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SVoD is disrupting the film industry but not necessarily cinema

Regular cinema goers have higher uptake of SVoD, pay TV and premium channel services than the average consumer in the UK, according to Ampere’s Q1 2018 consumer survey.  In the UK, all video subscription services over-indexed among consumers who regularly visited the cinema (respondents who indicated that they went to the cinema monthly). Freeview, the UK’s free terrestrial service was the only service which recorded lower uptake among cinema goers (than the national average). Cinema goers are 11% more likely to subscribe to Netflix and 9% more likely to take Sky Cinema, services that pride themselves on up to date movies. 

The rise of subscription video on demand services has caused disruption for both the TV and film industries, with many believing that that the growth in streaming services will have an adverse effect on cinema attendance. However, it is becoming increasing clear the SVoD services are providing another channel through which movie lovers can access the content that they are interested in, rather than being used as a substitute. This group of regular cinema goers show a hunger for movie content across all media - pay TV, SVoD and theatrical.