Alexios Dimitropoulos, Olivia Deane - 26/10/18
Sports streaming goes global

Ampere looks at the latest trends in rights and consumer habits in the streaming OTT space

Hannah Walsh - 24/10/18
SVoD-only homes exceed pay TV-only homes for first time

A key inflection point has been reached for SVoD-only uptake, Ampere's latest consumer data (Q3 2018) shows. On average, there are now more SVoD-only households than pay TV-only households across the 16 markets surveyed.

Lottie Towler - 17/10/18
TV Binge-watching increasingly pronounced in mature SVOD markets

Ampere investigates the differences in average time viewing TV and video per day in 7 key markets, with marked differences due to extreme binge-viewers in mature SVoD markets.

Richard Broughton - 9/10/18
Interview: Twitter

In the run-up to the SportsPro OTT Summit, Ampere speaks with Theo Luke, Twitter's Director of Sports Partnerships (EMEA) to find out more about the social media platform's ambitions in the streaming sport space.

Hazel Ford - 5/10/18
The sacking of Italy’s mobile networks: Iliad entrance likely to drop market value

Iliad's competitively-priced mobile offer in Italy has attracted more than 2m subscribers since its launch in May, with the rapid growth on track to disrupt mobile ARPUs in the nation.

Toby Holleran - 3/10/18
Is Sky the limit for Comcast?

Now that Comcast has won the battle for Sky, what would happen if Comcast moved all of its content off Netflix and Amazon and onto Sky's existing streaming services?

Richard Broughton - 27/09/18
US Movie Audiences

US movie viewing is still highly fragmented, with different consumer groups relying on a whole range of access mechanisms to consume movies.

Alexios Dimitropoulos - 19/09/18
Fickle Fans: The World Cup effect

After the FIFA World Cup, fan loyalties are exposed - with sports fans in under-performing nations quickly shifting preferences to other events.

Alex Varatharajah - 19/09/18
Euro content bonanza: SVoD giants face adding hundreds of titles to meet EU quotas

Ampere looks at the catalogues of the Big 5 EU markets to see in SVoD services are fulfilling the upcoming quota for local content set out by the EU.