18/12/2018   Tony Maroulis
Retail offer gives turbo boost to Amazon Prime Video in newest markets

Launching a prime delivery service in its newest video markets gives Amazon a turbo boost to video subscriber growth, helping it battle SVoD incumbent Netflix. Over the past two years, Amazon has more than doubled the number of countries in which it operates a Prime delivery service. Its most recent delivery expansion was in November 2017, when it launched Prime delivery in the Netherlands and soft-launched in Australia. Its Prime Video service, which had previously been showing relatively flat growth, saw a significant increase in uptake, more than doubling in the 12 months following full launch of delivery. The delivery launch also encourages consumers to take annual contracts including video. In both the Netherlands and Australia the cost of an annual Prime service with video is €49/AUD$49 (around €/AUD4.10 per month) compared to a €5.99 pay-monthly rate. 

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