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Mobile Motivations: Price and data reign supreme

While price is the main deciding factor in choosing a mobile contract in 12 of the 13 countries surveyed by Ampere, Danes stand out as the only consumers who rate smartphone availability as more important. In Ampere‚Äôs Q1 2017 consumer survey, respondents were asked to identify the reasons for choosing a specific operator for their mobile subscriptions, selecting both the main reason and all other reasons. When including secondary motivations, data allowances were more important than price in 7 of the 13 countries surveyed. As mobile technology improves, consumers are able to do more on their mobile devices, and ensuring an adequate amount of monthly data is a must. In Poland, Brazil, Germany, the US and Saudi Arabia, price remained the most important factor, but data still featured within the top four reasons selected. Meanwhile, French consumers identified flexible contracts as the most popular reason, with price and data following in second and third place respectively. Only Saudi Arabian respondents identified additional features provided as part of a contract in the top three reasons, deeming it more important than data allowances or network coverage.