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Chatter is Coming: US HBO homes like talking about TV

HBO subscribers in the US are much more likely to enjoy talking about TV shows than average. While one in eight homes in the US agree strongly with the statement that TV gives them something to talk about, the rate among HBO subscribers is one in five, higher than any other US drama-led premium channel other than HBO sister brand Cinemax. HBO subscribers are also much more likely to be 'TV talkers' than Netflix, Hulu and Amazon subscribers, for which fewer than one in six subscribers find TV a strong discussion topic.

With fantasy sensation Game of Thrones is in its final season, avoiding spoilers in person and online can be a full time job. In the UK, Sky Atlantic simulcasts the latest episode with parts of the US at 2am, meaning that any viewer who does not want to stay up late or wake up early to catch the latest episode live/on-demand spends all day trying not to have the episode ruined. This data suggests UK viewers would do well to avoid US friends with HBO.