Olivia Deane - 18/06/18
Netflix Latin anime move driven by local demand

Following the unveiling of Netflix’s first Mexican Anime original, Seis Manos, Ampere Analysis explores the popularity of the genre in Latin America.

Alexios Dimitropoulos - 13/06/18
EU big five football league values now closely aligned

Recent deflation and inflation in the prices paid for rights to Europe's top soccer leagues means the values are now surprisingly closely aligned.

Isaq Chowdhury - 1/06/18
A quarter of digital retail titles discounted a year after release

Ampere data shows a clear 'super-promotion' window for digital retail of TV and movie titles.

Alex Varatharajah - 30/05/18
More content families, with the family content on Disney Life

Consumer demographics for SVoD subcribers show a large proportion of Families, Ampere investigates how major UK SVoD platforms are addressing this.

Bilal Hussain - 25/05/18
Triple-play begins to take off in Turkey

With operators increasingly pushing triple-play , Turkey has seen recent increases in multi-service uptake, but there remains significant room for growth.

Sarah Fisher - 22/05/18
Smart TV overtakes mobile for weekly viewing among Millennials

The growing importance of Smart TVs and streaming devices connected to the TV set means, beyond the 35% of 18-34 year olds who watch daily on a mobile, Millennials are now more likely to watch content on a big screen than on a mobile device. Smart TVs overtook smartphones in Q1 2018 among this age group for at least weekly viewing. The mobile is still far more popular for daily video viewing among Millennials. For older consumers, the role of the Smart TV is even clearer, with viewing on all other devices in decline as the Smart TV ascends.

Daniel Gadher - 17/05/18
SVoD is disrupting the film industry but not necessarily cinema

Regular cinema goers are more likely to take SVoD, pay TV and premium channel services that the average consumer in the UK, according to Ampere's Q1 2018 consumer survey.

Hamish McGregor - 9/05/18
Public TV broadcasters holding strong in Western Europe

Worldwide, SVoD revenues are overtaking public TV revenues, however Western Europe's public TV sector is still holding strong.

Guy Bisson - 1/05/18
Kids' TV increasingly gender-neutral as commissioning reflects social zeitgeist

Kids' TV is increasingly gender neutral across all age groups as new programming for children reflects social and political focus, but ample opportunity exists to target under-served areas in target audience and narrative.