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The Whole Nine Years: Average US SVoD household has access to nine years of content

At the end of Q1 2019, the average US SVoD household had access to a little more than nine years (80,000 hours) of on-demand content from their SVoD providers, almost double the average SVoD household in Q3 2016, which had access to roughly five years of content (43,000 hours). This growth is driven not only by the average household taking more SVoD services than their 2016 counterparts, but also an increase in content available on both Netflix and Amazon.


Of the three US SVoD majors, Amazon offers subscribers the most content, providing around 50,000 hours (up from 20,000 in Q3 2016), followed by Hulu at 42,000 hours (a drop from 45,000 in Q3 2016) and Netflix at 36,000 hours (up from 29,000 in Q3 2016). Approximately five in six SVoD homes have a Netflix subscription, while more than half take Amazon. Due to their expansive catalogues, those subscribing to all three services (more than a quarter of US SVoD homes), have access to almost 15 years of content from these three alone.