Ampere Markets delivers a comprehensive picture of the world’s largest cable, satellite, telecoms operators and subscription VoD services – all in one single view.

Ampere Analytics' Content Track provides key metrics about the world’s leading VoD and SVoD services across international markets, focusing on the pricing and availability of TV and film titles by country and store.

Ampere Consumer comprises two annual waves of consumer surveys across 13 markets and 26,000 individuals covering device, app and service uptake, viewing habits and consumption – helping you to understand how your audience is reacting to the changing media landscape.

Ampere Channels provides a detailed view of the global TV channel market, tracking channel brands and carriage for 220 operators in more than 80 countries.

Global TV audience trends

Ampere explores the changing dynamics of TV viewing globally since 2010 and assesses the impact of the rapid growth of OTT services.

Presentation: What the data says about the future of TV

Delivered at the Copenhagen Future TV conference by Ampere’s Richard Broughton, this presentation illustrates the differences and similarities between a selection of key TV markets around the world.

Where Netflix and Amazon are going next...and why

This report profiles the SVoD customer and looks in detail at the content strategies of Netflix and Amazon using analysis of their content catalogues over recent years.

The virtual MSO: Virtually changing the US TV market

Ampere looks in detail at the emerging and fast-growing market for virtual MSOs in the US. This report assesses subscriber growth, outlines the existing services and profiles the VMSO audience.

Focus Report: French Subscription OTT Q4 2016

This report covers subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in France, ending Q4 2016

Presentation: Ten truths about the current TV & film market

Richard Broughton's presentation from the Ampere client event in London on 3rd May 2017, covering the hottest topics in the global TV & film industry.

Focus Report: German Subscription OTT Q4 2016

This report covers subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in Germany, ending Q4 2016

Focus Report: UK Subscription OTT Q4 2016

This report covers subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in the UK, ending Q4 2016

Focus Report: US Subscription OTT Q4 2016

This report looks at subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in the US, ending Q4 2016.

A case for quad-play

We assess some of the drivers and challenges faced in the global race to deploy quad play services, and take an in-depth look at the strategies and KPIs of three key quad-play providers.

TV in Southern Europe: France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, & Greece

This report provides an in-depth analysis of Pay TV and TV advertising trends in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece over the period 2005-2022. In this report we investigate the immediate and lasting effects of the financial crisis and we analyse correlations between macro-economic variables and sector trends.

Hey Big Spender: Netflix's content bill now matches TV and premium channels

This report looks at the content spend of the major TV groups, channel groups and SVoD platforms in the USA and the Big 5 European countries

Focus Report: UK Subscription OTT Q3 2016

This new format of report looks at subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in the UK, ending Q3 2016.

Presentation: Cable - East vs. West (presented by Guy Bisson at PIKE in Poland in October 2016)

Guy Bisson's keynote presentation from October's PIKE conference in Łódź, Poland from 24th to 26th October 2016.

Focus Report: US Subscription OTT Q3 2016

This new format of report looks at subscriber, revenue and content catalogue trends for the leading SVoD platforms in the US.

Are millennials moving the goalposts for premium sports?

Sport on TV is facing a demographic challenge, Ampere's analysis of data on over 30,000 consumers in Europe and the USA indicates. Young millennials are being lured away from watching sport by the plethora of other content on offer in the TV and online video market.

Consumer Report: Q3 2016

This report distills many of the key findings from Ampere's second wave of consumer survey data from 2016. It includes a detailed profile for each of the ten markets covered in the survey.

Presentation: Delivering next-generation content to the consumer

A keynote presentation delivered by Ed Border at the BASE / MESA Home Entertainment Summit which took place in London, September 2016

Presentation: Film and TV in post-referendum UK

A keynote presentation delivered by Richard Broughton at the BASE / MESA Home Entertainment Summit which took place in London, September 2016

Presentation: The New Broadcasters - Features and Futures in an OTT World

A keynote presentation delivered by Guy Bisson at IBC in September 2016

Presentation: Capacity Tsunami - the evolving economics of content distribution

This presentation delivered by Guy Bisson in June 2016 at Cable Congress in Warsaw, provides a short and concise analysis of the changing economics of content distribution .

Presentation: How multiscreen consumption and funding is changing

Ampere's Richard Broughton assesses the growth of OTT-first consumers and looks at growth drivers and what this means for media companies.

Prime Numbers: Retail underpins Amazon's calculated play for the TV market

As Amazon moves more heavily into video, Ampere explores how much the web giant can afford to spend on content, and how the economics of its retail business allows it to justify extensive investments in digital content.

