Henry Beckwith - 5/09/18
Older Americans and younger Brits struggle to find TV to watch

TV is serving the young better in the US than in the UK, but for older viewers the situation is reversed.

Sarah Fisher - 29/08/18
eSports gain in popularity as German broadcasters ramp up coverage

eSports continue to grow in the US and interest by German broadcasters suggests a burgeoning market there too.

Daniel Gadher - 22/08/18
Netflix and Amazon close content spending gap with top US broadcasters

Netflix and Amazon close the content spending gap with top US channel groups.

Ed Border - 15/08/18
Flow of content on UK SVoD shows evolving deal structure

In the three years spanning June 2015 to June 2018, over 700 Movies and TV Seasons available on SVOD in the UK switched between the two largest services in the market, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. The flow of content shows the changing priorities and content strategies of the two platforms.

Toby Holleran - 14/08/18
Comcast and Amazon: reducing churn with an SVoD stack?

Comcast's addition of Amazon Prime Video into its set top boxes could help to reduce churn among its SVoD-stacking subscriber base.

Guy Bisson - 9/08/18
Netflix's own Free Cash Flow drama has a $2 solution

Netflix's Free Cash Flow stood at negative $2bn last year, but what seems like a mountainous challenge could actually turn out to be more of a mole hill.

Isaq Chowdhury - 30/07/18
Netflix seeks diversity in international comedy

Comedy is the most geographically diverse content type of all Netflix original production and looks set to get more diverse as Netflix ramps up stand-up commissioning across the globe.

Ed Border - 24/07/18
Local content: how channel localization varies significantly across markets

Local channels make up significant proportions of pay TV operator portfolios in Europe, Asia and Western Europe. In Central and South America, Central and Eastern Europe and MENA however, international-origin channels provide the bulk of content to pay TV operators.

Hannah Walsh - 17/07/18
Full stream ahead: how SVoD services are changing to meet consumer demand

Ampere investigates consumer genre preferences of SVoD and pay TV consumers, and how SVoD services such as Netflix and Amazon are changing their content catalogues to reflect this.