Netflix content acquisition 'run rate' shows buying priorities

Netflix is adding an average of over 1,000 hours of new acquired content each month on a global basis. That makes the streamer a global content glutton. Good news if you have content to sell. But just how hungry is Netflix for different genres of content? And what do variations in the streamer's content 'run rate' tell us about its priorities? Netflix's most-added genre over the past six months was romance, at an average of 221 new hours a month. But the variation in amount added is high, ranging from a maximum of 352 hours to just 83 new hours. That suggests that the increase has been fueled by one or two large package deals for romantic content. By contrast, the volume of new entertainment (average 26 hours a month) and documentary content (average of 49 hours a month) added is lower, but with less variation, suggesting a more consistent trickle for these content types as Netflix uses documentary as one of its tent-pole genres and is slowly ramping up its entertainment catalogue from a very low base. Children's content is clearly still key to Netflix as it adds a relatively high average of 155 hours a month with very low variation on a month-to-month basis. Of the genre-dramas, crime is the most added, averaging 120 hours a month, but it has higher variation than the other two key genre drama areas, Sci-fi and action. These two genres are added at a similar rate: 86 hours a month for sci-fi and 76 hours a month for action, with lower variation. Reality has been a key new focus area for several of the major streaming players over the past year. Netflix adds an average of 65 hours of reality content a month, but the variation is high for a new genre area, ranging from no hours to 124 hours in peak months.