Global pay TV cord-cutting & connecting monitor Q4 2015

During the last quarter of 2015, whilst growth levels have not returned to those seen in 2013, there is some evidence of a turnaround in the fortunes of pay TV globally. The levels of cord-cutting in the US market were significantly lower than in recent quarters.

Sky's the limit in Bundesliga Bonanza

Ampere Analysis takes a detailed look at the upcoming Bundesliga auction, which is set to close the gap on the Premier League's value.

Challenging the incumbents - the rise of the digital disruptors

This presentation from Connected TV Summit in March 2016 looks at the impact of the emergence of a breed of big new content players.

Multi Channel Networks: The future of TV?

A presentation given at the Royal Television Society, London, in March 2016 looks at the changing role of the MCN in the development of the future TV market.

Beauty and the Bundle: What price deflation in the triple-play market means for fixed/mobile bundling

Our latest report looks at the economics and strategies of triple-play bundling worldwide, showing that, while a good bundling strategy can increase an operator's market share, it is often at the cost of price deflation. Adding mobile to a fixed-line bundle may not always be the best strategy to deploy. Find out why.

Segmenting pay TV: An introduction to Ampere's TV consumer segments

A detailed look at the five consumer segments developed by Ampere for benchmarking and targeting TV propositions and content offers.

Global pay TV cord-cutting & Connecting monitor Q3 2015

During Q3 2015, the number of markets in which there was a net pay TV decline fell from the previous quarter and against the same quarter a year earlier. Just 15 markets (including the US) suffered cord-cutting in Q3 2015 versus 23 in Q2 2015 and 21 in Q3 2014. While the third quarter of 2015 looks generally positive by a number of measures, there is still cause for concern.

Commercial Gains: If Netflix moved into advertising

Ampere Analysis’ latest report proposes and discusses possible future scenarios if Netflix moved into advertising. The streaming video company has been at pains to point out it has no plans to make such a move, but Ampere anticipates that future revenue growth will inevitably slow as subscriptions hit saturation point. At this point, it will come under pressure from shareholders to look for alternative revenue sources. Advertising will be one of the options considered.

Start-ups hold key to Sky’s future: How the pay TV group’s recent strategy shows where it’s heading next

Over the past three years Sky has made a number of investments in start-up companies and next generation assets. A total of 11 investments have been made. These include Roku, Elemental, 1Mainstream, Whistle Sports, Pluto TV, Beamly, Jaunt, Sharethrough and TV4 Entertainment. This report explores Sky's investment strategy and how the broadcaster is future-proofing itself against the changing pay TV landscape.

Southern Europe roll-out shows Netflix's direct control of content now at critical mass

Netflix has a stated goal of completing a global expansion by 2016. This report examines the rationale, strategy and prospects for it recent launches in Italy, Portugal and Spain

Altice in Wonderland: A new player joins the pay TV global elite

Ampere Analysis has identified 5 groups of companies which command almost 50% of the global pay TV market by revenue. These groups are AT&T/ DirecTV, Comcast, Altice, and entities directly or indirectly controlled by either John Malone or Rupert Murdoch.

Global pay TV cord-cutting & connecting monitor Q2 2015

Despite top line growth globally in Q2 2015, 23 markets across the world saw a net decline in pay TV in the second quarter of the year. We review the winners and losers in our cord-cutting, cord-connecting audit.

Red Is the New Black: An analysis of Netflix's dominance

Ampere Analysis forecasts that Netflix will reach more than 130m subscribers by 2020 but content suppliers will start to feel the squeeze as their focus shifts further towards investment in original programming. The latest report by Ampere Analysis provides detailed analysis of the content catalogues and customer bases of the two leading SVoD platforms.

Reinventing the cash cow: ITV now and next

It's been a decade since ITV's disastrous investment in social media pioneer Friends Reunited, but in those ten years, ITV's heavy focus on production investment has seen it diversify away from the boom/bust cycle of TV advertising. This report looks at what ITV has done right...and not so right.

Multi-Channel Networks: Valuing the Future of TV

Ampere Analysis has assessed 15 Multi-Channel Network investment deals between 2012 and 2014. Over the past three years, the biggest of these MCNs have been snapped up for sums ranging from £200m up to nearly $1bn, mainly by large media groups.

Facebook vs YouTube: Online Video Break Point

Facebook's video views are rocketing and recent trials with content owners suggest it’s primed to become a plausible alternative to YouTube. We explore the metrics and implications.

Premier League Auction: High Stakes Poker in the Beautiful Game

Sky is facing the greatest competitive challenge for Premier League rights in the tournament’s 23 year history and we believe the value per game for live rights could increase by between 55% and 65% in the auction.