Olivia Deane - 21/12/18
Amazon stocking up on Prime festive treats

An overview of Christmas movie content available to stream.

Tony Maroulis - 18/12/18
Retail offer gives turbo boost to Amazon Prime Video in newest markets

As Amazon continues to build out its video service, coordinated launch of a Prime delivery service is key to market attack.

Daniel Gadher - 10/12/18
Two companies soon to control one fifth of global content spend

Following the massive mergers of Comcast/Sky and Disney/Fox, one in every five dollars spent on content worldwide will now be spent by these two entities alone.

Richard Broughton - 5/12/18
SportsPro OTT Summit 2018 round-up

Ampere summarises some of the key topics discussed at the Madrid SportsPro OTT Summit 2018, including the issues of fragmentation, latency and localisation.

Orina Zhao - 4/12/18
Rapid expansion and even higher growth potential in China’s SVoD market

China is on course to be the world's biggest SVoD market and still has plenty of headroom for growth.

Richard Cooper - 28/11/18
Developing theatrical markets to become more dominant

Shifts in theatrical market revenues favour populous, developing countries over well-established developed theatrical markets. The changes are driven by programmes of digital multiplex cinema building, made possible by improvements in infrastructure, bringing the modern cinema experience to a wider global audience.

Richard Broughton - 21/11/18
SVoD and the silver screen

Has the rise of Netflix dented box office performance? Our analysis of cinema revenues and admissions suggests not.

Isaq Chowdhury - 9/11/18
Viacom to feed rather than fight SVoD services

Rather than combating SVoD services, Viacom is cooperating with them by developing new TV and movie content to sell specifically to these platforms.

Elinor Clark - 1/11/18
High price of Netflix does nothing to dampen Danish SVoD growth

SVoD subscriptions in Denmark have overtaken pay TV, despite the high cost of Netflix.