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Apple expands into the growing smart-speaker market

Apple's loyal fanbase is primed to facilitate the tech-giant's ascent in the market for smart speakers and voice assistants. Apple users are highly likely to buy multiple Apple products, have a higher than average income, and are more likely to show next-generation viewing and consumption habits. Apple users show the biggest devotion to their brand through the purchase of multiple products; 36.4% of US households and 35.7% of UK households surveyed own both an iPhone and iPad (whereas only 23.8% of US households own both a Samsung smartphone and tablet, and 24.1% of UK households own both). In the USA, 20.3% of those surveyed own three products, also owning a MacBook. The USA is also the only surveyed market in which the iPhone has the largest market share of smartphones (20.7% versus Samsung's 20.4% share). UK consumers demonstrate a similar level of devotion to the brand.

Apple users tend to be higher-income households. iPhone users heavily over-index in the over $100,000 household income bracket. Additionally, Apple owners are happier to pay extra for things that they want, demonstrating that they have more demands but don’t mind forking out for these. They also over-index for watching online video and are more likely to binge-watch TV shows (where multiple episodes of the same show are watched back-to-back). They also have a higher level of engagement with advertising and are more avid users of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Apple fans with three devices are more tech-savvy as they over-index in a desire to have the latest technology. By branching out into this new area, Apple has a chance to tap into their fans’ desire for the latest gadget and gain a share in the growing smart-speaker market. It can entice the dedicated Apple consumers who already have one, two or three Apple devices in their home. This would follow the recent trends of companies such as Amazon and Google which have both expanded their device ecosystems with a range of smart-speakers.