Vevo seeking $0.5bn - could be highest value MCN deal yet

Music-focused video network Vevo is seeking $0.5bn from new investors for expansion and diversification, according to press reports. Vevo, which is controlled by music and media groups UMG, Sony Music and ADMC, could be worth more than $1.7bn by Ampere estimates. If the funding round is successful, the investment would almost certainly make Vevo the highest valued multi-channel network (MCN) to-date - trumping Maker's $0.7bn (approximate value after earn-out following Disney acquisition in 2014) and AwesomenessTV's $0.65bn (implied by Verizon's investment in 2016). The last major music MCN investment of a comparable order of magnitude was Sony's acquisition of top 10 YouTube network The Orchard in 2012, valuing the network at a reported $0.2bn. Vevo, currently the leading YouTube network by monthly views, and whose constituent channels pull in roughly six times the viewing of The Orchard's properties, will be worth many times more.