer Report: Q3 2016

This report distills many of the key findings from Ampere's second wave of consumer survey data from 2016. It includes a detailed profile for each of the ten markets covered in the survey.

Presentation: Delivering next-generation content to the consumer

A keynote presentation delivered by Ed Border at the BASE / MESA Home Entertainment Summit which took place in London, September 2016

Presentation: Film and TV in post-referendum UK

A keynote presentation delivered by Richard Broughton at the BASE / MESA Home Entertainment Summit which took place in London, September 2016

Presentation: The New Broadcasters - Features and Futures in an OTT World

A keynote presentation delivered by Guy Bisson at IBC in September 2016

Presentation: Capacity Tsunami - the evolving economics of content distribution

This presentation delivered by Guy Bisson in June 2016 at Cable Congress in Warsaw, provides a short and concise analysis of the changing economics of content distribution .

Presentation: How multiscreen consumption and funding is changing

Ampere's Richard Broughton assesses the growth of OTT-first consumers and looks at growth drivers and what this means for media companies.

Prime Numbers: Retail underpins Amazon's calculated play for the TV market

As Amazon moves more heavily into video, Ampere explores how much the web giant can afford to spend on content, and how the economics of its retail business allows it to justify extensive investments in digital content.

Global pay TV cord-cutting & connecting monitor Q4 2015

During the last quarter of 2015, whilst growth levels have not returned to those seen in 2013, there is some evidence of a turnaround in the fortunes of pay TV globally. The levels of cord-cutting in the US market were significantly lower than in recent quarters.

Sky's the limit in Bundesliga Bonanza

Ampere Analysis takes a detailed look at the upcoming Bundesliga auction, which is set to close the gap on the Premier League's value.

Challenging the incumbents - the rise of the digital disruptors

This presentation from Connected TV Summit in March 2016 looks at the impact of the emergence of a breed of big new content players.

Multi Channel Networks: The future of TV?

A presentation given at the Royal Television Society, London, in March 2016 looks at the changing role of the MCN in the development of the future TV market.

Beauty and the Bundle: What price deflation in the triple-play market means for fixed/mobile bundling

Our latest report looks at the economics and strategies of triple-play bundling worldwide, showing that, while a good bundling strategy can increase an operator's market share, it is often at the cost of price deflation. Adding mobile to a fixed-line bundle may not always be the best strategy to deploy. Find out why.

Segmenting pay TV: An introduction to Ampere's TV consumer segments

A detailed look at the five consumer segments developed by Ampere for benchmarking and targeting TV propositions and content offers.

Global pay TV cord-cutting & Connecting monitor Q3 2015

During Q3 2015, the number of markets in which there was a net pay TV decline fell from the previous quarter and against the same quarter a year earlier. Just 15 markets (including the US) suffered cord-cutting in Q3 2015 versus 23 in Q2 2015 and 21 in Q3 2014. While the third quarter of 2015 looks generally positive by a number of measures, there is still cause for concern.

Commercial Gains: If Netflix moved into advertising

Ampere Analysis’ latest report proposes and discusses possible future scenarios if Netflix moved into advertising. The streaming video company has been at pains to point out it has no plans to make such a move, but Ampere anticipates that future revenue growth will inevitably slow as subscriptions hit saturation point. At this point, it will come under pressure from shareholders to look for alternative revenue sources. Advertising will be one of the options considered.

Start-ups hold key to Sky’s future: How the pay TV group’s recent strategy shows where it’s heading next

Over the past three years Sky has made a number of investments in start-up companies and next generation assets. A total of 11 investments have been made. These include Roku, Elemental, 1Mainstream, Whistle Sports, Pluto TV, Beamly, Jaunt, Sharethrough and TV4 Entertainment. This report explores Sky's investment strategy and how the broadcaster is future-proofing itself against the changing pay TV landscape.

Southern Europe roll-out shows Netflix's direct control of content now at critical mass

Netflix has a stated goal of completing a global expansion by 2016. This report examines the rationale, strategy and prospects for it recent launches in Italy, Portugal and Spain

Altice in Wonderland: A new player joins the pay TV global elite

Ampere Analysis has identified 5 groups of companies which command almost 50% of the global pay TV market by revenue. These groups are AT&T/ DirecTV, Comcast, Altice, and entities directly or indirectly controlled by either John Malone or Rupert Murdoch.

Global pay TV cord-cutting & connecting monitor Q2 2015

Despite top line growth globally in Q2 2015, 23 markets across the world saw a net decline in pay TV in the second quarter of the year. We review the winners and losers in our cord-cutting, cord-connecting audit.

Red Is the New Black: An analysis of Netflix's dominance

Ampere Analysis forecasts that Netflix will reach more than 130m subscribers by 2020 but content suppliers will start to feel the squeeze as their focus shifts further towards investment in original programming. The latest report by Ampere Analysis provides detailed analysis of the content catalogues and customer bases of the two leading SVoD platforms.

Reinventing the cash cow: ITV now and next

It's been a decade since ITV's disastrous investment in social media pioneer Friends Reunited, but in those ten years, ITV's heavy focus on production investment has seen it diversify away from the boom/bust cycle of TV advertising. This report looks at what ITV has done right...and not so right.

Multi-Channel Networks: Valuing the Future of TV

Ampere Analysis has assessed 15 Multi-Channel Network investment deals between 2012 and 2014. Over the past three years, the biggest of these MCNs have been snapped up for sums ranging from £200m up to nearly $1bn, mainly by large media groups.

Facebook vs YouTube: Online Video Break Point

Facebook's video views are rocketing and recent trials with content owners suggest it’s primed to become a plausible alternative to YouTube. We explore the metrics and implications.

Premier League Auction: High Stakes Poker in the Beautiful Game

Sky is facing the greatest competitive challenge for Premier League rights in the tournament’s 23 year history and we believe the value per game for live rights could increase by between 55% and 65% in the auction.