Alexios Dimitropoulos - 21/09/17
Netflix and... Thrill?

Two years on, Ampere examines the relationship between the evolution of Netflix's and Amazon's US catalogues against consumers' favourite genre preferences.

Julien Theys, Tony Maroulis - 12/09/17
Apple states its vision for the iPhone's next 10 years

10 years since the first iPhone shook up the smartphone industry, Apple hopes it has done enough to capture everyone's imagination to secure another decade of leadership.

Ed Border - 6/09/17
SVoD players turn to Japan

Since 2015, there has been heavy investment into the Japanese SVoD market, particularly from international players Netflix, Amazon and Hulu (now backed by local player Nippon TV). These three companies have seen their combined market share grow from 23% to 56% in the last two years, and will reach more than 6.5m subscribers by the end of 2017.

Keiran Suchak - 30/08/17
Seasonal changes in the genres of box office releases

Over the course of the calendar year, the proportions of movies released that fall under each genre vary. There are a number of different seasonal effects that impact how both these proportions vary, and how the box office takings of each genre vary.

Richard Broughton - 24/08/17
Script Savvy - is a scripted TV demographic skew aiding SVoD?

Ampere crunches social media data to look at demographic skews across fans of scripted series airing on broadcast networks, basic cable, premium TV and subscription OTT services, and finds that subscription OTT services have the best demographic balance amongst their current slate of scripted shows.

Alex Varatharajah - 11/08/17
Hoo-ray! Blu-ray here to-stay!

Blu-ray Disc pricing holds strong during the "50 Must See Movies Before You Grow Up" promotion across UK retailers

Guy Bisson - 10/08/17
Channels in strong negotiating position for US streaming pay TV?

US streaming pay TV packages offered by virtual Multiple System Operators (vMSOs) generate almost three times the revenue per channel of traditional pay TV. Combined with lower subscriber acquisition costs for operators this should put channel owners in a strong negotiating position, although a focus on stronger brands to drive early uptake means the economics may not always stack up for pay TV providers.

Toby Holleran - 3/08/17
eSports: An investment game

Ampere chronicles some notable investments from internet giants and telecoms operators in the eSports and online gaming sector.

Richard Cooper - 2/08/17
Windowing strategies: The devil is in the detail

Though the formula for releasing new movies is well understood, as a product moves further into its life-cycle exploitation strategies used by US studios are more opaque. Analysing price changes in the context of movie windowing allows us to compere the movie exploitation strategies currently in use.