Richard Broughton - 4/04/17
Deutsche Telekom's StreamOn a template for supporting uncapped mobile video

Deutsche Telekom's zero-rated video offer, StreamOn, caters for growing mobile video demand in Germany.

Olivia Vernall - 30/03/17
Snapchat enjoys success beyond Millennials in Saudi Arabia

More than one in four Saudi Arabian internet users frequently use Snapchat to watch video. However, a constantly changing regulatory environment could be a barrier to further success.

Hamish McGregor - 22/03/17
Less is more: The changing landscape of the SVoD market

There has been a marked change in the number of distinct titles available on Subscription Video On-Demand (SVoD) services during 2016. As the sector continues to mature, the general market trend has been towards refinement and reduction of content libraries, with the majority of platforms showing signs of tailoring and reducing offerings over the year. However, there are exceptions to this, with the most notable being that of Prime Video, Amazon’s on-demand subscription service, which has increased its content quantity by nearly two thirds over the past 12 months.

Toby Holleran - 15/03/17
Mobile will be key to Netflix and Amazon's Indian success

Ampere looks at Netflix and Amazon's ambitions in India and how disruptive operator Reliance Jio may help.

Daniel Gadher - 9/03/17
Ballon d'More: How much longer can sports rights values continue to inflate?

Ampere looks at the inflation of broadcasting sports rights of some of the major domestic leagues in the US and Europe

Silvia Presello - 1/03/17
IPTV drives pay TV growth in Portugal, France, Spain

Telco-backed IPTV is driving pay TV subscriber growth in three southern European markets but infrastructure is holding back development in Greece and Italy.

Alexios Dimitropoulos - 27/02/17
Social Media platforms are yet to be content with media content

Over the past few years, social media networks have been focusing on video and are now investing in exclusive and original content. This could further increase competition in an already competitive VoD market.

Richard Broughton - 22/02/17
Window pains: How the subscription window affects title performance

The debut of film titles into the subscription window is correlated with an immediate deterioration of chart positioning, reflecting the impact on subscriber willingness to spend on content they already can view within an existing package, as well as the emergence of holdbacks on rental availability.

Toby Holleran - 16/02/17
BBC: British Binge-watching Corporation?

Ampere looks into the BBC's move towards facilitating binge-watching.