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Drama key in top markets for TV content licensing to SVoD

While movies remain key to SVoD in the USA, international markets are making far heavier use of TV content. More than a third of all content licensed to SVoD in Australia, UK, Switzerland and New Zealand is TV content compared to just 15 per cent in the USA. In the ten top markets for SVoD licensing of TV content, drama emerges as a key driver, accounting for an average of one third of all TV programming licensed and more than 40% in several markets. As SVoD services evolve, TV content, and drama in particular, is likely to become increasingly important, driven by a growing push towards original production by the major SVoD players. Our analysis shows that SVoD viewers are particularly keen on drama programmes but have certain specific genre preferences. Fantasy, action and comedy are key to driving viewing in the SVoD home and producers would do well to focus on these areas when targeting existing SVoD viewers.